Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Turney Christmas Suprise

Our original plan was to drive to So Cal and spend a week playing in Disneyland etc. A week before execution of the plan my mother in law decided Cancun instead. We probably would have gone if Adam had been able (or willing) to take off work but we both had to get back to real life so the Turney's found a great flight out of Las Vegas and stayed with us for a few days anyway.

The reason I'm writing this post is because of the gift they (my mother in law) gave us. She gave us a Scrapbook with pictures of us...only these pictures were a little odd. Adam in times square, Me at the Met, Both of us raising a flag at ground we got to the end of the scrapbook we found two tickets to NEW YORK CITY! We get to go the week of Spring Break!!!! We are staying at the Marriott on Times Square and we have a "city pass" Which gives us access to many of the fun and amazing sites of New York! We are so thrilled and shocked and grateful for a fun trip before the baby comes!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Christmas with my family was amazing. I love my family so much.

We started off at my grandparents where they let us hang out for a while before Lesley's Christmas Party (all caps). They are such awesome Grandparents and I am so fortunate to have them. Backtrack a little, silly Adam took a benadryl and was SO tired driving to St. George that when he told me what he'd done I made him switch seats with me and I took over for about three hours. It made the trip fly by a lot faster and I wasn't feeling well just sitting there so it helped a lot.

The party was awesome. I have such an amazingly talented family from the food to the music it was awesome. It was great to have everyone there including Carly. At the party we all took Sean, Megan, and Carly aside to give them two presents: Pink and Blue Booties :) Megan, Sean, and Carly freaked out jumping up and down and shouting. Megan started to cry and even Sean got a little misty eyed. That's how we told them I was pregnant. Then my dad announced to everyone and it was fun.

Sunday we had a great day with Mom and Dad singing in the choir. The Christmas program was great!

Monday was Megan's Choir performance in Salt Lake. We met Cait and her boyfriend Richard at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and we all enjoyed Weber High singing Christmas Carols.

Tuesday Sean, Mom, Adam, and I all went to the Ogden Temple and did sealings. It was great to be there with my Brother.

Wednesday was Christmas Eve and my mom made a delicious meal as always. I fumbled at half time but it was a great meal. We also went to go see the movie Seven Pounds which was really good but not really a Christmas Eve movie.

Thursday of course was Christmas. I was so excited I woke everyone up except for Adam who was already awake. We took time to enjoy the morning in our PJs and open our wonderful presents. I was very excited with my Disney Blu Ray collection, my iHome which I have been dying for, and my new scriptures. It was so snowy up in Pleasant view that we spent less time down in Bountiful and Salt lake and missed seeing most of my aunts and uncles on my moms side but it was fun just hanging out in our PJs and watching movies.

The rest of the time was spent being nice and lazy. Pregnant women like that :) umm also we went to the Crouches and it was awesome! We had some great food and fun games. I am so good at loaded questions lol or at least I'm usually on the winning team ;)

I love Christmas and I had fun being in Utah!

Timothy Turtle Turney

Some of you may be wondering at the strange little baby ticker on the right side of our page... I thought it was a cute one although I look nothing like the mommy in the picture and wont for a very long time. The reason why the name says Timothy Turtle Turney is because that is the name my Dad has bestowed upon my lucky child. No one else has come up with a better one and until the little guy actually is a boy or a girl I guess we can go with that.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Official...

Author: Adam Turney
Now that we have told both of our families we can share the news with others that have not been informed. Melissa is pregnant with our first baby. The doctor has said the expected due date is about August 5, 2009, which will be our 3rd anniversary. We do not know if it is a boy or girl just yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a boy so I have someone to play video games with or throw a ball around in the front yard. We are both extremely excited for the new adventures having a baby will present to our family and we look forward to the arguments we will undoubtedly have about how to properly raise the baby. Oh, and for those that read the blog about Melissa going to the hospital for the was actually for extreme morning sickness. Fortunately, Melissa seems to be doing much better with the help of some medicine even though she still feels some sickness.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day!!!

Author: Adam Turney
Today it snowed heavily in Las Vegas. The entire city was covered in snow, which is an extremely rare event to behold for this area. It snows on a yearly basis, but never to the point where you can go outside and build a snowman or see people at the park sledding. Today was parent-teacher conferences and the snow got so heavy (by Las Vegas standards) that we were encouraged to call the parents and cancel some of the appointments to ensure their safety. Then a rumor began that we might have to cancel school for Thursday. Driving home from a work party it did not seem necessary to cancel school, but about 9:30 PM the school district announced that school would indeed be canceled for Thursday. When Melissa and I were watching the news earlier it was mentioned that school could be canceled and I immediately joked that we needed to say a prayer...but I wasn't really joking. Anyway, I get to enjoy a relaxing day off from school and hopefully the snow will keep up and they will cancel school again for Friday...but then my students couldn't give me the presents they got me so I think I can handle enduring through school on Friday (I am excited for Christmas).

Happy Snow Day!!!!

Clark County School District has cancelled school tomorrow due to the AWESOME SNOW that Las Vegas is getting. Aparently it hasn't snowed like this since 1970 which is not that long ago but we didn't live here back then (or at all) so it is pretty exciting for us.

Tonight we went to our We Serve Christmas Party at Al Dente on the strip. The food was delicious and we had fun walking along the snowy strip. Aparently the strip is a lot more awesome when its snowing because all the sleeze bags take their porn elsewhere.

We are excited for our unexpected day off tomorrow. Hopefully it will continue through Friday and we won't have any more school until next year :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Quiz- From Darci's Blog

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
Wrapping Paper for SURE! I love the look of a beautiful box tied up with a bow and gift bags are always awkward because there are those people who pack them and then if you reach in and there is nothing there you feel greedy :)

2. Real tree or Artificial?
Real! I always loved going out into the snow (at walmart, smith etc) and walking through the trees as if you were in a mini Forrest with my family trying to find the perfect tree. Picking the tree always ushered in the Christmas season. Now that I'm married I can appreciate the work my parents put into picking out the tree because I prefer to decorate with an artificial tree (which we will buy after Christmas so it is nice and inexpensive). That's right, we don't have a Christmas tree, because we always spend it away from home.

3. When do you put up the tree?
If I had one, I'd put it up the day after Thanksgiving so I could enjoy it while I can.

4. When do you take the tree down?
Last year when we had one I took it down before traveling for Christmas. Seeing the tree after Christmas makes me depressed so I like all decorations down ASAP.

5. Do you like eggnog?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE eggnog. It is a beautiful holiday drink but I haven't had any this year and I think I'll pass until next year.

6. Favorite gift received as a child?
I'm going to go with Darci on this one and say my American girl doll. I got Kirstin when I was ten and I loved her. Another great gift was the Harry Potter Hardcover set from Adam last year. I was so so happy! My mom always made us scrapbooks and that is also something I truly treasure.

7. Hardest person to buy for?
Adam hands down...cause he always just buys what he wants all year long so when it comes to Christmas I am stuck with really lame stuff.

8. Easiest person to buy for?
Anyone in our family- they are not shy on telling what they like.

9. Do you have a nativity scene?
Yes! I love my nativity scene. It is a hand carved wooden painted scene from Russia with lots of neat colors and expressions. I love it so much and I wish I'd bought more for it! I also want the Willow Tree set eventually because it is so beautiful. My mom has hers from Israel so maybe I'll inherit that one day. I love that one because it comes from the land where the Savior was born so it was pretty special.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards?
It depends. I love how my mom does it. She basically expresses her love in them rather than talk about herself or what the family is up to. I don't really think e-mail counts. Adam and I are yet to send out Christmas cards. Maybe next year...

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
I've yet to meet a present I didn't love! I'm so easily pleased I guess :)

12. Favorite Christmas Movie?
A Christmas Carol. My Dad and I always read the book then watch the movie together. I also love the movies we'd watch all December as a family such as Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rudolph, The Grinch (Cartoon), and Home Alone. Elf is a new favorite.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?
I like to start in about October and finish by Thanksgiving but it didn't happen this year with our busy school schedule.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
Oh man, each Christmas Eve my mom who is the BEST COOK EVER makes our favorites: Steak, 48 hour marinade Chicken, Crab, Chocolate fondue, etc. It is the best meal of the year.

16. Lights on the tree?
Yep. Lots of clear lights. I also like pearls stringing the tree.

17. Favorite Christmas song?
Oh Holy Night

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?
Travel Home.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's?
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donnor, Blitzen, Rudolph, and Olive the other reindeer.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star?
Ummm I like both really. Grew up with an Angel.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?
Special Books and Pjs on Christmas Eve and Everything else in the morning.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year?
People begging for charities. Sorry that sounds mean but I don't like that. I'd rather do a service project for charity rather than begging on the street.

23. Favorite ornament theme or color?
Red, I love the traditional red and green color scheme. I don't like ornament themes though, too trendy.

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner?
Already talked about it

25. What do you want for Christmas this year?
New Scriptures, Books.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Love X-Men

Author: Adam Turney
I know some will call me a nerd for posting this, but I cannot describe the excitement that flows through me whenever I read about rumors of upcoming movies based upon the X-Men universe. When the first X-Men movie was released I was almost jumping out of my skin to go see the movie, and I had to wait to get through school and work before getting to see it (I know, shocking I didn't skip school). We dragged our girlfriends to see the movie and even they admitted it was entertaining. It was like heaven for me. Then came the second and third movies and again I was like a giddy little school girl or a child waiting for Santa to drop off my Christmas presents. Well tonight I happened to visit one of my video game websites and was shocked to see a trailer for the upcoming Wolverine movie. I immediately watched the trailer and was again filled with a sense of uncontrollable urge to delve into the X-Men universe. My favorite X-Men character, Gambit, will be in the film...I have been waiting 20 years for this. I am including the trailer for all those that are interested in watching. Oh, and for those in love with Hugh Jackman you will be happy to know he is throughout the whole movie (it is based upon his character Wolverine). Enjoy.

IT SNOWED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I thought I should reflect on the season and seek the Christmas spirit. Perhaps I should have done this a little earlier on in the month but today especially was a brilliant day because. It. Snowed. I was so amazed and shocked and happy. As I type now it is snowing. Aparently it snows every several years in Las Vegas for about a day. It doesn't even stick to the ground but it is real and I'm thrilled. Adam's fourth graders even laughed at me because I am subbing at his school and it was my lunch time. I ran into Adams class and whispered in his ear "Adam its snowing for real!" and Adam turned to his class and said "Mrs. Turney is pretty happy that its snowing today." They teased me a bit about it. I almost started crying because I was happy. You all should know that I am more of a cold snowy person rather than a hot sweltering person. Not only that but I love seasons and I've missed out a lot on seasons since moving to Las Vegas. There are basically two seasons here- hot and luke warm.

My dad even teased me because I called him and I was so excited I didn't wait to get my words organized and I told him "Dad it snowed and its real snow like big fluffy snows!" He thinks I've been away from Utah too long that I don't know that they are called "flakes"


Friday, December 12, 2008

Horribly Underimpressed

Author: Adam Turney

We finally finished another semester of college classes and I am incredibly grateful to be rid of this past several months. I am horribly underimpressed by the performance of UNLV and the professors at the school. Melissa will easily add her two cents on her feelings of disappointment with the education department at UNLV. Let me explain a little that leads to my feelings. First of all, something crazy possessed me to decide to undertake a dual Master's program and instead of taking a meager 6 graduate credits a semester I took 12 graduate credits all at the same time. I had an online course that was horrific in every aspect, especially the unattentive professor. I took a finance class where the teacher would ramble on forever and never explain to the class how to answer any of the problems on his assignments. Then I had a practicum class where the professor did a huge disservice to the eight students in her class by failing to offer any kind of productive help, and now we are significantly further behind our colleagues in the other class. She really has no place teaching a course she knows little about. And finally, I had one class that was semi-enjoyable, but that was only because I was able to work on other classwork during the class and the teacher explained on the first day that we would all get A's. Add on top of all this the countless hours of extra work I have picked up at school for my leadership training, the larger class size of fourth grade, and my tragic loss of playing World of Warcraft and it has been a semester I am happy to be rid of.
Now I only have one more semester in my Educational Leadership program and I will be able to graduate with my first Master's degree in May. It will be a huge relief to be finished with that program and only have to worry about one program again. One of my professors said I was foolish for taking on two programs at once because then I could not devote all my attention to her class, but I felt like she was foolish because she never helped us during her class. Oh well, hopefully when I become a University professor 20 years from now I can rectify all the wrongs that I witnessed and none of my students will feel relieved to get away from me because I was one of the worst teachers they have ever had. These next few weeks will be a well deserved break from my busy life...and then I can start focusing on the next year, 2009, and our graduations.

Dear Carly: Tag You're IT!

Dear Carly Hirst,

I don't really know how to tell you this, but I’m joining the Convent. I think I realized it at the Elton John concert when I quoted Forest Gump and I saw you sit on my father. I'm sure you're ashamed enough to understand that Santa doesn't exist. I'm returning your toe ring to you, but I'll keep your book of poetry as a memory. You should also know that I am better off without you and you ruined my attempts at another world war and world domination

Best of luck on the sex change,


NOW YOU, Pick a friend, any friend, choose the correct answers, and fill in the blanks in the message at the bottom. Tag them, See what they say. It's Funny!

1. What's the color of your shirt?Blue – our romance is overRed – our affair is overWhite – I’m joining the ConventBlack – I dislike your eyelashesGreen – our socks don't matchGrey – you're a pervertYellow – I'm selling myself for candyPink – your nostrils are insultingBrown – the mafia wants youNo shirt – you're meanOther – I'm in love with your cat (purple!!!)

2. Which is your birth month?January – that night you picked your noseFebruary – last year when you peed your pantsMarch – when your dwarf bit meApril – when I tripped on peanut butterMay – when I threw up in your sock drawerJune – when you punched me in the faceJuly – when you smacked my buttAugust – when I saw the purple monkeySeptember – when you farted in the bathtubOctober – when I quoted Forest GumpNovember – when your dog humped my legDecember – when I finally changed my underwear

3. Which food do you prefer? Tacos – in your apartmentLasagna – in your carPasta – outside of your officeHamburgers – under the busSalad – as you were eating Kraft DinnerChicken – in your closetKebab – with Jean Chr├ętienFish – in a clown suitSandwiches – at the Elton John concertPizza – at the mental hospitalHot dog – under a street lightOther – with George Bush and Stephen Harper

4. What's the color of your socks?Yellow – hit onRed – insultBlack – ignoreBlue – knock outPurple – pour syrup onWhite – carve your initials intoGrey – pull the clothes offBrown – put whipped cream onOrange – castratePink – pull the pants off ofBarefoot – sit onOther – drive over

5. What's the color of your underwear?Black – my boyfriendWhite – my fatherGrey – the Catholic PriestBrown – your ‘My Little Pony’ collectionPurple – my corned beef hashRed – my knee capsBlue – my salt-beef bucketYellow – my illegitimate child in GhanaOrange – my Blink 182 cdPink – the Montreal Canadian’s goalieNone – my prized statue of Michael Jackson in the nudeOther - the elephant in the corner

6. What do you prefer to watch on TV?Scrubs – manO.C. – emotionalOne Tree Hill – openHeroes – frostbittenLost – highHouse – slySimpsons – cowardlyThe news – scarredIdol – masochisticFamily Guy – senileTop Model – middle-classOther – ashamed

7. Your mood right now?Happy – how awful you areSad – how boring you areBored – that Santa doesn't existAngry – that your smell makes me vomitDepressed – that we’re relatedExcited – that I may pee my pantsNervous – the middle-east is planning their revenge on youWorried – that your car sucksApathetic – that you need a sex-changeAshamed – that I'm allergic to your earlobesCuddly – that I eat garbageSilly – that there is no solution to you being dumbOther – that your driving sucks

8. What's the color of your walls in your bedroom?White/Beige – your toe ringYellow – your love letters to meRed – your Elton John posterBlack – your pet rockBlue – the couch cushionsGreen – the pictures from VegasOrange – your false teethBrown – your nose hair clippersGrey – our matching snoopy underwearPurple – your New Kids on the Block blanketPink – the cut toenailsOther – your booger collection

9. The first letter of your first name?A/B – your photo with the mustache drawn on itC/D – the oil tank from your carE/F – your neighbor's dogG/H – my chastity beltI/J – the results of that blood-sampleK/L – your left earM/N – your book of poetryO/P – my common senseQ/R – your momS/T – your collection of butterfliesU/V – your criminal recordW/X – your glass eyeY/Z – your lock of hair

10. The last letter in your last name?A/B – told my psychiatrist about the bruisesC/D – never will forget that nightE/F – always wanted to break your legsG/H – hate your cookingI/J – mocked you behind your back constantlyK/L – will tell the authorities that you did not steal that whale in the back yardM/N – gave my confession today about the moose poachingO/P – was interviewed about the car you stoleQ/R – always will remember the pep talksS/T – get sick when I think of your feetU/V – will try to forget that you broke my heartW/X – haven’t showered in a monthY/Z – am better off without you

11. What do you prefer to drink?Soft drink – I’m off to lead a new life as a lemonCoffee – I will haunt you when I’m incarnated as an EskimoMilk – the apartment building is on fireWater – thanks for the cocaineCider – I have a passionate interest for miceJuice – you ruined my attempts at another world war and world dominationMineral water – you should get that embarrassing rash checkedHot Chocolate – your cucumber fetish is weirdBeer – I'm scratching my butt as you read thisWine – our friendship is ruinedHard Liquor – I love Oprah WinfreyOther – you should stop picking your nose

12. To which country would you prefer to go on a vacation?Thailand – Warm tingly sensationsAustralia – Best of luck on the sex changeFrance – Love alwaysSpain – Go drown yourselfChina – You make me sickGermany – Please don’t hurt meJapan – Go milk a cowGreece – Your everlasting enemyUSA – Greetings to your frog LeonardEgypt – Kiss my buttEngland – With tears of sadness



I don't really know how to tell you this, but (_1_). I think I realized it (_2_), (_3_) and I saw you (_4_) (_5_).I'm sure you're (_6_) enough to understand (_7_).I'm returning (_8_) to you, but I'll keep (_9_) as a memory.You should also know that I (_10_) and (_11_).

What in the World

Ok so I am catching up on this week: Wednesday morning I walked outside and what did I see?

Five to Seven police cars parked in my driveway. Ummmm....

I was taking out the trash in the morning and these police officers were staring at me. I just looked at them and sort of smiled like "ok whats going on guys." The police officer closest to me asked "is this your first time out today." I assured him it was... and a couple of the officers started to laugh and joke among themselves. I asked if there was a problem and this is what they told me:

"Three bad guys were breaking in to a house down the street and when they heard us coming they jumped a couple fences into your backyard and hid in your boat."


"There are four police cars in your back yard apprehending the guys, nothing is damaged or anything but you may want to cover your boat."


So that was my police encounter for Wednesday. It was pretty incredible. I'm glad that it is over and that I didn't encounter the "bad guys" and grateful that they didn't try to hunker down in my house!

Hydrophobia: Me and Old Yeller

So on Sunday morning I woke up with the flu. Not so fun. My immune system had been weakened by a cold that I'd had all week and because I have always avoided the flu shot I guess I was more susceptible. I was sick all day but it was more of a weak stomach. I was still able to go to church and to eat but I was throwing up. By Sunday evening I thought I was going to die. I crawled into bed crying and turned on the TV and what did I see but one of the classic films of my childhood: Old Yeller. When I was watching it they kept talking about the disease "hydrophobi" in their Texas drawls. I realized as my brain worked slowly that was what they called rabies because part of the disease is classified as fear, or inability to swallow water.

What does this have to do with the flu? Well I attempted a glass of water (you have to understand by attempted I mean guzzled down because I was so dehydrated) and it was the absolute worst thing to throw up. I actually ended up in the hospital on Tuesday after almost 48 hours of vomiting every 40 minutes. Luckily I was fortunate enough to be able to go and was rehydrate and given some medicine. I feel great now! I'm no worse for wears except for a couple strained back and stomach muscles from the violent vomiting (seriously, it was horrible).

So I think I have hydrophobia now as I have not had any water for fear of the consequences. I know that it was all the way on Monday and today is Friday but I still don't want to drink water. I've been sucking down the Gatorade still replacing those electrolytes! It was quite the week and I'm just grateful for how I feel now and the fact that I was able to get to the hospital and become re hydrated.

Perhaps I'll try to drink water today.

Also I'll never eat Saltine Crackers again.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lesley's Christmas Party

I cannot put into words how excited I am for this years Christmas Party. In 2006 I missed it for the first time in my entire life and when I say entire life I mean since I was two months old. I was so so so sad and couldn't believe it. Even though I was honeymooning in Mexico in 80 degree weather I couldn't reconcile the fact that I was NOT at the party. Last year was my first Christmas away from home (spent with the In-Laws) and so again I missed it. Next year I will most likely miss it...unless I decide to come up to Utah for a few days before heading to California...but THIS YEAR I WILL BE THERE!

Christmas usually doesn't start for me until the night of the party. This party is the best party in the whole world. In fact I have a request this year may we all please get in a circle and try to sing "All love Together?" I think it will sound a lot like wrong song and it may take the whole party but we can do it I'm sure! If not there we should try on Christmas day. We did it while we were up for the weekend but Adam said he "didn't know the words" which was funny because there are only three plus the names.

I will be very mad if I get out of the whistle game too soon. I'm anticipating a great song from Uncle David. I am dying for aunt Lilian's sugar cookies (especially the green ones) and I have a thing or two to tell Santa because he hasn't visited me once since I got married?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

So I'm counting down the days until the party...less than two weeks now!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why I love my Job:

Where else would you hear the question: "Mrs. Turney, you wanna know whats weird about the sun?"

Where else can you hear: "Escuse me but I gotta go bafrum and its a mergency."

When was the last time you walked down the hall and had 50 fourth graders wave in excitement and yell your name?

What other job can fill a room with laughter at the mention of bodily function?

What other jobs do your clients speak so freely (not to mention innocently) and without shame or guile on subjects on religion and politics?

Where else can all problems be solved with paper rock scissors?

And BEST of all...where else do you get the feeling of joy when you watch a child finally catch a concept and LEARN something. Their eyes light up and their smile never quits.

Finished Semester Four Pa Rum Pum Pum Pummm!

I just submitted my final assignment online! I still have a few to turn in tomorrow but I have completed them all and as of six thirty pm tomorrow I will only spend about three more hours at UNLV for the rest of the semester. Adam is done as of tomorrow also which is awesome for him! He has been working SOOO HARD and I'm grateful for his dedication and focus.

So now what do I do for the next month...Play and Substitute!

Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

As Adam and I are both lazy and not wanting to spend the money to print out and send out Christmas Letters we are doing one on our blog. Christmas letters are usually just "catch up notes," a little reminder that we are still alive and doing something :) So this is what the Turney's have been up to in 2008.

What a FANTASTIC year we've had! 2008 has flown by and been crazy busy for us both. At the beginning of the year Adam was teaching third grade at Tanaka Elementary and I was working at Wells Fargo. We were both beginning our second semester at UNLV. We were moved up in our Primary right along with our kids who we loved. We sold a car and bought a newer more efficient car.

We were able to enjoy several fun trips, including a fun "second honeymoon" in Southern California, and a trip to San Fransisco for our friends David and Tera's Wedding.

Now Adam is teaching fourth grade, we've been released from the primary and are now loving our new callings in Sunday school and Young Women. I quit at Wells Fargo (yippy!!!) and I'm now substituting for the Clark County School District, about to begin my fifth semester at UNLV. Adam began his SECOND masters program and I am so proud of him. He will finish with the first in May and the second the following May 2010. I will graduate with my B.S. in Elementary Education in December 2009- it feels so close!

Looking back on this year we have done alot but it all seems very blah/routine now! School and work pretty much weaves the pattern of our life right now and we are looking forward to a change once we are graduated! I plan to win the lottery and then Adam will double it in the Slots and on the Tables. So next year you are all invited to our 34 bedroom mansion in Cabo San Lucas!

Most importantly we love you all and we are grateful for everything you do for us!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Really Long Post...Don't bother with it...I just want to save it From Bebo

Isn't that how all Faerie Tales begin? Well this is the story about MY faerie tale that began not so long ago in a place very near, Rexburg Idaho.It was the begining my second year at BYU-Idaho, not too anxious to start all over again with my boyfriend Drew on a mission in New York and my favorite roomate Alicia getting married and leaving me behind but I was anxious to get out of my house and away from my family which represented the lack of freedom I had come to love in Rexburg. I wasn't up here a week when I already had to miss my first classes to attend my cousin Jeremy's wedding in Salt lake. I had talked to all my teachers and they were understanding and I talked to my roomate Catherine who promised to save me a seat in Bio Lab. The wedding was beautiful and romantic but by the end of the week I had to again return to school.The day was May 10th. I made my way at 8 in the morning to my first class- bio lab which I was not worried about having a promised seat next to a friend...well, turns out she didn't have as much controle over it as we thought...or she didn't want to be in my group. Whatever the reason I was without a group so Brother Zenger assigned me to a group of two boys. Ben Decker and Adam Turney. As I walked toward my new group I got really excited (though I didn't show it on my face) as I was assigned to the hottest guy in the whole class (possibly the WORLD) before I even sat down the flirting began. I found out Adam was an El. Ed major (so cute) and served his mission in Australia he told me he was 24 (his first lie) but was actually 23. An imediate connection happend when I told him my 20th birthday was 5 months away exactly, his 24th birthday was 5 months and one week exactly. We mentioned that we should have a party and celibrate together (keep reading to find out...) After our lab, the three of us were quite hungry so we went to Wendy's (which was of course ladies choice) and had quite a few laughs. From Adam's blog you can read "class is something to look forward to for each of us since we all seem to get along so well. I am sure you are wondering if Adam thinks she is cute...okay, I will admit that I do, but I am trying to not jump to any conclusions and just enjoy the ladies before attempting to entertain any future ideas."That week the boys were over at my house, each of them took turns hitting on me because...well you've seen my pictures We were all playing around when suddenly my phone rang. Yep it was adam, across the couch what a dork. he'd found my number on the message board at my apartment and thought it was funny to call me...Jump ahead to may 14th. A phone call to my cell, its adam asking "me" if I want to go out to the sand dunes with some of his friends for a fire and roasting stuff. To be honest I didn't really want to go. I would have rather stayed home and thought about my missionary who I missed so much but I said let me check and see if my roomates have anything going on...they didn't so I reluctantly called him back and he said he'd pick "me" up soon. I waited and waited and WAITED! ok it was only like 15 minutes but I was still waiting. Then he called me back and the phone call went something like this:Adam: Hi...this is Adam Turney...Melissa: Yeah I knowAdam: Did I just call youMelissa: yeah...Adam: Who is this!?!Melissa: Melissa Marsden Adam:Melissa: Your lab Partner Adam: OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH ok I'll be right there...Adam thought that he had called a girl named Katie who he'd been semi dating for a week or two when in fact he accidentally called me. We went on one of the best dates either of us had ever gone on. going to a place called "the crack" we lit a big bonfire and spent the night getting to know trivia about each other such as I'd kissed 5 boys he'd kissed 3 girls...he came home 10 days early from his mission because he had cancer...I had a missionary...etc. the whole night was a blast. Later on we went off roading in a brand new ford F-150 and someone fell out of the bed of the truck. This was when I got to really see Adam's true colors meaning, he waited until after she wasn't dead to laugh. it was pretty dramatic but he thought it was one of the funniest things ever. I was terrified, shaking all the way back to the apartment. We got to the apartment and hugged goodnight. Then we just held on. We started dancing and talking and spent an extra two hours outside my apartment just laughing and playing.This was only the beginning of beginning. Class was very fun that week then Friday I went over to his apartment for reasons that I now forget (and you'll see why in a minute) I spent a few hours over there and even missed a class (I think it was biology) We were flirting and teasing as always and then suddenly (oh so suddenly) we were kissing. SO RANDOM! So we became kissing buddies kissing whenever we felt like getting a quick fix, I know its not that romantic or moral but dang was it fun! He continued to date katie for a few more weeks and I continued to just be in love with my Drew until one week things started changing. It was after memorial day, we could both feel the sparks flying but we had such a perfect friendship and the kissing was bliss that we didn't want anything to change, but as if it was beyond our control things were changing. We were falling hard for each other. One night he surprised me at work and took me home. We spent hours in the car talking and getting to know each other. It was wonderful. I felt myself starting to let myself fall for him instead of resisting the inevitable. I guess we could have just avoided each other but even that was impossible as we longed for each other while we were away. One night he even came to see me after being on a date with another girl because I could offer him the kind of hug he'd been missing.

Ok So where I left off we were just falling in love... (I know this is a long story but it's the best one you'll ever hear so feel lucky)Adam and I were very comfortable just being friends but then he asked me a question: "melissa, you know you don't have to kiss me to be my friend right?" I know, was my reply. "Then why do you do it," he asked...after a long deliberation I did something that could have change the course of our relationship. I texted him and told him that I knew why I kissed him. He called me back and asked why. By this time it was 2 in the morning. I told him it was because I was beginning to fall for him. After expressing my true feelings, he went into this whole speech about how he doesn't get involved with friends because those kind of relationships ruin friendships and I thought that's just great I just drove away my best friend... and went to sleep humiliated and crushed. I saw him the next day at church in a random moment and I was told that the moment he saw me he thought "I will have her" seeing him wasn't weird at all so I was happy. That day because of the silly mood I was in, I sent him a random text simply saying "yes" because of a brad paisley song we always listened to...instead of replying wow like I had expected him to because of the song (she said yes I said wow she said when I said how about right now)he replied what? I explained about the song and he said "oh I was hoping that you were reading my mind and answering the question I've been wondering all day, now I have to wait to ask it since I have lost my courage. Completely confused I prodded and pushed but to no avail... he wouldn't ask the question. That night Adam came over and I asked if I wanted to take a walk with him. We were walking through the gardens of BYU-Idaho and it was a lovely night. We both had jackets on because it was raining but I didn't mind. It was a very serious night, the night that I realized he felt the same way that I did, that we were on our way to starting something beautiful. Sitting on a bench in the gardens he took my hand and we sat there for the first time, hand in hand. Amazed at the wonderful feelings we were experiencing. It wasn't a big deal to kiss for some odd reason. Perhaps it was because we were two lonely people looking for a friend and we found that friend and happened to kiss them. Holding his hand was wonderful. If you've seen Mary Poppins you will recall the part where they hold hands and leap into the sidewalk chalk. I felt that by holding hands that we were leaping into a great adventure that would change our lives. There was still my missionary but I couldn't deny the strong feelings I had for my friend. I couldn't deny the happy excited feeling I got when I was around him and I never wanted to be around him simply for the kissing. It was the amazing communication that we had because we were able to start off as friends so we could feel comfortable enough to be absolutely honest- no masks.Days later (2) Adam and I were at devotional. It was the first given by president Clark so it was exciting and adam was excited that there was a real person who was to be our president. I wasn't too excited for that day because he was flying to California to go to his brother's graduation and would leave me alone for 24 hours...I know I am pathetic you don't have to tell me. while sitting in the devotional...RIGHT BEFORE THE CLOSING PRAYER asked me "do you want to know the question now" I said YES! and he said "Will you be my Girlfriend" and I said yeah! So then right after that he took off to california and I didn't talk to him...romantic I know...He came back the next day tired and sick. By that wednessday we hadn't kissed in nearly a week...I guess it was because we were nervous or something because now our relationship could change. I did however kiss him on thursday and by friday morning my throat was soar. Too bad because this was the weekend when his brother Addison came to EFY and my friend Jessica came to hang out for the weekend. We also had a date coming up on Saturday so I didn't want to be too sick, well turns out I was so sick I could hardly enjoy anything. we went to Big Judds with adam as my date and addison as jessicas. adam and I could only finish half the hamburger! After we went to a grave yard and hung out. when they took us home, Addison and Jessica went to the car and made out and we went to our car and talked because I was sick. I knew he was falling in love with me at that point but I didn't know exactly how to handle it. I hate to bring up Drew again but he was a HUGE factor as I was going to marry him when he came home but things don't happen like you plan I guess...The next weekend was really great because we were going home to Utah to surprise my parents and I would also meet his parents because they were vacationing in park city.

1302 days ago...

Adam published this entry on his blog:
A Girl in my Biology Lab

A pleasant surprise Ben and I got this morning in our Biology Lab. Most of the groups in the class have three people but somehow we ended up with only two of us, two guys. That is just fine because it means that we stay on task because we don't have any real distractions in the form of a girl to talk to or flirt with. However, Melissa was just added to our group and now we are three with one girl.Today's lab would have been done with ease and we would have left about an hour early but with an added girl for us to give attention to, and give us attention, we found that we took up almost all the time in the class today. It is a whole lot more fun having a girl in our group, it added a bit of life to a rather boring lab class. Melissa is really easy to get along with too, and after class the three of us headed to Wendy's to get a bite to eat since we all missed on breakfast.

It seems funny to me how all of a sudden we went from just two guys doing a lab to a small group of friends that will probably hang out in our free time. Since it is a lab class we are required to do a science experiment on our own and now it will be a whole lot more fun with a fresh set of ideas from a lady, rather than from just two guys.The three of us are each at different points in life too, which makes it a bit more exciting. Ben is just recently 19 and will go out on a mission sometime in the near future...we don't know where he will go, as he has not received his call yet. Melissa is also 19 but will turn 20 a week before me. She has been at BYU-I for a short while now and hasn't decided upon her major just yet. She seems focused on her education and having a good time and will be spending six months in Russia teaching kindergarten kids to speak and read English. And then there is me, a 24-year-old guy that lived in Australia for two years, will hopefully be done with his BA in just over a year, and is always on the lookout for a potential future Mrs. Turney.

But yeah, class is something to look forward to for each of us since we all seem to get along so well. I am sure you are wondering if Adam thinks she is cute...okay, I will admit that I do, but I am trying to not jump to any conclusions and just enjoy the ladies before attempting to entertain any future ideas.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Family Pictures!

Z is for Zion

"One of the greatest challenges we will face is to be able to live in that world but somehow not be of that world. We have to create Zion in the midst of Babylon.

“Zion in the midst of Babylon.” What a luminous and incandescent phrase, as a light shining in the midst of spiritual darkness. What a concept to hold close to our hearts, as we see Babylon becoming more widespread. We see Babylon in our cities; we see Babylon in our communities; we see Babylon everywhere.

And with the encroachment of Babylon, we have to create Zion in the midst of it. We should not allow ourselves to be engulfed by the culture which surrounds us. We seldom realize the extent to which we are a product of the culture of our place and time."

-David R Stone
I did a post earlier about Temples and Adam did one about Las Vegas. The other day I was driving home from UNLV which takes me right down Tropicana past the strip. As I was doing this I was listening to some hymns on my Ipod. At that moment I felt so removed from Babylon and started thinking of my wonderful Institute classes which are very much in UNLV but not of UNLV. I thought about my amazing ward which has welcomed us with open arms and let us into their homes. I thought of the beautiful temple which we are blessed with and I thought of some pictures (Above) which seem to epitomize Zion in Babylon.
Zion is a state of mind. It is a place of spiritual enlightenment. A place designated for God's work to be fulfilled a sanctuary for the pure in heart. I'm grateful to be surrounded by the love of God and to be amid the wonderful people of the world who surround me in my Zion.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Y is for Young Women!

I have loved my calling and I am so grateful to be with the Young Women. In some ways, we are pretty lucky for having such a small group. There are about 17 active girls in our group. I am a beehive adviser. I think we are lucky because we all love each other. If there is ever an issue among the girls at school it is quickly resolved. The older girls are beautiful examples to the younger girls and the younger girls watch closely. Because I am so young at times I feel like I'm one of them lol. Last night they were shocked to find out that I had a facebook account... if my young women think I'm too old for a facebook maybe I should get rid of it lol.

Last week we had our first "movie night" at my house. I wanted a girls night and who better to hang out with than your sisters! It was a spur of the moment thing and so only three girls were able to come, but most of them will be coming over in a couple weeks to watch another movie and have treats. It was so fun to hear about their boy drama and dance plans and different activities.

The girls love to tease me for my little idiosyncrasies. The other day I realized that one of the girls I'm really close with is the exact same age as Megan- no wonder I like her so much. At first I felt intimidated but the girls are so warm and welcoming. I've never met a group of females so sweet and unselfish, so loving and so happy! These girls know who they are.

One of the councilors in the stake presidency came to visit us on Sunday. He was inspired to let us know that he knew the young women of our ward truly knew that they were daughters of Heavenly Father and that he loves them. I know in my heart that they each feel that. We've also had several of them bring friends to activities and church and invite them over to their homes to hear the missionary discussions. Two new girls were baptized recently and the love felt among all the girls helps them to feel welcome. We also have one sweet beehive girl who has been coming to church for years but has not been baptized because of her parents. She bore the sweetest testimony of living the standards of the LDS church and how it helps her to be a better person and that she knows the church is true and can't wait to be baptized one day.

I love my YW group! I think they are awesome and I'm so grateful to be able to be a part of something so wonderful!

X is for X-MEN

Author: Adam Turney
The X-Men are a group of mutant super-heroes that merely want to fit in with their normal human counterparts. You see, they are considered homosapien superior and have genetically evolved so that they possess special powers which include telepathy, telekinesis, strength, metal/indestructible skin, speed, flying, control of the weather elements, absorption of thoughts and energies, teleportation, and so many other cool abilities. When I was in elementary school I began reading the comic books and loved collecting the Uncanny X-Men comic books. There were multiple versions of the X-Men comic books, but I found the group that I enjoyed. They weren't too expensive to purchase, but looking back I am not sure how I afforded them. My best friend Josh collected them too so we would get together and read the new release for each month. We would talk about how cool each issue was and how we wish we could have our own powers. We had our favorite characters that we wish we could be and we even acted like we were them, shooting beams from our eyes, throwing playing cards expecting them to explode, and pretending like we could move objects with our minds.

Eventually, after years of patient waiting, they finally released movie versions of the X-Men. When the first movie came out my guy friends all dragged our girl friends to the movie with us on the first day of release (it would be like our wives dragging us to see Twilight...ew). The movies were amazing to finally see our fantasies come true. Even though we did not get to see all the mutants we wanted to, it was still fantastic to finally see some of our favorites on the big screen. The movies got progressively better and it was exciting to see Cyclops die in the third movie...he has always been a big dorg even in the cartoon series. The third movie left the series open for another sequel but I have not seen any real information confirming this rumor.

My best friend and I collected the action figures and spent numerous hours playing with them. I remember one day at his house we took his sisters Barbie dolls and we made a video with our action figures and the dolls. It was hilarious because we put the dolls on a boogie board and pretended like a villain sent them out to sea and they were going to be killed. We rescued them with our hero action figures and everything was happy again. We even filmed these silly stories with a video camera...those giant ones that we had back in the early 90's. The toys were great because they all had special actions they would perform (thus the name, action figures) and that is what made them better than dolls because they did more than just bend their knees and drive in pink Corvettes.

Today I do not play with the toys or read the comic books. I still have over 100 comics in a box at home and I am hoping that one day, 100 years from now, they will have some significant amount of value. I also have comic cards that go along with the books, which are similar to baseball cards but have pictures of the characters and a brief bio on the back. On my birthday while I was dating Melissa she surprised me with a comic book I had wanted for years, it was the first appearance of my favorite X-Men character...Gambit. I will forever have fond memories of my time reading the X-Men comic books, and I will forever get giddy when I read rumors about a new movie being released. Sadly, the other day we were in Borders Bookstore and I tried to read a new X-Men comic book and they just aren't as good as when I was a I doubt I will ever find myself reading them again.

Friday, November 28, 2008

W is for Wii

Author: Adam Turney
Melissa isn't here right now so I figured I would finish up the two blog posts that she gave to me. The Wii is a fascinating gaming system. Growing up Nintendo was the king of the hill when it came to video games. Then Sony entered the ring and knocked out Nintendo...they wandered for two generations and came up with the Wii. Many were skeptical about the idea of how the Wii would control since it frequently relies upon the player making physical movements. I myself was worried that the motion technology of the Wii was merely a gimick. However, all the sceptics were put at ease the moment they began playing Wii Sports (which is included with the system. The Wii has turned out to be the most popular video game system and two years after it's release it is still difficult, if not impossible, to find stores that have the system in stock.

The Wii would be nothing if it didn't have good games for people to play. Super Smash Brothers Brawl is a sequal to the version for the Gamecube. I played many nights with my roommates and friends at BYU-Idaho. It was incredibly addicting but easy enough to put down after a few quick games. What made the game so appealing was the roster of characters that could be played from different video games that most video game nerds are familiar with from playing throughout their lonely lives. Smash Brothers Brawl was a huge step up from the Gamecube version and allowed people to play with people online, which is fun because I can play with my brothers and best friend while they are in California. The roster increased and the graphics received a noticeable upgrade. Overall the game is amazingly fun...but alas, with no one to really play it with I find it sitting in a stack with my other video games.

Another fun game that I bought when we first got our Wii was Resident Evil 4. This is a survival/horror game that requires the player to survive attacks from zombies and others monsters. I have fond memories of playing the original versions for the Playstation and had been dying to play this version. I was not disappointed and found myself having to play with the lights on so I didn't scare myself while playing. Unfortunately, I didn't finish it because I decided to return it to GameStop in exchange for a different game that Melissa would be willing to play with me. Alas, that game also sits in a stack with my other video games.

The final game I took a risk on and bought without playing is called Trauma Center: New Blood. In this game you assume the role of a doctor. Trauma Center is the best use of the Wiimote (Wii controller) because it requires you to pretend like the controller is an operating utensil. In the game you are presented with medical emergencies that require you to operate on. Since the game is on the Nintendo it does not present things as real, so you don't get queesy cutting into a patient or accidentally killing them from overdosing them on sedatives. It is great fun and even allows you to join with a buddy to work together on the operations...but this does not make it any easier. Again, since there is no one to really play with me I find this game also sitting in a pile of other video games.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Who can help but love this guy

He was a little confused and I was trying to help him

V is for Vampires!

Ok so I know I've posted about Twilight before...but I went to the movie tonight. I wanted to see it when it came out, but I also wanted to avoid the freaks...and that desire won out so I waited until tonight to see it.

I like the books a lot. I like the story I should say. Stephenie Meyer is a fantastic story teller, but the writing is supurfluous, dripping with sappy goop (ex: His voice was like melting honey. I could imagine how much more overwhelming his eyes would be. And...It was a colossal tribute to his face that it kept my eyes away from his body.)

I was happy I saw the movie, I'm glad they left it wide open for a sequel (and that one was announced) because New Moon is my favorite book. The movie was actually pretty fantastic I must say...of course having said that I also should warn that I went in with low expectations.

The best part of the movie was the staring from the Vamps. They were always staring intently at people and it made me laugh so hard, especially Jasper because he just looked shocked all the time and never broke character.

I'd recommend it to everyone who has read the book and I would recommend the book to anyone that can read...its very entertaining and you might as well know what the rest of the country is talking about!

U is for Umbrella

I love rainy day weather! I just love curling up by a fire and reading a good book, or popping some popcorn and watching a scary movie with my friends or family! My mom had suggested I do R is for Rain but because I knew U would be a hard letter, I thought I'd save it. This picture of me was taken on a rainy day in Germany...Obviously my Umbrella was NOT up to the challenge.

I've always liked to take walks in the rain. I remember taking one such walk when I was a Senior in High school. I was wearing my BYU-I hoodie and jeans and it had just started to rain. I walked outside and stood their letting the rain wash over me. I brought an umbrella, not because I needed one, I left home with the full intention of getting wet! I just love hearing the pitter patter of rain drops above my head or as it turned out to be, behind me as I rested the umbrella on my sholder and I walked down the muddy streets. Another walk in the rain ended in the BYU-Idaho gardens when my friend Adam asked me if someone asked me out on a date and I accepted, then we started dating and fell in love and they asked me to marry me and I accepted if I'd ever regret that decision and think about the missionary I never waited for. I said no. He took my hand for the first time and we walked back into the rain...

There is a song by Jo Dee Messina called "Bring on the Rain." When I was in High School going through some difficult times, my mom looked at that as if it were my theme song. It goes something like this:
"Another day has almost come and gone
Can’t imagine what else could wrong
Sometimes I’d like to hide away somewhere and lock the door
A single battle lost but not the war (‘cause)

Tomorrow’s another day
And I’m thirsty anyway
So bring on the rain

It’s almost like the hard times circle ‘round
A couple drops and they all start coming down
Yeah, I might feel defeated,
I might hang my head
I might be barely breathing - but I’m not dead

Tomorrow’s another day
And I’m thirsty anyway
So bring on the rain"
When we got married my grandparents gave me the most beautiful picture of the Bountiful temple. It is a picture of a couple walking into the doors with an umbrella overhead and it is titled: Shelter from the Storm. I find the symbolism incredibly beautiful and powerful and thats why it is the first thing you see when you walk into our home.

Another great rain memory that perhaps isn't as meaningful or deep, in fact it is downright shallow. We were driving up to north fork for a Ensign Family reunion. The rain had been coming down all day and it had been thundering quite a bit. When we were almost to our destination we noticed a tree and been struck by lightning and had fallen in the middle of the road. We weren’t exactly sure what we should do when suddenly TWO BUSES CONTAINING THE ENTIRE WEBER STATE FOOTBALL TEAM CAME DRIVING UP. My mom asked them for a little assistance and a bunch of handsome strong football players all came marching out in the rain…of course I got out of the car to see if I could assist any of them by looking at their bodies. They seemed to be fine but I stood by just in case… My mom snapped a picture to make sure it wasn’t just a dream and I lived happily ever after with that wonderful memory. My mom and I were just dying but my mom was the biggest flirt of all.

Umbrellas serve as shelter from the storm, but when we face our storms- may they be as fun as a bus load of college football players rushing to our rescue!

T is for Temples

Recently our beautiful temples have been all over the news as sites for protest and anger. Because I'm a Young Women Leader, I get to go do fun stuff like baptisms in the temple and Adam gets to tag along as a Priesthood holder. I had such a beautiful experience this last time amid the news casts of protests and vandalism to the house of the Lord that I needed to share it.
President Earl at the Las Vegas Temple spoke with the Youth before the Baptism began. He was a retired high school teacher who knew a contentious young woman who seemed to have it in for her Latter day Saint peers. She'd often ridicule and taunt the Mormons and even had a few talks with her teacher (President Earl) about those silly Mormons. One day the young woman approached him and informed him that she'd been through the St. George Temple (I guess it was being remodeled and they were rededicating it). She told him that she wrote in the guest book. He felt appalled and embarrassed that she would write anything. He was about to tell her that she didn't have to do that when instead he asked her what she wrote. She told him she wrote:
If I were God, I'd want to live here too.
What a profound statement for someone who had been so irreverent about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. She went on to say that there were elderly people on the second floor that stood greeting the people with beautiful faces. She thought they looked like angels. He also told a story about another young woman he was acquainted with who was about to be married. She asked her minister to change the vows to say: For Time and All Eternity. Her minister told her that he wouldn't change it to say that and that she'd have to go talk to the Mormons about that.
I love the temple so much. I love being their with my husband, my parents, my brother, my extended family, my friends. Here are the temples that mean the most to me in my life:
Of course the Bountiful Temple is first on my list because it was here that my best friend asked me to be his eternal companion. And I said yes...and then I did! My mom told me when I was just over 8 years old sitting in the bridal room of the Bountiful Temple before it was dedicated, that if I chose the right and did my best I would be able to be married in the temple. I watched it be built from my bedroom window, I remember seeing the light in the night from my room and though all temples are wonderful...the Bountiful Temple was the light in the darkness that lit the desire within me to marry my prince one day.

This temple is my second favorite ;) I will always remember this temple is my sanctuary in Sin City, an oasis in the desert. Adam and I went to the Las Vegas Temple for the first time just two days after moving here. For those of you who know Vegas we went ALL the way down Bonanza from Rainbow in 116 degree weather without air conditioning. For those of you who don't know Vegas- It sucked. We should have taken the freeway but we didn't know how. The celestial room is the most beautiful that I've ever seen and I hope that everyone gets a chance to go there when they come to visit their favorite Me and Adam ;).

The Jordan River Temple is where my parents were sealed, where our family began. I haven't spent much time here but one time Jenny from Legers (yeah you know Jenny...) told me she liked to go to the Jordan River Temple grounds because their was a special feeling but that she never smoked when she was their cause us Mormons don't like that.

The London England Temple, where my grandparents were sealed to their two children (I believe Archie was there...) and were one of the first (if not THE first) to be sealed as a family there.
San Diego Temple was the first Temple Adam ever went to (and I believe his parents were sealed here...I could be wrong and probably am...) We saw his cousin sealed here and it was just beautiful here.
The Fresno Temple, where Adam grew up and served in his formative years. We also got to come here while we were dating and do temple names. They brought random names for me to do so the kids could do the family names but their was a mix up and I did the family names so his mom said we had to get married ;)
The Sydney Australia Temple, where Adam was a missionary. Self explanatory ;)
Last but certainly not least, the Salt Lake Temple, where miracles occurred for and in the completion of it. I went here with my brother Sean and it was a wonderful of the most incredible experiences. There is something to be said for having many family members in the temple with you- especially your one and only baby brother.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

S is for Sin City

Author: Adam Turney
Some of you might be wondering why I would choose such an odd topic. Well as Melissa would tell you, odd things can be expected of me since I am an odd boy. Anyway...Las Vegas is commonly referred to as Sin City by those tourists that come here to participate in those inappropriate or immoral activities that cannot be found in their home cities. I will admit that Las Vegas does have a large community of immoral businesses. However, outsiders focus only upon the negative image of the Las Vegas Strip and the acts that occur around that area. People fail to recognize that there is more to this city than just the Strip...although it is the main source of revenue for this area. There are numerous other things here in Las Vegas that I feel redeem it as a city. I will give you a short list of things to see if you happen to come to Sin City.

1. Las Vegas Temple (the city can't be too bad if there is a temple)
2. Ethel M's Chocolate Factory - this place used to be much cooler when they gave out more free chocolate
3. Red Rock Canyon Preserve - an amazing national park that provides lots of hiking opportunities
4. Hoover Dam - an amazing sight to see and too behold the massive amount of water that it holds back...assuming it is full5. Shows, shows, and more shows - come here to see the many different shows from Cirque de Soleil to Mama Mia and Phantom of the Opera
6. Skydiving - there are several companies that will take you up in an airplane and push you out of an airplane...just hope your parachute works7. Concerts - Las Vegas has some amazing performers that visit and provide some great entertainment and some are permanent fixtures like Bette Midler8. University of Nevada - Las Vegas (both Melissa and I will graduate from this university)
Certainly Las Vegas has it's issues but it is also home to over 2 million people that are hard working and simply trying to live a happy life. I love Las Vegas for its diversity. The people that live here have moved from all over the country and provide a multitude of experience that they can share with each other. There is much to learn and much to do in order to help. Many families here are dysfunctional or broken and I feel it is my opportunity as an educator to try and make a difference in their lives. I could definitely choose a different location to live where life is easier and my classes would consists of less diversity and more family stability, but I don't feel I could help there much. Even Melissa has had opportunities to improve the lives of friends she has made out friend she helped reactivate and that friend recently got married in the temple to a returned missionary. Currently Las Vegas, or Sin City as many outsiders call it, is my home and I will love the time I have here. Eventually it will be time to move on, but for now I hope I can make the best of the time I have here.

S is for Santa!

As Christmas draws near I feel I should tell a devastating story:

A few days after my 11th birthday I was in Sandy Utah with my cousin Becky. We were hanging out in her room when out of the blue she said "you were right you know, last year when you were wondering if Santa Clause was real, I asked my parents and they said he wasn't real." I was so confused. Of course I had heard this before but never from someone I trusted so implicitly. I knew that if her parents told her Santa wasn't real than in fact he was not. I was devastated. I remember thinking rapidly through every Christmas I'd ever had. What had I missed? I tried to stay calm and act like I'd already found out. It wasn't until about twenty minutes of torturous thinking and pretense that I got into the car and started driving home with my mom. I knew I could trust her. I asked in a quivering voice if it was true. Hearing my mom confirm was like a stake through the heart. I knew it had to be true if my mom had been posing as Santa Clause. I felt absolutely betrayed (bare in mind I'm 11 years old...) This was the death of my childhood. Not only did I believe that Santa was real, I knew I'd seen him at Lesley's Christmas Party. It WAS the real Santa! It had to have been...but then why were all the separate families wrapping paper different? It seemed that each of the individual family units were clumped, organized by like wrapping paper. Not only that but this was the same wrapping paper beneath the tree at home? My childhood flashed before my eyes and it was gone. I bawled the whole way home. Luckily my parents only have one overly passionate child and I was the only one who reacted in such a way.

Some of my favorite Santa Reveled Stories are as follows:

Sean went to our parents and said "Mom some kids at school say my parents are Santa but I don't believe them because how would you travel the whole world in one night."

Megan asked "Mom is Santa real?" My mom asked if she wanted the truth (which is pretty much a confession in and of itself) and Megan confirmed. My mom said "Santa is real in my heart?" Megan burst out laughing hysterically.

My Dad was sitting around the breakfast table with my Grandma and Uncle Archie. Archie said "mom do you believe so in so still believes in Santa Clause?" My grandma replied "Your kidding!" ...and my dad thought to himself "Huh...I guess Santa Clause isn't real..."

I love hearing stories of the Santa reveal, or as my Dad calls it "The end of THE LIE." Please share with me your stories.

My mom still maintains that Santa is real, that he lives in the hearts of every child and that magic makes him as authentic as anyone.

So if Satan is the Father of Lies than Santa is the Father of Christmas Lies.

R is for Rings!

I'm stealing R from Bree cause I thought it was cute!

I love my wedding rings! Adam would make me go ring shopping when we very first started dating. We found a gorgeous ring that we both loved but I had something specific in mind. I wanted something symetrical because I am so picky but I also wanted something unique. We found a design we liked and thought we'd buy that one but because I was going to Russia I didn't want anything too fancy so Adam bought a beautifully simple band with diamonds cirlcling it.

After I got back Adam and I went to White Diamonds. He had designed several rings that my mom liked and so she suggested him. we kind of laid out what we wanted- it was very similar to the design we fell in love with, with some minor changes- first it didn't stick out a hundred feet (those of you who know me know I'm a little clumsy with my hands so I might poke out my own eyeball) and it isn't quite tension setting (which scares me to death because I'd always be afraid it would fall out).

Adam's ring is very classy and sleek- not at all trendy which I love. I accidently kind of shoved it on his finger :/ and the sealer said "I hope you are more gentle with him in marriage" LOL
Anyway- I love my ring and I love looking at it and being reminded that Adam loves me!

Q is for Quotes

I love the English Language and I have a habbit of searching for good quotes from wise people, books, church articles etc. Sophomore year in High School I had a humanities class that exposed us to many beautiful things and one of them was a daily quote. Many of the following are from that class. I love finding a good quote. So here are a few quotes I love!

"What I look forward to is continued immaturity followed by death."- Dave Barry

"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."
Mark Twain

"Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is."
Benjamin Franklin

"The secret of happiness is to make others believe they are the cause of it. "
Al Batt

"The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions."
Alfred Lord Tennyson

"Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater."
Gail Godwin

"Stay in love with whatever makes you want to live forever-R. Bradbury"

"Human history becomes more and more a race between educaton and catastrophy."- HG Wells

"Dare to know what is right, have the courage to use your own intelligance."- Emanual Kaunt

"Some people dream of worthy accomplishments while others stay awake and do them"- Anon.

"Great spirits have always encountedred violent opposition from mediocer minds."- Einstine

"Happiness is benificial to the body but it is grief that develops the power of the mind." Marcel Procest

"Success is never final, failure is never fatel. It is courage that counts." Winston Churchill

"Dost thou ove life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of." - Ben Franklin

Saturday, November 22, 2008

P is for Peter Pan

This weekend Adam and I flew to Utah to see Megan as the cutest Indian in Peter Pan! I've been so excited to see her in this play because I have missed out on her previous performances. I feel so guilty when I don't get to see Choir Concerts, Piano Recitles and Plays- especially since my sibs all came to everything I did- so I was SO GRATEFUL for the opportunity to go to see Peter Pan!
Weber High has always outdone themselves when it comes to theatrical productions. They always go above and beyond and they never disappoint- especially when they involve my sister ;) I think that perhaps it could have been better than professional theater as I believe Peter Pan should be seen played by high school kids who believe they will never grow up (they may think they will but they don't believe it).

I love Peter Pan sooo much. I think it is such a beautiful story! I love that everyone is so desperate for a mother. Interesting- since J.M. Barrie was raised by a mother so depressed by the death of his older brother David that she wasn't very present and in Peter Pan the theme is living in eternal youth with a loving mother who tells stories.
The play was just so amazing! I'll have to post pics later...I lifted them from Granma's blog...I actually cried at the end when Peter came for Wendy and she couldn't go because she was all grown up (Peter, I'm old- I'm more than twenty) it felt like the passing of the torch and I hadn't really remembered how it ended when I was a little girl. I guess I never thought I myself would grow up...

Friday, November 21, 2008