Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Hungry

By my own admission I am baby hungry right now. Ever since February 27th when I first held my "nephew" Carson I have this longing, this desperate emptiness inside. I think about becoming a mother every day. Unfortunately there is only one problem...its just not time. I know that the time is coming, I can feel it drawing closer. Sometimes I just wish it would hurry up and get here! I consider myself very lucky to have had these last two years just Adam and me! We've had so much fun together and are learning a lot along the way. I appreciate this time we've had getting to know each other and becoming our own little family, but in the not so distant future we want to add more Turney's to the clan!

I am often reminded however, of how grateful I am that I DON'T have kids right now. This is what makes me realize that there are just a few things I need to do before I move onto the next step. I remember when I got married, I watched friends give up on their goals and I knew some people expected that of me. When I have my children I will be able to tell them that their mother graduated with her Bachelores degree and their father has a Masters degree. I know in the grand sceme of things, these won't matter, but I want my children to be able to be proud of me. I will be able to tell my babies that I've been to 13 countries around the world, and that I've lived in several different places. I have so many goals and asperations for myself and if I can just hold on another year then I'll be able to accomplish those goals before I am so in love with my kids I can't do anything else. For the last three semesters I've been taking 18 credits each time. I've been working 35 hours a week just so I can speed the process along.

For now I'm just enjoying the babies that my friends so graciously share with me :) I love LOVE Carson. He is one of the best babies I've ever known. Mindy never complained during her pregnancy except for one or two phone calls towards the end...I truly believe that because of her endurance she was able to have a perfect child who has been sleeping through the night since day one! OK maybe day five but he's pretty perfect. When he's upset he makes a face and a little bit of noise but once he realizes he's heard he patiently waits for assistance lol. Several other friends of mine have had babies this year, Stephanie Kelsea and Bree all had boys too (in that order). Stephanie has little Ethan, Kelsea has Ty, and Bree decided to kill two birds with one stone and has Harrison and Greyson. My friend Joy is pregnant with what I can only assume is a boy (because everyone else had one) and Amy also had a boy. WHERE ARE ALL THE LITTLE PRINCESSES!

So keep an eye out, coming 2010 lol or sometime thereafter, Somebody Turney will knock your socks off!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Scarecrow

Anyone who knows me and my family could peg me for a Marsden. If you dig real deep I'm sure theirs some Ensign in me, certainly as I've gotten older...but I am the mirror personality of my Dad, and perhaps that's why I'm a daddy's girl.

My Dad is the most amazing dad in the whole world. As a child, I would go to him for everything. I'd wake him up in the middle of the night to make me orange juice- and he would (as he describes) fumble to the kitchen at 3am to make me juice. Perhaps this is why to this day I usually ask Adam to make me orange juice. My parents tell me the story of when I pulled something down (I think I pulled the TV off the stand or something?) and I began to cry: "Mim!" No Mim wasn't a strange pronunciation of Mom. It was how i called my dad Tim. I remember watching my dad dance for me to the Monster Mash in our living room on a record player. My dad was always willing to indulge me in my little imaginative games. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE disney. Everyday I would pick someone to 'be' and we would live our lives as Pinnochio and Jepetto, Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Tigger and Roo; you name it. He could always make me laugh. I remember everytime I was just pretending to be asleep when I really should have been asleep, his test was to try and talk a smile out of me. I'd hold pretty firm until he'd ask "is that a pickle up your nose," then I'd lose it!
I strive to be like my mom, I work towards her kindess and patience and love...but I feel so biologically connected to my dad, I am such a huge part of him. Even now, having lived away for four years I'll tell my parents stories and they will just laugh at "Tim Jr." In the words of my father "different people are different," so along those same lines I guess I could say similar people are the same. I could always trust the advice of my Dad. Because we are so similar, it was almost as if listening to him was listening to my future self. Unfortunalty as a teenager, I got really good at tuning my future self out...even when I didn't mean too, I'd be off in some other wold and suddenly I'd realize my dad was trying to tell me somthing and I'd have to fight my way back into the conversation. He always seemed to know how I was feeling. I remember my first heart break. My dad sat me down and told me about his first heart break and how life goes on. He told me stories I'd never heard before and was SO simpathetic. He told me I would feel better, he didn't tell me to feel better. He always let me cry and then I'd move on.

My dad has always been a spiritual giant. Always willing to teach through example and lecture. I've always believed that I obtained a testimony through the encouragement of my parents who taught me how to think for myself but also showed me the right way to live.

When I got married, I could tell it was hard on my dad. I knew it would be, because we were always so close. A few nights before my wedding my mom and sister and I watched Father of the Bride. My dad refused to join us, knowing how he would feel watching it. I started crying at the very beginning. He'd given Adam and extensive interview, but it just wasn't easy for me to go.
I'm so glad when daddy comes home (to my house in Vegas) so I can climb upon his head (more difficult now than it used to be). Even now, four years after I left home, almost two years since I got married...it's still hard to say goodbye to him. I always feel like a little girl with her daddy playing Wizard of Oz. As I get ready to go, its beyond difficult to say goodbye to the Tin Man (my mom) and the Cowardly Lion (my sibs) but Scarecrow- I still miss you most of all. Happy Fathers Day! You are the BEST DAD EVER.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

There is almost nothing better than SISTERS!

I kinda always felt jipped I didn't get to have lots of sisters like my mom or the girls on little women...
GOOD THING THE ONE SISTER I DO HAVE IS AWESOME!!!! I love Megan and I will write more about her on her birthday or graduation or something... I was just thinking about her and how much fun we have. At least I have a lot of fun...LOVE YOU MEGAN!! EVEN THOUGH YOU MAKE FUN OF ME FOR HAVING A BLOG...and no I'm not pregnant, and not planning on it until the specific date that you've already been given...

Maybe...Someday Soon? A House we LOVE