Monday, September 29, 2014

September 2014

Oh, what a month. September came and went and like every other month, I assume we didn't do much until I go back and upload the pictures, then I feel exhausted and accomplished all at once. 

Hannah is loving kindergarten. She sits at the green table with her friend Alaina Zobrist. She is often asked to send messages to this office and she's often visited by the school technology teacher, Mr. Turney. Adam says that the vice principal will ask him on a daily basis, "How's my favorite kindergartner?" She is doing so well at reading and writing. I was able to go in one day and volunteer in her class. I took some pictures of her. It was fun to see her working hard! We read Matilda and Junie B, Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus, and Adam read her Sideways Stories from Wayside School and The Boys Start the War. She's loved reading big kid chapter books! 

Paige had a big month. Not only did she turn THREE on September 2nd, she also started preschool that same day. It's been such a big deal for Paige, who was so tired of being left behind. Now she can learn in school with friends like Hannah, and she's having a great time. Paige loves learning her Alphabet and numbers, and she can even write a few letters and numbers now. For her party she wanted a Sofia the First themed celebration. We invited all her preschool friends for cake and ice cream, coloring, duck duck goose, balloon--don't touch the ground, and a dance party. Paige loved being the center of attention, and all month she's said she's the birthday girl (which drives Hannah CRAZY). Paige also received a hair cut from her sister, which...still isn't funny, and still makes me want to cry. When I asked Hannah why she did it she said, "Well I couldn't cut my own hair! That's against the rules!" 

Sam is growing like crazy. He is learning to roll. We discovered it one day when he went ahead and rolled off the bed. Mommy was super upset, and Hannah kept shouting over my sobs, "It's a good thing he didn't die! It's a good thing nothing fell off!" We love him so much, and his smiles bring us such happiness. I have a lot of fun dressing him for church on Sundays like a little man. He always looks so handsome. 

Over Labor day, I organized a barbecue up at Spring Mountain Ranch with our family friends. It's difficult to live away from family, but we have the best friends in the world. The kids have all grown up around each other and just love each other so much. A week or so later, one of those friends, Sheena, turned thirty, so all the girls went out to celebrate. We went to the High Roller, the worlds largest Ferris wheel, and  out to eat at Cafe Rio. Then we hung out on the strip, which was great. 

Speaking of friends, our best friends, the Packards, just accepted a job in their home state: Idaho. My heart literally broke to learn the news and I sobbed for three days until I didn't have anything left to cry. The Packards have been our closest friends for three and a half years. They are the closest we have to family in Las Vegas. Anyone who has been around Hannah long enough has surely heard her say that she was going to marry Tayden. When I told Hannah they were moving, her reaction was much like mine. Her face went blank, her eyes spilled over with silent tears, and she put her head in my lap and cried. I think we've come to grips with it now, and we have a few ideas to keep our friendship going from two states away. One things for sure, life won't be the same without them. After Granma died, I had this strong desire to go back to Utah, and now that the Packards are leaving that desire has grown, however, it's not time. 

We were doorbell ditched, and we found The Giving Tiger on our front porch. According to legend, the tiger brings treats from a friend, and you pass on the kindness to another friend. The girls got a big kick out of the tiger, though it scared me to death every time I walked into the garage. We passed it on to the Maloys and we were totally caught, because Paige jumped out to yell SURPRISE right when they opened the door and we were trying to hide. When we dropped off the tiger we saw a cardboard cut out in their neighbors trash and took it to the Packard's house. I rang the doorbell and ran. Scott has this super intense security system, and they went through to find out who left it, only to see I'd posted it on Instagram for them to find, anyway. It was pretty funny. 

September in Facebook: 

Adam Turney is the greatest dad. Hannah has been fascinated with the Golden Gate Bridge for more than a month now, so he decided to plan a family trip up to San Francisco to see it in November!
My wife, Melissa, such a nerd. She is on Skype with her sister, Megan, and they are discussing which houses from Harry Potter their favorite authors would be sorted into.

September 2 at 5:57am ·  · 
Happy birthday to my wonderful Paige! Paige is the joy of our family. She is an excellent communicator, the best snuggler, she has the funniest personality, and she is never subtle. This summer her theme sing was Wrecking Ball, because that's just what she does, she comes in like a wrecking ball. It's not easy being the middle child, and she hates having to wait to catch up to her sister, but my little spitfire couldn't be more perfect. I love her to the moon and back. Happy third birthday, Paigey Lily! Life would not be the same without you!

When you ask a three year old what they want for their big birthday dinner the answer will be "macaroni and cheese with hot dogs!" It's a glamorous life I lead.

September 3 at 6:51pm ·  · 
Homework supervision is a new experience for me. Hannah took 30 minutes to complete one page of letter P handwriting practice. It should have taken 5 minutes but alas, she is super distracted and unmotivated. It's going to take a lot of practice. Homework: driving a wedge between me and my parents/child since 1991

Early to bed, early to rise...makes me virtually inaccessible to most of my friends during prime hours.

Paige may be overstimulated lately. I gave her a few letters and asked her to find the A. I was pleased she found it, but then I asked her, "What does A say?" And she replied, "buh buh emmmmm."

Reading truly is magical! I'm reading Matilda by Roald Dahl to Hannah right now, and tonight it was revealed that the Trunchbull is poor Miss Honey's aunt. Hannah was shocked. She gasped out loud, and nearly started crying. Watching her become so engrossed in the story was so rewarding for me. I knew just how she felt.

Hannah is hiding under our kitchen table trying to make things move with her eyes, like Matilda.

Volunteering at Adam/Hannah's school this afternoon and Adam and I are totally matching, wearing the school shirts and jeans. We're going to be excellent at embarrassing our children when they wise up to how embarrassing we are.

Last night Paige came downstairs while I was watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Sone. I let her watch for a few minutes before putting her back in bed. I said, "Paige, that train is called the Hogwarts Express." She replied, "Are they going to ride the Awkward Express?" Yup.

Happy birthday to my sweet sister, Megan Christensen. We may not share a last name anymore, but we'll always share a Sean, so... She's one of my best friends, my best conversationalists, the Beth to my Jennifer, the Rory to my Lorelei, the Fred to my George (yeah, sorry, you die in the Battle for Hogwarts). I'll never forget the morning after you were born when I came upstairs and Grandma said, "Guess what, you have a sister!" I literally jumped in the air for joy. Meg, I love you. Thanks for being born, and for putting up with me over the past twenty-three years.

Me: If you were a vegetable, what would you be, and why?
Adam: (Without missing a beat) I'd be a carrot so people would leave me alone.

Banned books week starts on Sunday! This is something I'm extremely passionate about. Did you know there are people actively trying to remove books from public libraries because of their personal beliefs? Frequently challenged favorites of mine include: The Harry Potter series, Charlotte's Web, James and the Giant Peach, Where the Wild Things are, Winnie the Pooh, Junie B. Jones, Looking for Alaska, Eleanor and Park, various religious text, and thousands more. Celebrate our fREADom to read by checking out a favorite of yours next week, and support your local library!
Note: I fully support the right of parents to "screen" books they feel might be inappropriate for their child/family based on age, personality, and personal beliefs. I do not support a person or persons attempting to police an entire community by removing books.

My son can roll! He decided to demonstrate this new talent while I was out of the room...and he was on my bed...sad day for both of us.

I've been feeling a little impatient with my body, and grumpy with myself post pregnancy. I've been trying hard this week to change the little voice in my head. Tonight, I took a long, lavender infused bath, washed my hair, gave myself a facial, painted my nails, all while listening to my favorite book on my phone. Now, I'm sitting down with some cookies and my husband to watch The Big Bang Theory. I've been good to myself tonight, and it's done wonders for my inner voice. I love this video, and I'm going to try to be kinder to myself.

Hannah: I'm not getting a flu shot.
Me: You can get a shot and it can hurt for ten seconds or you can get the flu and be sick for a week.
Hannah: I'll be sick for a week.
Me: That's not an option.

I was watching one of the Harry Potter movies with Hannah this morning and towards the end she said, "There sure aren't many girls in these movies, are there?"
True story.

In the last six months my life has shifted beneath me. Some changes were expected and welcome, others less so. Though I'm still struggling to get my bearings and adjust to the various changes that come with life, I'm just trying to be grateful. Grateful for the happy things, and grateful through the tears of missing someone, because at least I got to love the people I'm missing, right?

September 29th · 
Paige: Mom, Hannah hurt me!
Hannah: Paige hurt me first. It's the do unto others rule. I did unto Paige what she did unto me.
Me: What?? How do you even...What?
Hannah: Yeah, the rule is "do unto others what they did unto you."
Me: No. The rule is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It means treat others like you WANT them to treat you. What you are thinking of is the "eye for an eye" rule. 
Hannah: What's that rule?
Me: Never mind. Just...don't hurt your sister.
Kids, man.

(The pictures are out of order, which is driving me crazy, but in the grand scheme of things it won't matter).

 Stacey, Chelsea, Sheena, me, Cori

Happy thirtieth, Sheena! 

 A mother's reward for taking her children to the park. Pine cones! 

Sneaking a picture of Hannah in class. 

Alaina, Hannah, Emma: Lifelong friends and kindergarten buddies! 

Watching the Packards for Stacey and Scott's anniversary 

Family night with six kids: Sam not pictured

Tracing her name

Letter B

Preschool Snacks! 

Mommy's helper sneaking some chocolate chips

Paige's birthday gift: A bubble machine

My peeps

Saturday at Cafe Rio

Check out those chunky legs! 

Sunday best!

Creepy one-eyed Giving Tiger

Ding dong! 

Ah, childhood! 

Hannah and Emma

I had a hankering for some English chocolate! 

Hannah's hack job on Paigey's pretty hair. (Insert sad face). 

Grilling the chicken


Happy Birthday, love! 

Preschool Class

Birthday Girl! 

Homework is a new experience 

We read Matilda together and loved it! 

Paige made a "Spider web" 

General Women's Meeting. I had to take a picture of where we met, although Adam says we met in the Relief Society room, but I remember seeing Stacey here first, and Hannah crawled over to their bench at 18 months to visit the cute little Tayden boy. Feeling nostalgic now that they are leaving. 

Happy boy, after winning the battle to sleep in our bed.