Sunday, July 12, 2015

June 2015

June was a month of fun and change. I honestly don't know how to put it all into words, but I'll attempt to do it in a cohesive way.

The month started out with a celebration! Samuel turned one! I don't know where the time has gone, and it scares me a little, to think that he's already a year old. The girls were ecstatic, and followed him around the whole day singing him birthday songs, giving him kisses, and treats. they were upset that we didn't decorate for his birthday, but I didn't want to go all out since he was turning one, haha. We had a mostly quite day at home, and all looked forward to celebrating his birthday on Saturday.

The day after Sam turned one Sam had a terrible accident. We were at the library for story time. The girls had run ahead of us, and I'd just placed Sam in his stroller. I went back to the car to grab the bag of library books to return and Sam stood up in his stroller, turned around, and started rocking in it. He tipped forward and dived off the curb on to the sidewalk, bashing his face in the concrete. Instantly, I called the girls back, buckled him in his car seat, and drove to the emergency room. Initially he was screaming and extremely upset, but pretty soon he had this eerie calm manner and I was afraid he'd gotten a concussion. Kim Maloy met me at the hospital to get the girls, and I went back to the room with Sam. He was covered in blood, and very apprehensive with the doctors. They had to sedate him in order to stitch him up. Unfortunately my little fighter would not be sedated, and he struggled to fall asleep. They said it would take three minutes, but after fifteen they finally decided to stitch him up because he wasn't going to fall asleep. When he finally got stitched up and cleaned up they discharged us, and we were more than happy to go on our way and rest from a dramatic day.

That wasn't the only big thing that happened that week. In early May Adam got it into his head that he wanted to look at a few houses to buy. I thought it was random, since we weren't planning on moving for another two years, but our friends, the Perrys, had just purchased a new home so Adam was itching to look. We went to a house that was really nice, but I wasn't quite feeling it. We went to another which we loved but it just didn't feel right, though we didn't exactly know why. We looked off and on throughout May, mostly online, and then debated whether or not to buy our old bishops house, who had just moved to Idaho. We stopped by there house a couple times, and discussed together if it was the house for us. Again, it just didn't feel like we were supposed to move into that house. It was stressful, but on June 4th we went to a house and immediately fell in love. It felt right. It felt like home. We decided then that we would put an offer on it, and on Saturday, right after Samuel's birthday party, we signed the papers. We waited over a week before they finally responded. In the meanwhile, we placed our beloved little house up for sale and got it all ready to show. On Thursday, June 11th our house went on the market. On the 12th our offer was accepted, and by Sunday the 14th we had five offers. By Tuesday night we were in contract with a family from California. It was such a whirlwind! I still can't believe it's all happened like it has. Of course there was a bump in the road, our first family backed out the day before our sell contingency expired so our amazing agent reached out to the other interested parties and worked out a deal with another family, which was stressful, but we were grateful to be in contract that same day. Now we just wait until July 24th to close on our new house. We are sad to leave our home which we've lived in for six wonderful years and brought our babies home to, but we look forward to having a new home we can grow into. It's twice the size of our current home, and we are excited for the room!

Sam's birthday party was a blast, we were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa there. The Perrys, Campbells, Hastings, Manns, and Gages were also there. It was a Peter Pan theme, and Rosalie had provided all the decor and party favors, since she'd thrown a Peter Pan party (on a much grander scale) the year before. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends!

Hannah officially went out on track break and we all headed up to Utah for baby Jack's blessing and some Utah fun. We went fishing at Barker Fish Farm the first day with Adam, and had a dinner at Mom and Dad's. The blessing was so great. It was wonderful to watch Sean bless his son, and it made me so grateful for a righteous brother, and a righteous husband, dad, and brother in law to stand in the circle. Adam went back to Vegas that night for work, and the kids and I hung around in Utah for a week and a half. Some of the highlights included: A picnic with Meggie in Bountiful, Hogel Zoo, face painting, Logan zoo, Fiiz drinks, Lees, City Creek mall (and the Disney Store birthday celebrations), and spending quality time with family.

We also had the opportunity to go up to the cabin. On our way up to Island Park we stopped up in Idaho Falls to pay a visit to our good friends, the Packards. I'm just going to quote from Stacey's blog, because this is getting really long. "It was a long six months apart and I was anxious to see them interact again. Tayden was quite the show off for sweet Hannah, showing her his new Idaho life and acting all boyish and weird. Beckett and Paige picked up like a day had never passed, chatting and holding hands. It was so great to have our families together again. 

We spent some time here playing in the sprinklers and hanging out. Then we headed to Bear World for an afternoon of fun. This is where the kids really reconnected. Hannah and Tayden were unseperable and I felt as though I was getting a glimpse into the future on their first date. It was honestly the best afternoon." 

Hannah and Paige couldn't stop talking about Bear World the whole trip. Hannah especially loved the rides, which were just her speed, and I think she felt extremely brave for doing them. 

The girls loved the cabin. My mom asked them if they thought the cabin would be like this and Hannah said, "No way, this is way better than I could have imagined." They loved walking to the river, catching frogs, boating, and jet skiing. Both of them were extremely brave doing all the water sports, and they loved being with their big cousins. Hannah can't wait to go back to Idaho, and she says she'd rather do that than Disneyland!

June was obviously a fun and busy month, and we look forward to July, which includes birthday fun for Hannah, and moving into our new house! 

Hannah Highlights:

Hannah had a fantastic June. I don't know if I've ever heard her say, "This is the best day ever," so many times in one month. Hannah is an amazing sister, as I've said before, and she did everything she possibly could to make sure Sam had an amazing birthday. She was also really sweet when he bashed his face open, and prayed over and over for him on the way to the hospital. She was really scared he was going to have to get his head cut off, since her friend Hunter had to get his leg cut off at the hospital when he had an injury. Hannah and I went to a camp out at the library. She's been reading chapter books to herself, and is really enjoying her book time. I love watching her read! We went to Pump It Up, and Hannah demonstrated her growing bravery by jumping off high places onto the soft bounce house. 

Nana and Papa came to visit in June, as did Grandma and Grandpa. The girls love having sleep overs with their grandparents, (especially in hotels in the case of Nana and Papa). Paige was a little nervous to sleep at Nana and Papa's hotel, but she knew she'd be safe as long as she was with Hannah. 

Hannah loved our trip to Utah. She loved the nice weather and the space to run around. It's always a great time at Grandma's house, especially when she can play with friends her age, like her second cousin C.J. It was so much fun for her to be reunited with Tayden in Idaho. Her favorite part of the whole two weeks was Bear World, no contest. She felt so brave riding on the rides, and even though I had to force her to go on the mini roller coaster, she had the time of her life, and begged to go back to Bear World. She says she's even saving her money to go next year. 

Hannah loved boating, and we couldn't get her off the lake for anything. Hannah loved being wild at the cabin, and declared that she preferred it to Disneyland! 

Paige Highlights:

Paige officially graduated from the mommy co-op preschool and is looking forward to starting Pre-K at Wright Elementary in August. When I told her she got accepted into the program she said, "Am I five now?!"  She's loved her preschool friends, and has really taken off socially. She loves her little friends, and often tells me about all their personalities, and different likes and dislikes. She is very observant of those around her. Paige is extremely passionate and animated in everything she does, so she is the spice of our life. Nana and Papa came to visit in June, as did Grandma and Grandpa. The girls love having sleep overs with their grandparents, (especially in hotels in the case of Nana and Papa). Paige was a little nervous to sleep at Nana and Papa's hotel, but she knew she'd be safe as long as she was with Hannah. Paige has always been extremely brave, but demonstrated it when we went on our trip to Utah/Idaho. She was the first to jump on the jet skis, and even scared Grandma when she floored it in the middle of the lake with Grandma riding behind her. Paige was so excited to spend time with Beckett, or B as we call him, and they were so sweet to each other. She's also extremely sweet with her cousin, Jack, and loves to give him kisses and talk to him like a little mother.   

Sam Highlights:

Like I mentioned before, Sam turned one on June 2nd. He had a great birthday! We went to Wet and Wild to celebrate, and Sam had a blast on the little slides and he loved splashing in the kiddie area. We finished the day with a trip to Golden Spoon, where he devoured his birthday yogurt. Sam started taking a few steps in May, but the night before his birthday he was taking a lot more. By the end of June he was walking like a pro, and he's so fun to watch toddle around. Sam can say Mama, Dada, Grandpa, uh-oh, and bye-bye. He's a very happy baby. On our drive up to Utah, Sam was pretty fussy, but by the time we drove home, he'd spent so much time in the car he wasn't bothered by it. He has a love for animals, which was demonstrated over and over again at the two zoos we went to, and Bear World. He especially loved the petting zoo part, and squealed with glee. Sam can sit for long periods of time if you hand him two things that are supposed to go together, like a buckle. You can see his mind working to put the two things together. Grandpa says he's going to be a little engineer.