Monday, February 24, 2014

February 2014

What a busy month! I can't say I'm sorry to see February go, as each month brings us closer to meeting our baby boy. Three more months and he'll be in my arms! I can't wait. 

This month, I was called to serve as the second councilor in the ward Relief Society presidency. I've already learned so so so much. I've been humbled in ways that I never could have imagined, and I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve the sisters in my ward, and my Heavenly Father in a way I haven't before. I have a very tender and sincere love for the ladies that I serve with in the presidency. I'm gaining a testimony of the organization of the church, and I'm growing in my love for the sisters. 

Hannah got a set of Disney cards for Christmas and she's enjoyed learning to play Go Fish and Old Maid. The first time we played Old Maid, she accidentally drew the Old Maid card from Adam's deck. She immediately became crestfallen  and dropped it on the ground, saying, "No." It was the funniest thing ever. Adam took it back, (because he kind of tricked her into picking it up in the first place) and gave her another chance, but she refused to take anything from him for the rest of the game, without a lot of coaxing. 

We went to California so we could attend our niece/cousin's baby blessing. Hanley Elizabeth Elms was perfect, and I was very touched to see Hannah loving her so tenderly. Hannah took every possible opportunity to hold her, and when she'd cry, Hannah would calmly pat her on the back to soothe her. After about five minutes with Hanley, Hannah said, "Mom, I'm learning so much!" She is so excited for our baby boy to arrive. 

Once again, we participated in the Color Run. Hannah was a fantastic runner, and either walked, or ran, for about a half to two thirds the time. She was pretty exhausted by the time the race was completed, but she had a blast. We did it with the Packard family and of course, Hannah and Tayden loved running through the colors hand in hand. Yes, Hannah still insists that she is going to marry Tayden. 

Hannah has also been really anxious to learn how to read. I picked up a book called "Teaching your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons." Hopefully it will help us both out. I don't want to push her too hard, but since she is constantly lamenting her lack of knowledge with reading, I thought I'd help her out a bit. 

Paige is going through some sort of growth spurt or something. I think that when kids learn something new, or hit a milestone, they often go through shifts in personalities for some reason. Paige has spent the last month potty training, and has done a fantastic job! I'm very proud at her excitement, and ease, as she has worked on mastering the skill. She isn't perfect, but she's doing a great job, and it's strange to me that for a few more months I won't have any children in diapers. I'm enjoying it. After having a potty accident, I watched her diffuse her daddy's anger. First with a compliment, "I love you tie, Daddy!" Then apologizing, "I sorry I did that accident," and then asking him to dance by swaying with him and singing, "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream..."

Anyway, with this awesome new skill she's developing, she's also developing quite the attitude. She often folds her arms and huffs, or pouts. It's definitely new, and though it can be slightly adorable, it's also horrifying, so we are trying to get her away from that habit. 

Paige was also very sweet with Hanley, and giggled every time she was around her. She kept asking, "Tan I pet da baby?" I'm excited for her to meet her brother. I'm a little sad, because my growing belly is keeping me from snuggling with her like I usually do. Paige has always been my snuggler, but it's getting harder. The other day she was laying on me, and baby boy kept moving. She'd look up at me and ask, "What's that?" and I'd explain it was just her brother, and she'd laugh, "Silly baby boy!" 

Paige was hilarious during the Color Run because I didn't warn her before hand about the colors. She thought it was fun to run through, but when she got to the end of the first color she was so distraught with how dirty she was. She kept crying, "My hands are wet! My ballerina skirt is wet!" I'd explain that it was part of the fun but she wasn't having it. After the first color though, she was super excited for it. She was kind of a grump, having less sleep the night before than usual, but when we got in the car to go home she was the most enthusiastic about it, which was funny, since she pretty much complained the whole time. 

As a family we had a great Valentine's day celebration. My parents gave us money to eat out, and we went to California Pizza Kitchen, one of our favorites. Paige is so funny with cashiers and waitresses. She talks to them like she's a grown up, giving them compliments and asking personal questions. They always eat her up. This time, she was fixated on our waitresses bow. "I like your pretty bow," she'd exclaim, "Where did you get it? Did your mommy get it for you?" 

I got to help out at Hannah's pre-school Valentine's party. It was fun to make valentines, make a box, watch Hannah pass them out, help with the party, etc. It feels like she's growing up so fast! Paige had fun at the party too, because she got to eat lots of junk food and hang out with big kids. 

After her party, we had a small party at our house for some of the girls in her primary class. It was the cutest thing. I hosted at my house, another mom brought cookies, and another mom brought bags to decorate, and little glasses for the girls to toast with. The girls passed out valentines, sang along with the Frozen soundtrack, ate snacks, and had a blast. I love holidays as a mom! 

I planned 12 dates for the year, one for every month, plus January 2015, as a gift to Adam for Valentine's day. The first day was a getting to know you game, dessert at Dairy Queen, and a movie at home (War of the Worlds). Since I lost the getting to know you trivia game, Adam won the back rub, and I got to pick the movie. I love my husband. We have a really fun time just playing together. 

Adam gave me a GORGEOUS painting called "A Place of her Own." It's a picture of a woman surrounded by books, just reading and absorbing them. He said he knew I had to have it as soon as he saw it. It's now hanging above our bed. 

He also did the sweetest thing, and read/edited/provided feedback for my book. He did it in secret, and he gave me some amazing compliments. Although it wasn't a book for him, he said he felt I was talented, and he was impressed with my storytelling abilities. Huge compliments coming from Adam, especially since he doesn't pander to me. He also wrote me the sweetest letter, which I will of course save for ever, since words of affirmation are my favorite. 

Here are some of the pictures from the last month. Enjoy!