Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goodbye Michael: Analysis of The Office from a devotee

I remember watching a preview for The Office back in 2003, right before Christmas. Immediately, I knew it had my name written all over it. I was home for the semester and I planned on watching the premiere. I anticipated for a few weeks (I think it debuted in March) and it did not disappoint. I was head over heals for Michael and Dwight, Jim and Pam. I watched the first season (six episodes) and looked forward to the next.

Over the years I have converted lots of my friends to The Office. With the exception of my time in Russia I watched every episode within a day or two of airing if I happened to be busy on Thursday. I cried on multiple occasions (Jim and Pam kiss/wedding/baby but also several things with Michael because he was so sweet, such a child like man). I even pushed through the "lesser" seasons. You know, the ones where everyone complained the show had lost it's spark, it's humor, it's charm. I defended the show and never complained, recognizing that it wasn't as good as it once was but having faith that they would find their way back.

Last Thursday when Michael took his Mic off and walked away with the request to "let me know if this ever airs," I realized it was the end of the office. Michael Scott is the office. He was the one who attracted me to watch in the previews, the one who I cheered on and kept coming back for, the one who developed the most while still keeping intact the integrity of his character.

I admit I cried more than a normal human should when he left. From the moment he started his most poignant goodbye's with Dwight, to the moment his plane took off I was bawling. The thing that got me the most was when he talked about going home to see Holly. He said Holly was his family and the kids he would have with her would be his children (prior to that he always said his employees were like his children). He had finally outgrown the office and didn't need them anymore like he always had.

Goodbye Michale, goodbye office. I'll probably watch the last few episodes of the season just to know they are in good hands and then, I'll say goodbye to the show. Jim and Pam have their happily ever after, Dwight is always happy, and everyone else is just beloved and secondary.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Highlights

Last night I was up at 12:30 AM to watch the Royal wedding unfold before my eyes. I should have woken up at 2:30 when the Royals started to arrive at Westminster but oh well I couldn't sleep. I couldn't stand the anticipation and watched as Prince William and Harry drove to the ceremony. The sound of the crowd was deafening.

Of course I was anticipating Catherine's dress most of all. It was stunning and she looked so serene and beautiful. So cool under all that pressure. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Prince William was a good husband and didn't turn around until she was next to him but Harry sneaked a peak and gave a look that said he thought his sister in law was a hottie. Pippa looked beautiful as well.

My three favorite parts were:

1) The moment when it is asked "who gives this woman...?" and Michael Middleton handed Kate's hand over to William.
2) Watching her drive, getting limited peaks at her dress until she finally got out of the car and looked so beautiful.
3) The TWO kisses on the balcony as husband and wife.

The next best parts were the hats at the wedding, the trees instead of flowers at Westminster Abby, and the mother of the bride (she looked stunning as well).

The worst part for me was Princess Beatrice's hat. Bad choice.

Everything was such a fairy tale! I'm so glad that I stayed up to watch. When Prince William finally saw Kate he said "You look beautiful," then "I love you." It was very romantic! It felt very intimate for a wedding witnessed by 2 billion people.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


There are some days when I feel discouraged about money, or the lack thereof. Don't get me wrong, we do fine. All our needs are met and many many wants are met as well while still living within our means...sometimes however I wish I could buy lots of nice things for Hannah, or take big extravagant trips, or go out to dinner whenever we wanted.

Then there are moments that make me realize, that while big expensive birthday parties are fun, beautiful dresses (for me and Hannah) would be nice, a second car would be more than wonderful...I realize that I am able to spend every moment with my beautiful child because of my decision not to work.

I could never buy back the small and simple joys of the ins and outs of every day with her. I could never buy back the kisses I'd miss or the tears someone else would wipe away. I know that someday I'll be able to go back to work and have a long, enjoyable career as a teacher, but this season is for me to be with my children. We don't have much but we have time, which is invaluable to all of us. We have each other which is priceless and eternal, and these memories are as precious as gold. Someday, this precious, simple time will be over. I will still be needed as a mother but she (as well as her sister, and anyone else who may follow into our family) will be independent. So for now I will try not to miss the things I have not, so that I won't miss the things I have.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Once upon a time...

Adam got a job offer from Houghton Mifflin publishing in New York city to develop educational software for the summer months.

The job offer included 50k for the three months he works, living rent free about 25 minutes outside of Manhattan.

They will move his family out for free (we just have to continue to pay our mortgage in Las Vegas.

Hannah and I will spend our days in Central Park and seeing the sights of the city. We'll probably catch a couple shows on Broadway as well.

That would have been a great story....I would have enjoyed being in that story. Too bad it was only in my day dream :)

Spring Break is Fun!

The best picture is the one where Hannah has no interest in the kite, so Adam is left alone to fly his princess kite all by himself. That's my man!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's always fun when Cay Cay comes!

Hannah has a love/hate relationship with her friend Caleb. The other day he came to play with us and after about an hour I found Hannah hiding like this:

A few minutes later, Caleb sat down on the chair and asked, "Wheres Hannah?" I kid you not. I laughed so hard.

Guess she fooled him.

They are too cute together and his mom and I always laugh at their antics. (Cay Cay is the nickname Hannah gave him when they first started playing).

Another funny story, Caleb is one smart cookie. His mom Jen was talking to his dad and mentioned "Melissa Turney." Caleb perked up and said "Hannah, Hannah, Hannah!" Somehow this little two year old knew Hannah's mom was Melissa Turney.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Modest is Hottest...

...but not always the most convenient.

Little baby Turney sat closed legged the entire ultrasound...which was frustrating because the Dr. said 'it' (I always feel bad calling my child it) was in perfect position to check out the gender. A few times the lock kneed baby would move slightly but not enough to get a good look.

The Dr. said he didn't see anything definite, which led Adam and I to assume it was a girl but he said he really couldn't get a good look and we shouldn't "bet the farm on it."

I have another ultrasound scheduled for next Monday the 18th so hopefully we will find out for certain then.

Part of me is wishing for a girl. She would be so close in age to Hannah and we already have everything we need except diapers for a new born.

The other part of me would be thrilled for a boy, a new adventure!

What are your guesses?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Boy or Girl? {Old Wives Tales}

Today I will hopefully find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I am crossing my fingers that they are uncrossing their legs! While I'm waiting for my appointment I'm using these old wives tales to find out.

There is the RING METHOD: You put a gold chain through a ring and hold it like a pendulum over the woman’s hand. If the ring moves in circles, it’s a girl. If the ring moves side to side, it’s a boy. According to this I'm having a boy.

Also, there is a Mathematical formula to find out baby’s sex: Age of the mother when she got pregnant + her month of birth + month of conception (normally 14 days after the first day of the menstrual period) = if result is odd it is a boy if it is even it is a girl. According to this one I'll have a boy too. So we will see!

According to the Mayan calendar I am having a boy

However, according to the list of indicators such as being nauseous, emotional, skin breaking out, soft hands, dreams etc. I am having a girl.

Although there is really only one way to truly find out, I am having fun with the old wives tales anyway, and hope to have an answer in a few hours!

Hannah's First Bike Ride

Author: Adam Turney

I love riding a bike. When I was younger my dad often had a child seat attached to his bike. I loved putting my siblings in the seat and taking them for a bike ride. The other day a family stopped by during their bike ride and looked like they were having so much fun. I wanted to have fun with Hannah so I bought a child seat for my bike and a cute helmet for Hannah. At first she was hesitant about getting in, even though she loved wearing her new "hat." After a couple times up and down the street she was in love. Every time I stop she would ask, "Again, please?" We spent the next 15 minutes riding the bike and she absolutely loved it. Now we can take bike rides to the park while mommy gets some rest at home.