Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Someday I want to be a part of a musical...sure I've been in Bye Bye Birdie and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying...along with various other show type performances...but I want to be in a LIVE musical...something that is for REAL. I want to spontaneously sing and dance in public and have people join in singing four part harmony with complementing dance as my dream unfolds in a mall without me!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Hey when I'm up there singen I want you kicking your feet up and dancing alright..."

IS WHAT MICHAEL BUBLE SAID TO US in the hall of the basement of Mandalay Bay as he casually walked by a group of about twenty and stood five feet away from my flushing ridged body which had just gone into shock when I first saw his face. I went strawberry red and dug my fingers into Adams arm and tried really hard to breath...

many of you know, Adam and I have a little side job ushering at different venues such as Mandalay Bay, Planet Hollywood, The Palms, and all the Station Casinos around town. Some of my favorite shows include: Brad Paisley, Dane Cook, Toby Keith, The Spice Girls, Justin Timberlake, James Blunt/Sara Barellis, etc. I loved the Brad Paisley concert and up until now it was the best I'd ever seen...then came May 23rd...the David Foster and Friends concert.
David Foster is a musician: composer, songwriter, name it. He has been the man behind the curtian for acts like Barbara Striesand, Celine Dion, Whiney Huston, movies like The Bodyguard, Karate Kid, and several Olympic games. Last night he had a concert which featured several of the people who he has helped break out into show buisness

The show was opened by 'Las Vegas' Favorite Son' Andre Aggasi followed by David Foster on the Piano and Kenny G on the Sax. They were followed by Michale Johns, American Idol reject who sang cover songs from Earth Wind and Fire, clients of Foster. Up Next: Sexy Brian McKnight who I fell in love with in seventh grade when I heard his song Back at One. Kathrine McPhee was up next, another American Idol loser turned winner. She sang 'Someday' from West Side Story which was followed by a brief broadcast by Barbara Striesand who made the song what it is today. She spoke of her affinity for Foster in helping her become Barbara. (Please note at this point I am still hyperventaliating internally at the thought of being five feet from Michael Buble).

After this Boz Scaggs came out during some clips of the John Travolta movie Urban Cowboy (David Foster wrote the music for the movie). He sang Look What you've Done To Me, and a few other Foster songs. THEN one of my favorite acts: Peter Cetara from Chicago! Foster wrote many songs of theirs including Glory for the Karate Kid. He sang Inspiration and Hard to say I'm Sorry, as well as Glory. He still sounded great!

Alright I know this is 1/3rd of the moment you've been waiting to hear about: Andre Botchelli came out for about a half hour and sang some of his famous songs that are accredited to David Foster, including Olympic theme songs: Because we Believe and The Prayer with Katherine McPhee. It is amazing to think that he can speak mulipul languages, play every instrument, and sing like an angel while never being able to see a piano note or a written word...makes you wonder what you've ever done with your life :)

BIG BREATH***Ok back to the rest of the was four hours long by the way... so I had to take a big breath...

Next came a genious child piano player who took down the house. William Joseph has a new cd coming out of his piano creations and I suggest you check it out. Then came two R&B sensations Babyface and Eric Benet; former husband of Hally Berry, who sang (cover your ears Grandma) Wrap Your Chocolate Legs Round Me.

Then came the Creme da la Creme: My Michael. He came out singing Feeling Good which felt like he'd hooked my hips to a rope and was trying to get them to move and I mean MOVE. He joked around a lot and brought me to tears when he sang Home with Blake Shelton with my friend Rosalie listening intently in my pocket on speaker phone. It brought back memories of us longing for our fiance's back at home while we taught in Russia. He really brought down the house with his music and movement and I couldn't help but stand up and it was all I could do not to start dancing.

Next came various video clips of Fosters most famous project "The Bodyguard" as he introduced the person who would be singing, he introduced her as the 15 year old girl who took Oprah by surprise.She was amazing and Adam and I were THRILLED to see her because we'd been 'you tubing' her the last week. It was definitely amazing live.

David Foster told us he was done for the night and pretty tired. The whole audience started chanting Josh Josh Josh Josh and Mr. Groban joined Foster on the stage. To hear him sing was breathtaking. To hear him speak was funny also because he had this...normal person voice. I remember hearing him in 2003 after a breakup and thinking 'this is what falling in love.

All in all it was awe inspiring. These are the musical talents that bring the world down to it's knees. I don't care if you enjoy this kind of music or not, you have to admit these singers are talented, gifted. I was grateful for the opportunity

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My love life...*RANDOM*

Tomorrow the much anticipated movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Scull comes to theaters staring my not so secret love: Harrison Ford. Is he not the most scrumptious man alive? To prove that I actually love him, an excerpt from my journal on the day I realized I was in love with him:
July 21st 1997 (coming up on 11 years now, I am not editing this for spelling or grammatical error for your viewing pleasure)

Dear Diary,

How are you old friend? We will Have many Things to talk over! Fist of all you should know that I love a man named Harrison ford. He is a wonder-ful actor! 5th Grade was afull! it was terribly scarry. My Cousin Becky makes me so mad sometimes! Back to my love life, Harrison is 55 spicked haired and has an earing! I went out with a guy named j.j we liked each other alot. He was trying to get the nerve to kiss me so I broke up with him. I will not go out with anyone until I am 16.

As you can see my affinity for Mr. Ford goes beyond just a young girls crush, it is true love. Ok on a totally different matter...I've been reading my journal so this entry has taken just about forever to write...I'm hilarious P.S. I like to assume that I've become more mature in love as I've gotten older...but I haven't, at least before I got married is another journal entry just three years ago on:

May 20th 2005:

I haven't written in over a month. Life is returning to normal after I moved up to BYU-I. It was a pretty difficult adjustment but I'm doing well. Justin is doing great! I've seen some pictures and gotten a letter every week. I've also gotten a tape. He's a good friend and will be a fantastic missionary! Drew is as WONDERFUL as ever! He had a baptism and oh my I love him so so much! He is a great missionary and I'm so proud of him! Ok a strange think happened to me. I met another guy. Don't worry, I don't feel the deep love and friendship that I fell for Justin or the pure eternal love I feel for Drew. Its just a little crush...anyway His name is Adam and I kissed him today. It was strange.

HAHAHAHA how funny is that! The very next entry starts off on October 3rd saying: What a crazy semester and a half! I've gone from being half engaged to Drew to half engaged to Adam!

What a funny girl I am...I was always on the look out for my next great romance. Harrison aside I think I did extremely well for myself. I was lucky to marry someone 'older and wiser telling me what to do...' I know in my heart that Adam and I were born to be together. We are both far from perfect and I have proof if you need it (because its hard to see through our extreme awesomeness to find the flaws). We are perfect for each other and I love him:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

He Aint Heavy...

Graduation from high school marks the very beginning of so many opportunities in life. Those profound life moments mark the death of childhood, so it is no surprise that I have been getting very emotional the past week or so each time I think of my baby brother Sean, who is taking the walk and turning his tassel in just a few days.

It was 18 years and six months since Sean Marsden joined his big sister on earth. Everyone was excited to have a new baby, especially a boy. My most memorable experience of the whole thing was being at Kmart trying to pick out the perfect toy that my mom promised when her water broke. I theorise that Sean was waiting for the perfect moment to rain on my parade. My brother was born on November 16th 1989.
As many will recall he spent the better part of his childhood being a pirate or cowboy. He always had a hat on and a weapon. My personal favorites include a mangled Easter hat complete with ribbon he assumed was a cowboy hat and a various sticks used as guns or knives or swords. I recall our moment of departure one trip to our Island Park family cabin when he ran into the house because he 'forgot something' when he emerged empty handed I questioned his whereabouts. He had forgotten to hug and kiss his pirate ship goodbye. I remember him being intrigued when I lost my tooth and the tooth fairy brought me money. I took him we would trick the tooth fairy and we balled up pieces of toilet paper and placed them under his pillow which were immediately replaced with the money from my own visit from the tooth fairy.
As siblings do, we often squabbled. I remember Sean getting in bed with me when he was little. I told him I was going to get a drink and he said "don't tell daddy I'm in here" I promised him I would never do that and went straight to my dad to tell him that Sean was in my bed and wouldn't leave. My dad came storming upstairs to get him in bed, and I swore I didn't tell him and I had no idea how he ever found out. Payback time...a few years, perhaps a few months later (time is so irrelevant in childhood) Sean went over to my best friend Megan's house and wanted to jump on their trampoline but was afraid of their dog. He decided he should take Bilbo and wrap the chain he was tied up to around the post of the trampoline so that he was tied up so tight against the post he couldn't move. Man did I get the yelling of a lifetime from Judy Winegar, Megan's mom...she thought I'd done it. Sean later confessed.

Sean is now 18 and a half. In a few months he will be attending BYU-I, receiving his Mission Call, and accepting that call to serve the Lord. He is such a great guy. I'm lucky to have him for a brother. I can't even say how much I've missed him and my sister the past four years. I feel like I've missed out on so much. Lucky for us, families are forever. I am so proud of you Sean. I love you so much. You are a great example to your sisters. Congratulations on Graduating
"I'm movin' on At last I can see life has been patiently waiting for me And I know there's no guarantees, but I'm not alone there comes a time in every one's life when all you can see are the years passing by and I have made up my mind that those days are gone."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boys and their Toys...

So last year Adam made a big surprise purchase: a 37 inch flat screen TV. I was shocked and it caused quite a contention in our marriage every time I thought about it. Well the shock of it all wore off about a week ago and guess what Adam goes and does...Adam bought a 47 inch flat screen TV... I came home to it this afternoon. Apparently he got a killer deal! He got it for 800 dollars (there was a 600 dollar mail in rebate after an already large discount) so now we have two TVs. One for our bedroom and one for the living room. Crazy boy. So I'm not mad at him this time, he bought it with the money he earned while working at concerts from his separate account.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day off?

So I had several appointments today including a new doctor and new dentist. My dentist's name is Crentist. Maybe thats why he became a dentist. I really liked Dr. Harter. He's LDS which somehow is comforting in Vegas. Everything was very professional in the dentist on the other hand was not. I looked at the screen and it said: Turney, Malassa. Who the heck spells their name Malassa. Even Mellisa or Milissa would have been better. I was really skeptical about them because of their lack of professionalism (on the health history form it asked: If pregant, when are you DO). Overall I liked my Dentist and his assistant. Both have moved to vegas from utah.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!

Of all the women in my life, I want to be like my Mom more than anything. My mom is the most amazing woman I've ever known. I was so lucky to be born to her. My mom is a virtuous, valiant woman who has taught me to love the Lord and be a good person.

Here are some reasons I love my mom.
1) She is so happy. One of her friends told her that she is one of the most satisfied people that she knows. This is so true. My mom is always smiling and happy and looking for the positive in a situation.

2) My mom is a wonderful example of kindness to others. She is always trying to serve someone in her life and try to make their day happier and their burdens lighter.

3) My mom loves my Dad. They have such a solid relationship. To see them kissing and holding hands was always such a comfort in my life. They never fought. They always spoke kind words of each other and she is a good example of what a wife should be.

4) She is always trying to improve her quality of life. She takes good care of her health by eating right and exercising regularly.

5) She always found time to be with us. Her family is her number one priority and I appreciate that she dedicated her life to serving our family. I always know my mom is there for me when I need her.

6) She taught me valuable lessons like self reliance and staying out of debt. She taught me how to cook and clean and take care of bills etc.

7) She loves the unlovable. She has sympathy and patience for them...which is good because I never did.

8) She is a hard worker, always keeping busy and keeping the Marsden family household working round the clock.

9) She is supportive of my decisions and expressive when I need to talk. Whenever I need to share something exciting and I need a reaction I will go to my mom.

10) She has the light of Christ, and is always trying to share her testimony of others.

I also want to pay tribute to my Mother in Law who I also love very much. I am grateful for an awesome Mother in Law who I look to for strentgh and endurance. Here are some of the reasons I love her.

1) She is a strong willed person who never backs down. In this way she has been able to take care of herself and her family.

2) she is not an overly emotional person. I admire this a lot because I am very emotional!

3) She has helped support her family for many years, going back to school and receiving her nursing degree, graduating in the top of her class with six kids hanging on.

4) She has overcome much adversity and has pushed through it, she can even laugh about it.

5) She takes initiative, planning wonderful trips around the world and trying different things.

6) She has taught her kids to be strong and self reliant, they basically keep the home running without her having to say or do much. They know their responsibilities and they take care of each other.

7) She raised a wonderful son who treats me like a Queen and respects women.

8) She is not afraid to venture out of her comfort zone...I don't even know if she's restricted herself to one.

9) She has remained true and faithful to the church and kept her family strong, despite her somewhat shaky foundational upbringing.

10) She is someone I can trust, look up to, and try to emulate, especially when it comes to taking care of her family and loving them.

Adam and I grew up in two totally different environments which made marriage difficult at first but has strengthened us tremendously. We are lucky to have good Mothers and Mothers in law and we both love them very much.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Tribute to the Girlfriends in my life

I have been so blessed in my life with some great friendships. I never realized how much I desperately needed girlfriends. This post is to celebrate amazing friendships. Women who have touched my life and made a difference in my life. Thank you for sharing in my laughter and tears! I love you! Here are my greatest friends (in order of appearance).

It all started with Caitlin Jane Bardsley

Cait and I were born to be friends! Our moms were practically sisters growing up and they were so excited when they each had girls because they'd always had visions of us being together! We've had countless sleepover, imagined up the craziest schemes, and loved each other forever! I remember going to her house to either play or watch Peter Pan...we had an obsession. Graham crackers will always remind me of our sleep overs. We pretended we were the Google fairy... (that's right people, Cait and I INVENTED GOOGLE!!!) when we were little (about 6 or 7) we decided we were going to be the Google fairy at our sleep overs and preform random acts of kindness for our family members- like the time we made Swedish pancakes for my mom and instead of sugar we put in salt! When we were born our moms laid us next to each other and we started to giggle! WE WERE ONLY SIX WEEKS OLD!!! Oh wait...that was someone else. When we were teenagers we would set goals for ourselves and report back weekly to each other on our progress. She's always made me a better person. In 2005 she accepted an invitation from me to go to Russia and teach English together! I'm so grateful that she did, because we have five months of crazy Russian memories! Two months after we got back she served me well as my Maid of Honor for my wedding. I am so grateful for a life long friend and sister!

Megan Elizabeth Winegar- The classic Best Friend

The classic friendship...I moved across the street from Megan when I was just four years old. One of my first memories is someone (I think it was her brother Clark but I'm not sure) came over to our house and told me that I had a new friend to play with. I thought that was pretty cool. I don't actually remember meeting Megan, but I remember endless summers over at her house or mine. I remember jumping on her trampoline, watching ever Disney movie known to man 30 times then recreating the roles. I was always Aladdin and The Beast....We ripped up her moms yard in order to make Alligator traps or food, I can't recall at the moment. We invented the worlds best mosquito repellent which turned out to be the worlds biggest mosquito attracted (water and sugar). She liked my younger brother and sister for some reason so she had fun at my house too. I moved away in 4th grade. It was so traumatic for me because I knew I'd never find another Megan. We haven't kept in touch perfectly but I know how to get a hold of her and vice verse. My grandma and aunts still ask about Megan Wigeger ( a name my brother gave her). She is a great person and wonderful memories are attached to my childhood because of her.

Meghan Lee Allen- An answer to prayers

After I moved from Bountiful I had a hard time making friends. After a year and a half of sadness and praying, I finally found my new Megan...literally! Only this one spelled her name Meghan and we hit it off. She was in my ward, and taught me all about what it meant to start growing up. She taught me the kind of music I needed to listen to, clothes to wear, how to do my hair and make up. Luckily for both of us she had a big sister :) We had so much fun talking about boys, sharing a locker, going through all the joys of puberty. One time both of us were extremely depressed over what else: boys. We were on a camp out for our ward and we disappeared into the woods, knelt down in the woods and prayed individually that something would happen I guess. I can't remember if we prayed for peace or that the boys would like us back, probably the latter. Meghan was beautiful and talented and I was devastated when after three years her family moved away. We have definitely been bad at staying in contact, but I still love her to death. Meghan now has a beautiful little family and is chasing her dreams.

Jessica Anna Worden- You'd wish you were us.

Of all my three previous mentioned girlfriends, Jessica was the one I was never jealous of. I never put her on a pedestal or anything like that. I felt like we were pretty much the same. Jessica and I met in seventh grade Spanish class. Each year we became closer and closer until the end of our 9th grade year when we became pretty close. Jessica and I could talk for hours, laugh for hours, be dumb for hours. We'd pick up Chinese food and sour patch kids and could watch anything dumb and laugh about it. I really needed Jessica for a long time and we were lucky to have each other. Unfortunately, our lives have taken different paths. We are very different people and it becomes difficult to maintain a friendship at emotional distances. I often think of her and wonder about her. I hope she is doing well. I miss her a lot and I will always love that girl! One night we went to Burger King and after stuffing our faces we taped our garbage to various spots on the car and would see if people would honk at us to remove it! She is awesome and I wish her the very best in life.

Rosalie Carmella Mastaler: We are married to each other

I met Rosalie briefly before boarding a plane in New York bound for Russia. When we got to Prague and I spotted a ring on her left finger I got excited! She was engaged too!!! We'd both gotten engaged shortly before going to Russia and our sweethearts Adam and Michael were committed to wait the long cold five months. Rosalie and I hit it off pretty quick. We were always laughing and acquired inside jokes pretty quick (Rosal, CONNECTICUT, Deep Impact, Blue, ETC) because we were stuck in a foreign country. Of course with two girls who are engaged there are bound to be problems. It was a little difficult to both be engaged together because that is supposed to be an individual time. We laughed like friends and fought like sisters. By the time I came home, we didn't talk for about a month. We weren't angry or anything ( I think :) but our lives had taken over and we had weddings to plan on August 5th and 12th. A couple weeks after we got married we started to call each other. It became more and more frequent until finally we talk about 3-5 times a week, complaining about our husbands, laughing at ourselves and life, and just helping each other figure out this whole growing up thing. I LOVE Rosal and have so much fun with her. I am so grateful she is in my life and that we can be 'married together.'

Mindy Cannon- The other answer to prayer

When I moved to Las Vegas with my new husband he was all that I had. I was alone and desperate and in need of someone to talk to. I saw a few young couples in church, but never really talked or got to know them. There was the occasional 'we should hang out' conversation which never materialized until one day in October 2006 I got a phone call. Mindy Cannon and Kelly Stapleton were going out to the Olive Garden for lunch and wanted to know if I wanted to come. I threw on my clothes as quickly as possible and waited for Mindy to pick me up. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Mindy is the other half of my brain. The fun half. I truly admire her. She puts up with a lot, and doesn't complain to people (ps I am not people so she's allowed to vent to me). Last August she told me she wanted to come over and talk "Oh my gosh are you pregnant," I said...sure thing, she was. She now has the most beautiful boy in the world (who is betrothed to my unborn daughter) and is a wonderful mother. We were truly born to be friends. We have the most intense conversations about important things such as: what we will do if our husbands die while sleeping next to us in bed (in case you are curious I will freak out and Mindy won't really notice but snuggle up to his cold body because Vegas summer nights are brutal). I have never laughed so much as when I am with her because she says the most hilarious things. I LOVE Mindy and she is probably the reason I will stay in Las Vegas forever.

Danielle Graciolette-The Rebel
I met Danielle in Institute Fall 2007. She was also in my music class. For some reason, every time we are together we end up falling out of our chairs or crying from laughing a little two hard. Danielle and I will graduate together in Fall 09 from the teaching program. We are always in our own little world scheming to get her to marry Addison so we are related or making fun of our teachers, or making fun of each other, but mostly her. My favorite Danielle moment was when I was working at Wells Fargo and a car pulls up and send a deposit through the drive up. The car beeped me and an unfamiliar voice asked me to hurry up and deposit it because they had to go to the bathroom. I looked at the deposit slip and it said Kristin I rolled my eyes at Kristin Smith and processed her transaction, then went onto the next one and sure enough on the deposit slip it said "Danielle Graciolette" I almost died from laughter! Kristin is Danielles mom and they decided to come visit me, boy they sure had me going! Danielle is awesome though and I'm really glad she's hanging in there with me.

Of course there are others. My life has been constantly blessed by the lives of other women. Some of them include Bree Johnson who stuck with me through high school and played with me in college, Stephanie Burt who also didn't disappear from my life after high school. Alicia Fritter, who talked and laughed me through some tough times. Logan Benhard who taught me I had a wild side, and so many others...Thank you for your friendship!

Growing Up

I saw this and started laughing...what funny twists life throws at us! I was talking to one of my best girl friends Rosalie a couple months ago. We were talking about the price of gas and milk, we talked of important things such as laundry and cleaning and why our husbands are the way they are...we also talked about Russia and how it has been TWO YEARS since we were there together. I mused at the fact that two years ago, we were both planning our weddings that would be held in August 2006 one week apart from each other. We planned the dresses, the romantic honeymoon, the beautiful flowers and fancy receptions. Never once did we talk about the toilet scrubbing and laundry and everything included in 'Marital Bliss.' How quickly perspectives change.

I will say that you won't find two people who love their husbands more than Rosalie and I. Sometimes it's just good to unwind. It is so nice to have someone in such a similar position as me, still newly married, no kids, going to school and working. I there is a lot of chit chat that goes on between drives to work and school with us!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's been Three Years!

In May 2005, one accidental phone call changed our life forever. Every couple believes that they have the best story (as they should) but I must respectfully disagree :) because nothing can beat the pure fate our story clearly exudes.
Summer semester was just beginning at BYU-I. I was able to go to my first few days of classes, but had to skip out on my cousin Jeremy was marrying his beautiful wife Emily on 05-05-05 which fell on the day of my Biology Lab. I asked my old roommate Catherine Queen to save me a spot in her lab so that I wouldn't have to be alone. It was a beautiful wedding, a fun weekend with my parents, and then I was back to school.

Tuesday morning I went to my Lab class and sure enough, there was no room in the inn. Cathrine had failed to save me a seat and I was forced into an all boy lab with Ben Decker and Adam Turney. Perhaps due to my flirtatious nature, it took us the entire lab to get anything done. We went out to Wendy's after and the three of us kinda hit it off as friends. We decided to meet Thursday to discuss our group lab project. Thursday came and went and was unproductive. We all ended up laughing too much and coming up with nothing. My phone rang and I looked at the unfamiliar number and answered. It was Adam sitting across the room thinking he was so sneaky and funny (roll eyes here).

The following Saturday I received a call from this same number which was now programed as Adam. Confused I picked up the phone.

Melissa: Hello?

Adam: Hey, this is Adam

Melissa: Hi Adam, whats up?

Adam: Oh a bunch of my friends are going to have a bonfire and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.

Melissa: (not wanting to go, having just gotten out of the shower and having a missionary in New York thinks quickly for an excuse) Umm hold on, I have to ask my roommates because I think they were planning on doing something.
Adam: Ok
Melissa: (Holds the phone down, thinks a minute...why not) Sure when will you be here?

Adam: about 7:00

So I hung up the phone and scrambled to get ready. I had just gotten out of the shower and was planning on a relaxing evening at home. 7:00 came and went and soon it was 7:30, I was beginning to get annoyed, I didn't know what to think... the phone rang...

Melissa: Hi

Adam: Hi...this is Adam Turney

Melissa: yeah...

Adam: Who is THIS?

Melissa: Melissa.......Marsden......your lab partn-

Adam: OOOOHHhhhhhh oh ok. Ok. I'll be right there.

At this point, Adam leaves the apartment of the girl he THOUGHT he called and comes over to my apartment. Embarrassed, we didn't even address the 800 pound Gorilla in the room and just went on our date.

Were it not for the slip of a finger, one accidental phone call would never have happened and we would not be together....I can't believe it has been four years!

It's been a while...

Spring is beautiful! By now I expected to be bitterly roasting in the Vegas heat but the Sun God has been kind this year and is still allowing me to have peace of mind, hopefully until the end of the semester!

Things are looking up for the Turneys! It has been a grueling semester but the time has come to leave it behind and move onward another 18 credits richer for Melissa and 9 for Adam! With two semesters behind us we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially with the way 2008 is flying by! We are both in school for the summer. I'm still going to take 18 credits, but it will be a little easier since 14 of those are online! Adam is looking forward to moving on from 3rd grade into 4th next year and will be working hard this summer in his Masters program. He hopes to start working on his PHD in the Fall of 2009...will we ever be through this!?!

We are excited to go to Utah in two weeks for Sean's graduation! I can't believe my baby brother is graduating!!! He'll be heading up to BYU-I this fall and then off on his mission!

Work has been difficult. I feel like I'm in a rut and after a year and a half I've done everything I can do at my job. I plan on leaving Wells Fargo October 3rd . I've interviewed for the Lobby Manager position so it would be nice to switch things up for the last five months! After that, I will substitute full time until I get my teaching credentials.

Anyway...pretty boring stuff, nothing that I haven't blabbed about before :)