Monday, February 18, 2008

Husband Tagged!

What is his name? Adam Loraine Turney
How long have you been together? 3 years
How long did you date? a year and 2 months
How old his he? 26
Who eats more? Him. For sure.
Who said I love you first? He did, after suprising me by coming to Utah and showing up on my front porch.
Who is taller? He is thankfully, who would marry a shorter husband? Not I
Who can sing better? I think the better question would be who is more pathetic, both of us...
Who is smarter? We get the same grades but I study way more, not fair
Who does the laundry? Both of us, its a joint effort... I am lucky to have a helpful husband
Who pays the bills? Me, but as of today we paid off our credit card wohoo!
Who sleeps in the right side? I will for eternity, he is a stubborn lefty but I usually end up in the dead center and he's squished on his side.
Who mows the lawn? Vegas doesn't have grass
Who cooks dinner? I am the one who mainly does it but Adam is a fantastic cook and helps out at least twice a week.
Who drives? He does
Who is more stubborn? Probably me.
Who kissed who first? It was a mutual motion of lust and passion...
Who asked who out first? He did, on accident hahaha best story ever!
Who proposed? HE did, refer to previous post
Who has more friends? Who's counting
Who is more sensitive? Me for sure, although he gets sensitive about funny things...
Who has more siblings? He has 5 I have 2
Who wears the pants? We both like to think we do, but truth is I do...hahaha

Once upon a time...

Inspired by Regan and Bree, I've decided to finally write down my engagement story since I don't believe I ever have before, which is unfortunate, especially because we were forced into a semi secret engagement for about 12 hours...I got proposed to twice...

On January 3rd 2006 I woke up with a sneeking suspicion that today would be the day. I was just a few weeks away from being shipped off to Russia and I knew that my boyfriend wouldn't be happy unless he marked his territory with a tiny single finger cuff on my left hand. My mom was unusually cheezy around us and I'd figured Adam had told her it would be the day. It was my cousin Becky's wedding so the house was pretty busy getting ready to travel to Salt Lake. Adam and I were ready to drive to Salt Lake so we took off. Adam started to complain about being hungry and suggested his favorite spot, Red Robin. Months earlier, he told me he'd take me there as a signal when he was about to propose.

We had a yummy lunch, but I was feeling so nervous. I don't remember one second of lunch. We got on the road again and without warning, Adam took the Bountiful exsit. (Becky was getting married in Salt Lake). We drove in silence up the steep hill towards the Bountiful Temple. Somehow we got there, somehow we parked, and by some miracle we found ourselves sitting on the edge of the fountain. Adam had tucked away in his suit a photo album which he retrieved once we were settled. He opened it up to the title page, which said " A love story, by Adam and Melissa Turney." He then proceeded through each page which was filled with eight months of beautiful memories, he narrated each one detailing why were were born to love each other. As the pages became fewer, my heart pounded faster. The last page he spoke of how Adam got to his knees (as he explained he dropped down to his knee) and asked Melissa to marry him (which he did). I of course couldn't contain myself and bursed into tears as he slipped the perfect ring on my finger. I was seeing it for the first time so I was ignoring my recently aquired fiance for a moment. It was a white gold band with diamonds all around.
After a private celebration and passionate kissing on temple grounds we hurried off to Salt Lake for Becky's wedding. Because I didn't want to take away from her special day, the engagment remained under wraps...sort of. There was a glow emminating off my skin and I couldn't stop smiling or kissing my fiance. I of course whispered it to my parents who gladly hugged us both in silent celebration. I figured it wouldn't hurt to whisper it to one of my aunts, so I did and if felt really good as we silently celebrated. Pretty soon I had silently celebrated around the whole family (Becky and parents had no idea until later). At their wedding dinner, Becks introduced us as Melissa and her soon to be fiance Adam which was recieved by fitful giggles at our families table. It was a perfect day, a perfect man. It ended with pie at Marie Calendars with both sets of parents and a vison of happily ever after.

Then I went to Russia. I loved my experiance but it cut me to be away from him for five months, not able to see him or touch him or visit him or even talk to him much. My consolation came from his daily e-mails and counting down the days.

Fly ahead nearly seven months later in late July. I am mear weeks away from my big day when Adam and I are casually strolling around Target. He keeps handing me random things, which was not suprising, Adam can be strange. This time there was a method to his madness when he handed me a stack of crap and underneith was a little black box. These make me excited. He got down on the floor at target and proposed in some big cheesey way so people could feel bad for the poor girl getting engaged at Target and slipped on a big beautiful princess cut ring. Then I went to work.

Ultimatly the best part of the story is that we are living our happily ever after (although life can be less glamourous as you'd expect at times). I am married to my best friend for eternity.

Great day

I love days with Adam! This morning we woke up and got to lay around in bed for a while, a luxury rarely attained. We decided to go out for breakfast together at Denny's where we saw the missionaries and ate lots of yummy food. Next we went to Old Navy where I found not one but TWO pairs of jeans that I absolutely loved! Because I am a snow bunny (for those who do not live around black people, that is the term my black friends use to tell me that I am working a black girl behind in all the right ways which I hate...) I have a difficult time finding pants that fit me. I have a smaller waist and HUGE hips/butt. You are welcome for the visual. Ok so I bought the same jeans twice, just a different wash, Its rare ok...

On Saturday, Adam sold the VW and so we've been looking for a new car. We found one. It is a 2000 green neon. its a huge step up from the 1996 green neon we currently own. Now we officially have his and hers cars... don't mock, they were cheap.

The crowning moment was when we bought a dresser. Ok so you probably all think we are spending all our savings away, we've been planning and saving for this for months. February is huge for us because we have officially paid off our last credit card. Don't get involved with Credit Cards people~ they are bad news.

Anyway, I'm about done with this so...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love of a lifetime

I have always loved Valentines day. It is one of my favorite non holidays! I know people get all bitter about it, calling it singles awareness day and complaning that it is a time for couples to flaunt their love, however, no matter if I was single or dating, I always thought it was the most wonderfully romantic day of the year :). The last three years I have been with the most wonderful man in the whole world (although the first year I spent Valentines day far away in Russia, but he still managed to make it special for me).

So this post is dedicated to my eternal Valentine, my sweetheart, my best friend. Here are just a few of the things I love about him...

He absolutly adores me, no matter what I do. I may do things that would make any other person crazy, but with his endless patience, he loves me and rarly loses his temper, although I give him just cause a lot of the time.

His silly humor. Today he gave me a card for Valentines day that was adorable on the front but on the inside, I was suprised to see his Grandma's name crossed out and replaced with his. When I looked at him in a way that only a wife can, he turned it over and said "look,I saved 2.50!" he then pulled the real card out of his pocket and replaced it but it was a great way to start off the day.

His Perserverance. Adam was so excited to graduate last year, however, something was calling him back. I am so proud that he decided to go for his masters degree. He will start his PhD soon after that and I'm so proud of his initiative.

The little moments he spends with me. My new favorite time of day is right before bed where we have a family prayer and mini devotional. It's just great to spend the last few minutes of our busy day together in each others arms in bed talking about the day.

He takes care of me down to the last detail, even making sure that he buys me the right yogurt or tampons. HAHAHA I know thats funny to think of but I'm grateful for someone who is not afraid to buy me tampons.

Like I said, its a very basic list, but I know that Adam was made for me and that I have never loved anyone so completly and honestly in my life. I am grateful for my hubby and I love him more each day. Say what you will....I'm happy