Monday, June 13, 2016

{May 2016}

As much as our lives slowed down with the birth of Jonathan we still managed to pack a lot into the month of May.

Most of the month was spent just being a family, just adjusting to the new life we have in our home. I counted things like cleaning and laundry a success. Jonathan is a sweet, good baby, but demands to be held much of the time. This is fine with me. I'm happy to hold my sweet baby as much as he wants. I  think the thing for me that is most difficult with having four kids is balancing everyone's needs for attention. Jonathan is obviously needy by nature, and also personality. Paige is also very thirsty for attention. Hannah and Sam are very independent, but Sam also needs a lot of help physically, and of course Even though she is independent Hannah needs mommy time.

The girls had their Let's Play Music recital. It was Paige's first and Hannah's last. Both girls did a fantastic job, but I was especially grateful for Hannah who composed her own song and performed it flawlessly. I've been so grateful to the program for teaching such fantastic music skills!

Sam has become increasingly frustrating and I can tell he's approaching the terrible twos. Though he's still the same loving boy he's always been, he's also become aggressive and short tempered. We discovered much of this has to do with his two year old molars. For a while we thought he either was suffering from a behavioral disorder or possessed by a demon. There was no in between. Though he's doing his best to try our patience, we've LOVED watching the brotherly bond forming between Sam and Jonathan. Sam adores his brother, and I'm grateful for the attachment.

Adam took three weeks off for paternity leave, and it was marvelous, but he also went on a scout camp out and to Astrocamp during that time. It was pretty stressful to manage all the children by myself, but we got through it. Adam of course had a fantastic time, as he always does. He was the lead chaperone, and has basically taken over getting the whole program going.

One of the best things we did in May was go on a family campout at Exploration Park. It was a BLAST! We roasted marshmallows, watched UP, and got to use our new and giant tent! The kids did really well sleeping in a tent together.