Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Day in the Life {Special Edition}

 Starting the day at 6:30 AM! Mommy already made the bed (oops) but here she is with all her toys
 Hannah's favorite meal of the day! She loves cereal...especially Marshmallow Maties, or as it sounds when she says it "Leftover Babies."
 One of Hannah's daily responsibilities, putting her clothes in the hamper. The other responsibilities include: getting her hair done, brushing her teeth, taking a nap, obeying, and being nice. 
 Some of Hannah's friends (From Left to Right: Zoo Baby, My Buddy, Pooh, and Koala). She's into naming her toys lately and these are my favorite names (pooh obviously isn't a Hannah-ism) and also her Panda pillow pet is named "Pillow Pet" or "Pa-Panda"
 I tell her to get ready to take daddy to work and she grabs her two toys she is allowed in the car.

 Hugs and kisses for Daddy!
 While mommy cleans up the morning mess and feeds baby Paige, Hannah watches Nursery Rhymes on Youtube
 Hannah, Mommy, and Paige had a tea party, and read a book.
 Hannah has moved on to coloring....

 We stay pretty busy in the morning. I am usually busy getting ready for the day and picking up but Hannah keeps herself busy with coloring, leap frog, tea parties, or other games and toys.

 Every Thursday we go to the library for story time. Hannah is here with her friend Collin Mann. He is a cutie and Hannah knows it. They do lots of fun songs and rhymes, as well as read stories. Usually we pick out books for Hannah then go home but today Daddy needed Mommy to pick up some books for a class project.
 We went grocery shopping and mommy forgot to take pictures... but since Hannah was so good, and mommy was craving a treat, Hannah got to share a chocolate eclair for an after shopping treat! Paige is now laying down in bed. 

 Mommy and Hannah read stories for nap time and then mommy turns out the lights and Hannah takes a nap...
 OR she goes through he closet and finds clothes. These Tinker Bell shoes are hand me downs from a friend of ours. When she discovered them during "nap" time she dashed downstairs to declare "I can fly I can fly!"

 Lunch time. I asked Hannah how much she loved me and she teased me and replied by making a tiny gap with her fingers...then I asked how much she really loved me and she showed me for real.

 Mommy is now on the phone with Grandma. I let Hannah look at pictures of Toy Story on the internet while mommy was talking. I also let her draw pictures in my notebook. She ended up coloring on the monitor so that was over.
 Paige is up from her nap so we sing ABC songs and play together for a while
 Hannah is starting to get restless now so we watch a 30 minute TV show to calm her was a bad idea. She just wanted MORE TV after was not an option. We go to pick up Daddy from work.

 Not too long after daddy gets home and Hannah has fun playing in his shoes she ends up in time out (not for the shoe thing, I can't remember why) Time out consists of sitting on the floor in front of a timer...when she refuses to sit she needs a little help and gets a lecture.
 Trying to calm her down we play an ABC game on the ipod. It doesn't help. Not taking a nap has really taken a toll on her.
Hannah all ready for bed. Someday I'll post her brushing her teeth, saying prayers, singing songs, and reading a few books, tonight as you can tell, she was DONE.

And that is a day in the life of Hannah.

A week in the life 4 {1/23-1/29}

Monday, 23rd

Cleaning day! Super boring. I think other things happened too. I really need to just write this blog  throughout the week. I think I got caught up today on my scripture reading? I read a lot. I know it was raining. I went to Chelsea's sisters house to do canning stuff. I went to Chelseas house to watch bachelor. That's just all I can remember. That is why I started to do this on my blog...because I'm finding the days and weeks run together and recently a friend asked "what do you do as a stay at home mom," and the only thing I could answer was..."I have no idea...park dates, library story time, making food, feeding children, cleaning diapers, etc."

Tuesday, 24th

I honestly have no recollection of today either, except that I was alive, my two children stayed alive so I must have fed them and cared for them. I'm sure diapers were changed and a husband was kissed. I'm sure all those things happened. I know I went to boot camp. I think I wasn't in a great mood. According to my FB status a spanking was given.

Wednesday, 25th

Tayden's Birthday PARTY! Hannah had such a blast, her little friend Tayden turned three and had a big bash. It was the perfect party plan. Pizza, cupcakes, and a ball for every kid scattered around the church gym floor so all the kids were contained and active and having a blast. After that we went shopping. I felt bad for my girls and for me because shopping with two for a whole lot of stuff is hard. Poor Hannah was getting squished in the cart but she was PERFECT! I really appreciated it. Adam had work, then tutoring, then a class so I was alone with the girls from 7am to 8:30 pm but they were awesome for me. I read a lot after they went to sleep.

Thursday, 26th

Today was Library Story Time of course so we went there. We went shopping after because I had book club that night and needed some treats. I chronicled Hannah's day through pictures for a special edition of "A Day in the Life" which I'll post sometime until about 4:00 because Hannah was CRAZY after that. Not having a nap really did a number on her so she went to bed at 5:30 and I stopped taking pictures when the screaming started. I went to boot camp and had a GREAT work out then dashed home (Adam had cleaned the floors and couches without me saying one word...what a stud) for book club. There were 17 people at book club (a HUGE turn out) and we partied until 11PM which was a problem because Hannah woke up at about 9:30....she wanted to "see the ladies" so she came downstairs and hung out while Adam slept :/ and I couldn't get her to settle down so I had to just lay in bed with her from 11PM until be continued...

Friday, 27th

By 1:00 am Hannah was tired enough for me to leave her and go lay in my own bed but I was paranoid that she was going to get out of bed and get into the garage like the few nights before or worse, go out the front door so I couldn't sleep. At 1:30 I checked that she was asleep and she was, but then I was worried that Paige would wake up and need to eat so I went to wake her up and feed her. At 2:00 I was finally asleep....but at 4:30 Paige woke up and needed to eat again. I couldn't go back to sleep after that until about 5:45 and then at 6:30 Hannah was up. Wow. Just wow. It was quite the night. The morning was kind of a blur, except that I had a mani date with Katie (our kids were CRAZY together but all we could really do was laugh because...what else is there right) so we painted our nails for a bit in my kitchen and then I made dinner, and lunch. Then all three of us girls finally laid down for a nap at around 2. Hannah and I got about 2.5 hours of sleep. I don't know about Paige because Adam came home before I woke up and he took care of her. Adam took our dinner over to a friends house and baked it over there with Hannah while I worked on some stuff for our canning trip the next day. Adam came home, we ate, and some more stuff happened but I was too tired so I went to bed.

Saturday, 28th

Today we all woke up bright and early. Adam and I got the girls ready quickly, then Adam had to go proctor a test at 7:30. I was picked up by my friend and co-canning specialist Chelsea. We dropped my girls off at our friend Vivianna's house and picked up Charli and Alicia to go to our first canning date. It went great and we had a lot of fun. The girls were happy to see me when I got back but Vivi has a couple of birds that Hannah loved so for the rest of the day we were sort of obsessed with birds and watched a few bird movies. Adam came home and played with the girls for a while, then I talked to Rosalie for a long time on the phone. She is still in the same situation (well she updated what is happening on her blog) but we talked about what a mystery life is and how the gospel plays into everything. Pretty crazy stuff. The girls went to sleep (because no nap for Hannah today again). Adam and I read for a little bit, then played a game, then watched a movie together and went to bed.

Sunday, 29th

This morning I talked on Skype to Megan in Russia, went on a 4 mile run around Rhodes, came back and played with the girls, and did not go to stake conference. Last week I said that church was the longest, hardest, three hours of my life and I couldn't imagine going to two hours of essentially sacrament meeting and then have to tell Hannah that she couldn't go to nursery. So we opted out. Judge all you want...I know I certainly have with my friends who have done the same thing, but we'll have a nursery lesson and read scriptures and do family time but I can't handle the tears (mine and Hannah's, and Paige's lol).

Facebook Status Updates:

January 23rd:  Running is like therapy.

January 24th:  Hannah's quote of the day came in a very motherly tone as she cocked her head to the side and scrunched up her eyes and asked "do you want to tell me sorry for the spanking today?"

January 25th:  Hannah just climbed up on her high chair to unlock the garage door, pulled off the handle cover, and went outside. You know, where all our shelves of poison and tools are?! Where was her mommy? Changing her sisters diaper and laying her down. I found her in the garage taking a hammer to her stroller about 90 seconds after I left her downstairs. I've just been waiting for this to happen. Glad it wasn't the front door.

January 26th:  My sister is on a plane bound for Russia. So why do I feel nervous, excited, anxious? I'm also feeling JEALOUS and can't believe it's been 6 years since I took that same flight into a freezing adventure! Have fun Meg-a-legs and Auber-dob!

Out of curiosity I measured the thickness of the fattest part of my arm vrs the fattest part of Paige's leg. Her chunky leg was two and a half inches thicker than my arm lol

January 27th:  Do you know what's worse than the moment your alarm goes off? The moment your babies wake up...after a night of only 2.5 hours sleep. There is NOT a snooze button on children. And HOW does Hannah still wake up at 6:15 after not going to sleep until after 1am.....

January 28th: Hannah plays pretend with letters and numbers. Today she told us "I'm F mommy is A and daddy is a number ok?" I don't know how to act out my part though :/

Other RANDOM Facts of the week.

Paige is getting FAST! She is super strong and can turn herself around and scoot on her tummy. Hannah and I are communicating better and I feel like I'm becoming a more patient person. Megan is in Russia and I'm so jealous and having fun talking to her on skype, Adam and I have been having fun together watching movies and playing games etc. I painted my nails three times this week. I've ended on OPI Steady as she Rose. I've also been painting Hannah's nails. She loves it and feels like such a little lady. Hannah's into cuddling with books, playing with her dog Violet, and is the best big sister ever. Seriously. She is always concerned and looking out for Paige. Paige needs to eat, Paige wants out of her Paige was crying on the baby monitor and she said "Paige is saying mama, mama, get me." 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A week in the life 3 {1/16-1/22}


Adam was off school so Hannah and I went on a special date to the park/shopping together while he stayed home with Paige. Hannah loves the park and when it was time to go she asked if she could stay at the park with Gwandma (who was not with us, but Hannah was sure that IF she had been with us she would have certainly been willing to stay longer). Oh the way home I got devastating news about my best friend Rosalie. She found out that her baby (she is 20 weeks pregnant) has Turners Syndrome and is most likely not going to survive the pregnancy, and if she does it won't be for long. It kind of set a sobering mood for my week (more on that later). That night I did boot camp and bachelor as always.


Started my day off with a long talk with Rosalie. At this point she didn't know the sex of the baby or what the baby was going to be diagnosed with, only that the baby would die. We cried together for about a half hour. It just feels so close to home because of my mom's miscarriages, and Rosalie has been one of my best friends for the last six years...I've written about her before on this blog. The girls and I played all day until Daddy came home and I went to boot camp. I also finished the book I Capture the Castle. Oh, and feeling desperate for an oven cooked meal I called my friend to borrow her oven for some yummy "Our Best Bites" enchiladas. Boot camp later that night, and then Adam and I sat on the couch together with our Kindles reading (I'm now reading The Winter Sea).


Waited all day for two guys to come and fix our oven (reality, waited all day for two guys to come and tell us they needed another part...oven still broken) which means we had to forgo the park. Hannah was sad but it was pretty cold and windy and Adam needed the car so I was glad to not have to walk over. Paigey and I snuggled while Hannah pretended to nap. We are now on day 52 without an oven and Adam is hungry. I did a lot of research on Turner's Syndrome (Rosalie found out Tuesday that it was the official diagnosis--and that she was having a girl) and learned a lot. Adam went to scouts and I had some alone time in a lame-o cold bath watching Parenthood.


Sacred LIBRARY day. We never mess with Thursdays. Hannah is so cute at library story-time although I found out that unfortunately my kid is going to be the immature kid in the class that laughs at inappropriate when the felt guy falls off the felt board over and over. Hannah is so engaged at library story-time and we can't miss it! We also went to the Disney Store to get a birthday gift for our friend Tayden. Talked a lot more to Rosalie.


Special day with Hannah and Paige. Hannah can bust out of her child proof room (is anyone shocked?) and bust into Paige's room. I hear Hannah rip off the handle covers (Ta-Da! She squeals) and then I hear her on the baby monitor "Paigey, wake up, I am here! MOMMY DADDY WE ARE AWAKE NOW). Six AM folks. After getting ready we head to  Chuck E Cheese (It should be Chucky Cheese but it isn't and I feel like an idiot writing Chuck E Cheese). Best time to go is first thing in the morning when they test out the machines and you are the only ones there and so they give you all the tickets that came out of the machines. Makes you feel like you get your 5 bucks worth with 200 tickets right off the bat. Hannah was so sweet and wanted Paige to go on every single ride with her. She held onto her sister tight (as did I...) and Paige giggled and laughed the whole time. We went out to McDonalds for lunch and bought another birthday gift (we have another birthday) for her friend Lillian. Hannah thinks it is her gift. We got roses for my friends birthday and then went to pick Adam up from the gym. We bought Pizza for dinner (4PM) and then Hannah and Paige are in bed by 6 and Adam and I watch some TV. Play the Newlywed game (basically we just found the questions on the internet and asked each other) and then went to bed.


Adam and I went to the temple early in the morning. I put Rosalie's name in the temple as well as her husband and the baby (Elle). It was very special because all week I've been thinking of her, talking to her, praying for her. We got to the temple and it was pretty busy. We decided to do sealings and they asked if we would be willing to do daughter/parent sealings since there were so many sisters. It helped strengthen my testimony that not only are families together forever but also, Heavenly Father was aware of why I was going to the temple and the things that had been weighing on me all week. I really would like you to read Rosalie's blog about her whole ordeal. It's been a spiritual, and thought provoking week. When we got back from the temple we went straight to Lillian's birthday. Hannah kept getting confused and calling her Wiwy (Lily) instead of Wiwian. Adam and Paige hung out during that, then we went straight to our friend Kristi's 25th birthday at Red Rock Bowling lanes. Super fun. Hannah looked really cute hobbling along with a bowling ball.


I feel like I've slept a good full night for the first time in a long time, even though it's still been about 7 months since I've slept through the night. We went to church and neither girl wanted to sit still for long. Church is often the most exhausting three hours of the week but I keep on keeping on because I remember hearing someones testimony who was just coming back to church. They said that their mom dragged the whole family to church every week and that was the reason that after years of inactivity she decided to come back, because of the faithfulness of her mom despite all the horror the kids put her through each week--so that's where I am. I wonder if I will survive parenthood? Adam is currently home teaching while the girls are napping. I hope to get a good run in this afternoon when Adam gets back. Adam thinks it is breaking the Sabbath when I run on Sundays but it really is "a rest from my labor." It is often the only time I have to myself, that I have to think. I can't rest at home because I have three people who need me every second that I am in my house so in a sense I am literally running away from my problems haha. Did I mention last week I did just over 6 miles? I'm hoping to do 7 or 8 today. Come home soon Adam!

Other RANDOM facts of the week:

Here are a couple pictures of me and Rosalie...different times (one in Estonia, one in Ukraine...same shirt lol) 
I've spent a lot of time talking with, thinking about, and praying for Rosalie. I've also been researching Turners. Adam and I actually had a talk which he implored me to not get too emotionally involved but I feel like it's too late. He doesn't want me to get too sad which is understandable. We've decided that I feel way too much and he doesn't feel a lot when it comes to other people. He thinks he'd die if he felt all the feelings I feel.

I'm really into OPI nail polish. It's pretty much my favorite thing. I finished Parenthood season 2. Hannah will say the opposite of everything you say. Instead of rolling over on her tummy to look at us, Paige prefers doing a sit up to look at us. It's cute. Adam and I have too much fun watching our TV shows together. We need a new hobby but by the time he's worked 50 hours and I've wrestled with two kids all day it's just nice to sit together holding hands. It's windy windy windy.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A week in the life 2


I did all my chores and got the house sparkling clean. Read a little, played a lot. Went to Boot Camp and watched Bachelor with Chelsea, Sheena, and Cori. This day is seriously a blur and I can't believe I don't remember much about it.


Waited ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day for a guy to come fix my oven. Apparently the 8AM appointment was "skipped" somehow. He showed up at 6:45PM. Determined that a really expensive part was required and that we would get it in 5-8 buisness days. Good thing we went for that extended warranty. We are missing our oven. Went to Boot Camp. I love Boot Camp. I've been noticing how sweet Paigey is lately. Like how she is never without a smile.


We went to the park and played for about an hour. We didn't have the car so we walked and had a good time walking together. Some boys called Hannah stupid and told her they were going to "punch her in the face and the butt." She didn't know they were being mean because she's never been talked to that way so she thought it was funny but I felt pretty sad. They were three year old boys so they really didn't know what they were saying anyway, but it gave me a taste for how it is going to be when kids are mean to my kid and I was sad. We went home and just hung around playing puzzles. We are trying a new reward system with potty training. It's been three months and Hannah goes through these major relapses. Today her reward for no accidents was McDonalds (Ice cream) with Daddy. Adam went to scouts and I got a bubble bath/reading.


I decided to let Hannah walk around sans bottoms and she totally took herself potty since she didn't have anything to have an accident in. We went to the library and as soon as she had pants on she had an accident so I changed her. At the library she had two accidents and one when we got home (we were gone an hour :/) I made the difficult decision to put her back in diapers. She is totally potty trained, but she doesn't have the desire to drop everything and go potty because as she says--she is busy. Putting on that diaper felt like a big fat fail. She has been in diapers every day since. We got Gossie, Gertie, Ollie, and Peedie books at the library and Hannah has me read them at least four times a day. She LOVES them and can now recite them by heart which is super cute.


We helped my friend start packing up her is a sad day because she is moving to Summerlin and I'm really going to miss her and being close to her. Hannah played with the kids toys and had a blast. We had a pizza packing party. So fun. Adam came and picked us up from Jen's house and I needed to go to Ulta to exchange a nail polish. He told me I might as well go get some new pants (mine are falling off my body) so I didn't realize when I woke up but I got to get a new nail polish, and go shopping for new pants (SIZE 2!!!! I HAVEN'T BEEN A 2 FOR 6 YEARS!!!!) AND have a much needed conversation with my dear Cait. All by myself. After the potty training fail it was very needed. I got home and was planning on going to an EQ party but Hannah had fallen asleep for the night so Adam went and I stayed home with the kiddos and read/ watched Parenthood.


Adam went to the gym, shopping, and to clean the church so I was alone all morning with the girls. They had a good morning and Hannah was super sweet with Paige. I'd set Paige down and Hannah would just snuggle up with her (picture on the blog) She is such an amazing sister and so far hasn't had a jealous bone in her body. She is also very patient. When Paige grabs a hold of her hair Hannah just looks at me for help and doesn't even scream or take a swat. Paige is always trying to touch Hannah in some way and it is super sweet. I ran six miles which is THE MOST I'd ever ran in my life. It was a huge accomplishment and juuust about a half of a half marathon (which is my goal this year). I did it in 53 minutes which was great time. I felt like I could conquer the world. I also went out to Chelsea's house to watch Dreamgirls.


Hannah woke us up singing "I WILL GO I WILL DO THE THING THE LORD COMMANDS! I KNOW THE LORD PROVIDES A WAY HE WANTS ME TO OBEY...."Church, and now naps/ blogging

We've been really into Candyland this week. We played it for the first time last Sunday and Hannah walks around with the "guys" and has fun with them. She mainly likes to get out the board and then hang out at the different places and tell us where to go. We've been into the Gosling books like I mentioned. Hannah's been watching Thumbelina but we've been trying to get her to transition more to Sesame Street because I'm pretty tired of it. I've been reading I Capture the Castle for book club and I really want to finish it because I'm really enjoying it. Adam's been enjoying the football and is impressed with my random knowledge.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A week in the life.

Sunday January 1st

I went to church with both the girls by myself. Adam stayed home as he spent his whole winter break sick sick sick! Hannah went to the older nursery and loved it. She loves her teacher. Adam tried to find a doctor but everything was closed since it was a holiday and a Sunday. We spent the rest of the day lounging in our PJs and watching Football (Adam) and Downton Abby (me). Hannah slept her first night in her "big girl" bed and loved it. Paige spent her first night in her own room and we loved it.

Monday January 2nd

I found a scripture reading program and started reading the Old Testament. We started reading the Book of Mormon as a family. Adam was home again and finally went to the doctor to find out that yes, he did have a sinus infection still and started his second round of antibiotics. I went to my first day at Boot Camp and it was so intense. Also, the Bachelor started again and it is so raunchy but I love my night out with the girls. I hurt my tailbone at boot camp so I spent the evening sitting on on a hot pad.

Tuesday, January 3rd

I am so sore from Boot Camp. It is crazy how much my body can't do. Adam took an extra day off from being sick so we just cleaned up, I went shopping and we just spent the day chilling out together as a family. I went to boot camp again and it was even worse than the first day. Oh boy.

Wednesday, January 4th

Paige had a 4 month well check. She weighed 16.5 lbs! What a chunker! Hannah was a handful at the appointment and knocked a bunch of stuff down, fell off her chair, and fell off the doctors rolling chair. When we left I told her that the choices she was making were Laman and Lemuel choices and NOT Nephi choices. I told her I wanted her to think about her choices and how she could be better. The first half of our drive home it was silent. Then she started singing Nephi's Courage so I knew she'd been thinking about it. When we got home she told me she wanted to be righteous like Nephi and make good choices to obey. Paige wasn't feeling well after her shots. Her Dr. said she was one of the happiest babies he'd ever seen and she cooed and flirted the whole time until the shots came out then she cried. We spent a good chunk of the day snuggling which was fine by me. I loved it. Hannah said her first prayer and said "we are thankful for all our many girls" because Adam always says how much he loves his girls. Adam was back to work today and also had scouts. He was feeling much better.

Thursday, January 5th

Boot camp again today. It wasn't too shabby. I'm really liking it. I did all my measurements and want to see how I improve as the month goes on. I'll probably go 4 times a week and also run to keep up my running endurance. Katie and I found a race we want to do together called the Color Run where every 1k you run they throw colored powder on you. Looks like the We did library story time and it was amazing to see how grown up Hannah is sitting all by herself and participating in all the fun songs and stories. She is so sweet and I love that girl. Paigey loves library story time too.

Friday, January 6th

Hung around home today, not much to report except Hannah didn't take a very good nap so she and Paige were both down pretty early so Adam and I played games together and then I sat with him on the couch as he played a video game and I read I Capture the Castle, our book club book. I've been watching the show Parenthood and it's pretty good.

Saturday, January 7th

We had a picnic in January. We went shopping for food and then we went to the park with Scott and Stacey to eat pizza. Hannah and Tayden pretty much love each other. We've been playing a lot of Candyland and by playing, I mean Hannah walks around with the board and the people and says she is playing. Adam went out with some guys to play games and I stayed home with the girls and read/watched parenthood.

Its been a fun week. I've kept up on our scriptures and fitness. Today church was great and I also ran 4 miles with Katie and it was awesome. As you can see from many of these pictures, the girls wore these pretty dresses from Nana Turney. They are so so cute! A few more things worth mentioning...Hannah fell in love with the movie Thumbelina which is sureal because I totally loved that movie when I was about 8. Also, Hannah was gifted a toy kitchen and she loves it. Speaking of kitchens our oven is getting fixed! More on that later.