Sunday, February 5, 2012

A week in the life 5 {1/30-2/5}


Of course I cleaned. I always clean. Bachelor and Boot camp for sure. Laughed for a bit with my friend Katie (we ran together before boot camp). I can never really remember Mondays although I know it was eventful. The sad news was that Rosalie's baby passed and she was admitted to the hospital and labor was induced.


Both my girls woke up with fevers. It is the saddest thing to watch babies be sick. At least Hannah can somewhat understand and communicate but poor Paige didn't sleep hardly at all...she just cried and cried all day. I didn't leave her side, she just wanted to be held by her mommy. I felt bad for Hannah but she was pretty content to have us all together cuddled on the couch until it was time for her to try to take a nap. Naps didn't happen. We went to Target because I needed shoes then picked Adam up from work. The girls were both happy to see him and he was so happy to be home (He'd been up since 3am with Hannah and was such a sweetheart he stayed and took care of her and let me sleep without one word that he needed help). I went to boot camp and then came home and read. I also signed up for my first race (a 5k) with the team The Hot Ta-Mommies. Texted back and forth with Rosal and though she is devastated, she has a lot of peace. She is a strong girl woman (I always feel weird calling my friends women because I still feel like a girl myself...and I met her when we were practically teenagers) and I am honored to call her my friend.


Today we played all morning. It was supposed to be park day but Hannah has a smoker voice and Paige's nose was still a little runny with the occasional cough so I just kept them home. We had a good morning playing together and both girls took good three hour naps during which time I organized some things, talked to Amanda (my sister in law) facebooked a little and read. Dinner was a little crazy. I was holding Paige because she was fussy and Hannah kept almost spilling her yogurt. I was so concerned about the yogurt I didn't notice Paige reach for my hot bowl of soup and spill it all over the two of us. We all had a good laugh, except for Hannah who cried because she was worried Paige did something naughty (I think she was worried her precious sister would be in trouble) I finished a book called The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley and it was amazing.


Library story time again...I'm feeling really bored writing my weekly activities which must mean anyone who is reading must have stopped a long time ago lol. Hannah acted up during story time so I had to take her out and put her in time out. I learned that moms don't like to take privileges away from their kids, especially ones they really love...but if I don't, how will she learn? A friend of mine told me that she really admired me as a mom and said she even told her husband "I wish I could just be Melissa Turney right now." That floored me because I've spent lots of time wishing I could be other people lol it was a huge compliment because I admire her so much as a mother. Last day of boot camp!


We hung around most of the day and then when Adam came home we had a pizza party! We went to Chuck E Cheese on a spur of a moment whim (never thought I'd say that about Chuck e cheese) with Scott and Stacey. Then we came home and watched the movie Contagion. Holy. Expletive. What a movie.


We went to our beloved Shark Reef. They've changed it up a bit since we were there last and we all had a blast. I love watching my kids have fun. Even Paige was entranced by the sharks swimming. After, we went to McDonalds to share some ice cream. Then lunch, naps, and resting. I went running with Katie in the evening then got to talk to Rosalie who told me the story of her baby's birth. We cried together on the phone. She is so strong.


Today since the girls have had runny noses and coughs all week we decided to keep them home for the sake of the health of the nursery lol. I had a good 4 mile run early this morning. Adam went to church by himself and we had nursery class at home where we did a lesson, colored pictures, played toys, and watched Youtube videos on the Mormon channel. Tonight we'll head over to the Packards for some Superbowl viewing.

"That's What She Said:"

I had my concealer under my eyes and Hannah kind of freaks out when I don't rub my makeup in and she catches me. I was teasing her and went for a kiss and she said "no no no rub it in first, rub your glue on first." She then told Adam " Once upon a time I did not want to see that."

Everything that even remotely resembles an iguana is a "guana"

On Thursday I said "Uh-oh" and Hannah shook her head and said "What did daddy do?"

While I was half asleep, Hannah took my ipod and made this my status update: "Bbpoiuuuyytttpppppplppppppppkoolkklooöôjhgfddpkjkppppppppp" She kept saying "I'm doing my letters, P is for Paige! T is for tu tu Turney!"

Starting next week I'm going to do our weekly update a little different (a little more simple). Stay Tuned!

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