Wednesday, November 12, 2014

October 2014

I feel overwhelmed as I think about blogging October! So much happened. We were immersed in many fall festivities as we prepared for Halloween. 

Hannah made us all proud when she was selected to receive the Golden Rule award, an award given to students who demonstrate an understanding of the golden rule. I know she helps out a lot in her kindergarten class, and I was happy she was recognized for her efforts. Hannah has been doing well in kindergarten. She knows the entire sight word list, and is reading like a champ. She is also starting to recognize math patterns and is fascinated with numbers. For Halloween, Hannah was Elsa. 

Paige had a great month as well. We went to Spring Mountain Ranch for a nature field trip with her preschool. We also went to a pumpkin patch with her preschool. Paige loves being a big girl and learning her letters. She especially loves when preschool is at her house and she can play with Tessa the traveling teddy. Paige was Anna for Halloween, and was beautiful in her costume.  

Sam is HUGE! He is in the 97th percentile for height and weight. He is getting more and more fun every day. He loves to suck on his toes and he is very vocal. He hates loud noises, and will cry if he encounters one. Everyone loves our little boy! 

We had some fun trips as a family this month as well. We enjoyed watching conference together. The girls were very well behaved and worked on their conference packets nicely. We went to the park to catch Tayden's baseball game, which was fun, but the girls have more interest in playing at the park than sports. I can sympathize. We tried to get as much time in with the Packards as possible, including seeing Wicked (me and Stacey) several husbands and wives nights out, and even a dinner date--thanks to my parents! 

For our birthdays we celebrated by going to see the Bellagio fountains and gardens. The kids loved it, and couldn't stop talking about the things they saw for days. For Adam's birthday we went to Red Robin and out to eat with Scott and Stacey. My parents and aunt Meggie were in town, so we also went out to Town Square and carved pumpkins. 

We went to two pumpkin patches: one man made one on the corner of warm springs and rainbow, which was a lot of fun; and we also went to Gilcrease Orchard which was beautiful and reminded me why I love Fall better than any other season. I can't wait to take everyone next year! 

Halloween was a blast! We went out trick or treating with our regular crew and I was a little sad, knowing it would be a last time with the Packards. The kids got a TON of candy! Adam's mom was here and went out trick or treating with us, a first for my kids, and then helped the girls sort their candy afterwords. Adam was Batman and Sam was Robin and they were the most adorable dynamic duo of all time.