Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Day in the Life {Special Edition}

 Starting the day at 6:30 AM! Mommy already made the bed (oops) but here she is with all her toys
 Hannah's favorite meal of the day! She loves cereal...especially Marshmallow Maties, or as it sounds when she says it "Leftover Babies."
 One of Hannah's daily responsibilities, putting her clothes in the hamper. The other responsibilities include: getting her hair done, brushing her teeth, taking a nap, obeying, and being nice. 
 Some of Hannah's friends (From Left to Right: Zoo Baby, My Buddy, Pooh, and Koala). She's into naming her toys lately and these are my favorite names (pooh obviously isn't a Hannah-ism) and also her Panda pillow pet is named "Pillow Pet" or "Pa-Panda"
 I tell her to get ready to take daddy to work and she grabs her two toys she is allowed in the car.

 Hugs and kisses for Daddy!
 While mommy cleans up the morning mess and feeds baby Paige, Hannah watches Nursery Rhymes on Youtube
 Hannah, Mommy, and Paige had a tea party, and read a book.
 Hannah has moved on to coloring....

 We stay pretty busy in the morning. I am usually busy getting ready for the day and picking up but Hannah keeps herself busy with coloring, leap frog, tea parties, or other games and toys.

 Every Thursday we go to the library for story time. Hannah is here with her friend Collin Mann. He is a cutie and Hannah knows it. They do lots of fun songs and rhymes, as well as read stories. Usually we pick out books for Hannah then go home but today Daddy needed Mommy to pick up some books for a class project.
 We went grocery shopping and mommy forgot to take pictures... but since Hannah was so good, and mommy was craving a treat, Hannah got to share a chocolate eclair for an after shopping treat! Paige is now laying down in bed. 

 Mommy and Hannah read stories for nap time and then mommy turns out the lights and Hannah takes a nap...
 OR she goes through he closet and finds clothes. These Tinker Bell shoes are hand me downs from a friend of ours. When she discovered them during "nap" time she dashed downstairs to declare "I can fly I can fly!"

 Lunch time. I asked Hannah how much she loved me and she teased me and replied by making a tiny gap with her fingers...then I asked how much she really loved me and she showed me for real.

 Mommy is now on the phone with Grandma. I let Hannah look at pictures of Toy Story on the internet while mommy was talking. I also let her draw pictures in my notebook. She ended up coloring on the monitor so that was over.
 Paige is up from her nap so we sing ABC songs and play together for a while
 Hannah is starting to get restless now so we watch a 30 minute TV show to calm her was a bad idea. She just wanted MORE TV after was not an option. We go to pick up Daddy from work.

 Not too long after daddy gets home and Hannah has fun playing in his shoes she ends up in time out (not for the shoe thing, I can't remember why) Time out consists of sitting on the floor in front of a timer...when she refuses to sit she needs a little help and gets a lecture.
 Trying to calm her down we play an ABC game on the ipod. It doesn't help. Not taking a nap has really taken a toll on her.
Hannah all ready for bed. Someday I'll post her brushing her teeth, saying prayers, singing songs, and reading a few books, tonight as you can tell, she was DONE.

And that is a day in the life of Hannah.

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Margie said...

I'm so glad you are recording your history at this time of your life. I remember someone telling me when you guys were little that it is the longest short time of your life! It goes fast!!