Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Since the season is upon us I need to write a post on the things I am most thankful for.

One year ago tomorrow I found out that Hannah would be joining our family. I didn't know if I would ever feel more grateful or blessed than I did in those first few days but soon it became apparent that each new day brought new blessings and joy that I have never known. Since that moment on November 26th we have had an abundance of blessings poured out. Here are some of this years greatest blessings.

1. Becoming pregnant
2. Having great insurance
3. Zoferan-- I'm especially grateful because as I think about this time I am reminded of that awful part of my pregnancy which included vomiting every 20 minutes if I was not on the medication and only 2-4 times a day when I was on the medicine.
4. The fulfillment of a promise that I would continue to receive a fine formal education.
5. Our trip to NYC which was so much fun and also a bonding experience.
6. Adam's graduation from his first masters program
7. Being able to buy a house--especially at the end there
8. Having a successful pregnancy and a perfect labor/delivery
9. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah.
10. Being able to student teach at Batterman Elementary, having great cohorts and mentor teachers and finally being able to graduate in a few short days!

Those are just the big things. The little blessings that occur every day are also counted and I am grateful for each one of them but if I tried to name them one by one I would be shocked and befuddled (surprised is an understatement) at the love and outpour from the Lord.

Most especially I am grateful to my family and friends who love and support me. The love can be felt all the way from the mountains of Utah through the sludge of sin city right to my doorstep.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So today I decided to come home for lunch...something I NEVER do but my student teaching friend was out sick so I didn't want to eat alone. I go home and park out front because I was just coming home for a minute and knock on the answer.

Hmmm...I decided to use my key to get in and entered with a "Hello?" I walked upstairs to see Hannah entertaining herself on Addison's bed.

Addison was on his computer with his hood pulled up over his head and headphones know...the big gigantic ones that ensure you can drowned out the sound of say a crying baby.

I said "umm Hellooooo" and Hannah giggled, delighted to see her mommy. No response from Uncle Addi. So I did the only thing I could...I kidnaped my daugter.

We didn't go far...just downstairs until Addison figured out his client was missing. After ten minutes I started to get concerned. How long had he been on the long would he be on the computer? My daughter had just been kidnapped and he was playing video games. I let another five minutes pass and decided to text him.

Every once in a awhile I'll text Addison while I'm at school wanting a picture of my little angel. So I texted him "pic?"

It took another few minutes before I finally heard some shuffling upstairs. It sounded like someone was searching for someone or something in the bed area.

I heard him sneaking slowly down the stairs and peak his head around the corner.

Their we sat. Hannah with a big grin on her face (I think she knew we were playing a game on some level) and me looking incredulous.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU SCARED THE HECK OUT OF ME!" Addison shouted as he came down the stairs. "I thought their was an intruder in the house."

I have 8 days and then I don't have to worry about my baby being kidnapped anymore ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two Fifth Graders...

One is a writing sample from one of my students. The other is from my cousin Emily. One is typical 5th grade writing...the other is from my cousin Emily...who is apparently a 5th grade GENIUS.

Sample 1: 5th Grader from Batterman:

The candy Girl

"Mom; are you o.k., it looks like you can't breeth. This is about My mom choking on a peace of candy.

My mom was chooing on a sucker and she bit it to hard and it broke and slid down her throught and she couldn't breeth or talk. Right after that we went and got Joe to help us out so my mom could breeth but he couldn't so we had to call 911 and they came and got her to breeth by patting her chest pretty hard and she started to cof and it came right out and she could breeth.

finaly My mom through away the sucker Stick and she didn't feel good at all so she went to go throw up in the but she didn't make it So she threw up all over the flour in the hallway, bathrom and the titchen wich was realy groes.

This is from my cousin Emily:

Last night my pet hamster died because of old age. I was expecting it any day though. When I got Ted, my mom said that hamsters only last for about 1 to 2 years. Ted lived for 3 years excactly. That is a long time. You wouldn't think so, but to them, it is like 100 years. Well, I don't know how long it is to them, but that's what I would feel like if I were a hamster. Yet it was still shocking. It was my dad that found him dead. He said that he would look everyday to make sure he was breathing. He would shake the cage or something. Last night he kept shaking the cage, but Ted wouldn't move. Finally my dad touched him and he told me that he felt cold. I have told myself a long time ago that I wouldn't cry when he died. I didn't. I was actually surprised that I didn't. I would have if I found him dead. I am so glad that I didn't find him dead. I would have been crushed. Once my dad said that he was dead, I decided that it would be best for me not to look at him. My dad went to work and buried Ted out in a field. When Derek was 9, he buried his hamster in our backyard. He was young, so he didn't know any better. Today I thought my dad threw Ted away. What are you supposed to do with a hamster when it dies?

I don't know if you can tell the VAST difference in writing style, conventions, voice, organization, but it is pretty amazing for someone who is preparing a bunch of 5th graders for the writing proficiancy. Emily- you get an A!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Hannah Pics

Adam won't let her go get professional pictures done so I had to take amateur photos myself :( maybe my talented photography aunts can help give my pointers :) Anyway...our girl is 15 weeks tomorrow. She is so beautiful I love her so much!

The other day I saw a baby born two weeks after her...the mom said to the baby "hey maybe you will be holding your head up like that in two weeks just like her." I didn't want to make the mom feel bad and say "she has been doing it like this for a month lol but Hannah is extremely strong and is already rolling onto her side. The doctor said she probably wouldn't be rolling over until five months because of her weight but she is almost there! She is so alert and attentive and ahead of schedule in her physical and mental development so we are happy about that (not because she is a GENIUS but because she is happy and healthy and that is what really matters).

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh Happy Day

5 weeks until graduation...

I can do ANYTHING for five weeks!