Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Once upon a time...

Adam got a job offer from Houghton Mifflin publishing in New York city to develop educational software for the summer months.

The job offer included 50k for the three months he works, living rent free about 25 minutes outside of Manhattan.

They will move his family out for free (we just have to continue to pay our mortgage in Las Vegas.

Hannah and I will spend our days in Central Park and seeing the sights of the city. We'll probably catch a couple shows on Broadway as well.

That would have been a great story....I would have enjoyed being in that story. Too bad it was only in my day dream :)


Bea said...

Melissa, you are so funny!!!!!!
You ought to become a writer, you have such a vivid imagination.
Dreams can become realities though, but probably only after a lot of work.
I lived the daydream with you.
Thanx for the smile.

jonandalicia said...

Oh man, you totally had me going! haha I was thinking how jealous I was for your little adventure! haha

Lesley said...

I was seriously believing this :-)

Lesley said...
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