Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017

This month as a family we took the Read Aloud Revival 31 day challenge. We read several picture books, and some wonderful chapter books. It was so much fun to read together as a family, everyone got in on it.

We also got to go to the Crossings Church as a family and participate in Compassion International, where we got to see how other children live with their families around the world. It was very cool to see how they did it, and we were grateful for the opportunity we have to use our tithing to help others. Hannah especially found it fascinating, while Paige was a little sensitive to the harder things we learned.

Life is back to normal after the holidays. The kids are back into a routine. I started babysitting, which has been really nice for Sam, because he has a little friend or two come play a couple times a week. It has been nice to have a little extra money to save too.

Hannah was happy to go back to school and see her friends. She's so social, and is doing really well. She's improving exponentially in math, which is wonderful, and continues to excel in all other aspects of school. She lost two teeth in one day! Both of them just fell out of her mouth, one in the morning, and one at night. It was a very profitable day for Hannah. She's learning all about finance, including tithing, and the girls have been earning a small weekly allowance. She's also reading the Book of Mormon in preparation for her baptism. One of the best things we did in January was have a fancy pants tea party with the girls. It was so much fun.

Paige was excited to go back to school to see her friends but it was difficult to get back into a routine. She's learning so much, and growing in every aspect of school. I'm amazed at her brain. It's so fun to see her handwriting, and see the way she writes her name. She's learning all about finance, including tithing, and the girls have been earning a small weekly allowance. One of the best things we did in January was have a fancy pants tea party with the girls. It was so much fun. Paige has been getting back into Peppa Pig, and often speaks in a British accent.

As always, Sam is a ham and a half. He has so much enthusiasm and energy, and keeps us all in stitches. I especially love the school day, because he's such a loving, attentive son, but as soon as Daddy comes home it's bye bye Mommy. His current obsession is Ghost Busters, which is adorable. He loves to pretend to be a ghost buster and he loves "killing" Daddy, who is always the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. He loves having Zalyla and Quinn over a couple times a week to play, and he is getting to know True Greer better, and they're good buddies. We were listening to a primary song that said, "Be true, be true," and Sam said, "I not want be True, I be SAM!" 

Jonathan continues to stand, and has so much control over his body. He is taking a few steps, but isn't quite walking. He loves being the baby of the family, and everyone is obsessed with him. He loves climbing on everything, pulling all the movies and books off the shelves, dumping every toy bin and drawer he can open. He's sleeping in his own room now, and sleeping through the night for the most part, with a few exceptions per week. He has six, almost seven teeth, and is constantly chewing on everything. He still loves his binkie, which makes things nice for Mommy, and he still nurses a ton. He hates loud or abrupt noises, and being in trouble.He loves to wrestle with his dad and brother, loves to play toys, and he loves to give hugs and kisses. He's a very snuggley, affectionate baby. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

{December 2016}

December was so wonderful. As apprehensive as I was to have all the kids home for track break it ended up being so magical, I never wanted the month to stop. We had a great month as a family, celebrating the holidays and traveling to be with family for Christmas.

Hannah proved to be such a huge help to me. Hannah is extremely organized and works efficiently. Every morning she'd wake up and take care of all her responsibilities, then help me out, so she could quickly reap the benefits of having extra screen time. Mommy kept her busy, practicing the piano, reading lots of books, and practicing math every day. Hannah even learned how to tie her shoes over the break. Hannah's current dream is to have a YouTube channel for kids. She did a lot of "research" on the subject. She and Paige played a lot of video games together during the break. Hannah asked for a Pikachu for Christmas and was lucky enough to get it, and also get a Kindle Fire! She's loved playing on it. Hannah got the stomach bug TWICE during the break. No fun at all!

Paige loved to relax during track break. She'd stay in her pajamas for long periods of time. However, Mommy kept her busy with reading practice, handwriting practice, and math practice. It wasn't necessarily fun, but Paige completed all her tasks with only a little bit of complaining. Paige was especially excited, because she learned to tie her shoes like a pro! Paige got a lot of fun toys for Christmas, including an American Girl doll, and a Kindle Fire. Hannah and Paige played a lot of fun video games together over the break (and wished they could have played even more). Paige got the stomach bug TWICE. Once from Hannah, and once after she spent so much time taking good care of Mommy when she had the bug.

Sam loved having his sisters home during track break. He loved having companions around constantly, and they played so well together. He also loved having Daddy home for two weeks. We all spent a lot of time watching, reading about, or playing Star Wars with Sam. Sam even got to meet Darth Vader, who dressed up just for him. He was in awe, and wasn't even scared at all. It was the sweetest. He still loves his Hot Wheels, and spends time building tracks and courses all over the house.

Jonathan turned eight months old and we can't even believe it. He continues to be the happiest guy in the world, even though he's been teething all month. He spreads good humor and cheer to the whole family. Jonathan is crawling all  over the place, and is extremely quick about it. He's cruising around furniture, climbing stairs, and scaling walls. He even started standing on his own, and he's very pleased with himself! He says Mama (sort of) and will turn and look at each family member when we say their name. He always responds to the words "eat" and "play." He also responds to the command to "get 'em" like a good attack dog. He'll only nap when he's rocked to sleep. He loves all foods except peas and green beans. He prefers food served warm, but makes an exception for ice cream. He makes noises like a wookiee. We love him so much. It was so sweet to spend his first Christmas with him, and watch the magic in his eyes.