Saturday, April 30, 2011

Goodbye Michael: Analysis of The Office from a devotee

I remember watching a preview for The Office back in 2003, right before Christmas. Immediately, I knew it had my name written all over it. I was home for the semester and I planned on watching the premiere. I anticipated for a few weeks (I think it debuted in March) and it did not disappoint. I was head over heals for Michael and Dwight, Jim and Pam. I watched the first season (six episodes) and looked forward to the next.

Over the years I have converted lots of my friends to The Office. With the exception of my time in Russia I watched every episode within a day or two of airing if I happened to be busy on Thursday. I cried on multiple occasions (Jim and Pam kiss/wedding/baby but also several things with Michael because he was so sweet, such a child like man). I even pushed through the "lesser" seasons. You know, the ones where everyone complained the show had lost it's spark, it's humor, it's charm. I defended the show and never complained, recognizing that it wasn't as good as it once was but having faith that they would find their way back.

Last Thursday when Michael took his Mic off and walked away with the request to "let me know if this ever airs," I realized it was the end of the office. Michael Scott is the office. He was the one who attracted me to watch in the previews, the one who I cheered on and kept coming back for, the one who developed the most while still keeping intact the integrity of his character.

I admit I cried more than a normal human should when he left. From the moment he started his most poignant goodbye's with Dwight, to the moment his plane took off I was bawling. The thing that got me the most was when he talked about going home to see Holly. He said Holly was his family and the kids he would have with her would be his children (prior to that he always said his employees were like his children). He had finally outgrown the office and didn't need them anymore like he always had.

Goodbye Michale, goodbye office. I'll probably watch the last few episodes of the season just to know they are in good hands and then, I'll say goodbye to the show. Jim and Pam have their happily ever after, Dwight is always happy, and everyone else is just beloved and secondary.


Bea said...

what is this "Office" ?

Melissa said...

It's just a dumb tv show G'ma don't worry about it :)

Adam said...

It is a comedy based on a British show of the same name that ran for two seasons. It follows a paper company that has an incredibly awkward office manager, Michael Scott. It has its moments, but there was a big stretch where it felt like it lost its direction and humor. Melissa is right, though. With the absence of Michael Scott from the show it really feels like the show is over because he was "The Office."

Georgia said...

Oh the life span of TV programs--their birth, growth, old age and the lethargy and inevitable death. But in our digital world, Michael Scott's Office will live on forever via DVD.

It makes me sad to think of you crying, Melissa. But then I realize you are pregnant and your emotions are stretched beyond capacity. Hang in there and buy your favorite seasons and re-enjoy the best ones over and over.

Lilian said...

The Office has been my FAVORTIE from the first time I saw an episode. I admit, I didn't see it from the beginning, but a friend offered me the first two seasons on DVD. I watched them all in just two days and was hooked. I now own all seasons on DVD.... even the lesser seasons.

I LOVED when Michael took of his mike and said, "I'll be glad to get this off my chest" then after the mike was gone you could see him say, "that's what she said." PERFECT last words!!! I'll miss Michael Scott!!

PS- I cried too and I am not pregnant. ALSO... David called me to tell me that HE cried too.