Sunday, February 26, 2012

A week in the life 8 {2/20-2/26}

This was one of those really quick weeks that we didn't quite get a grasp on before it slipped away.

I guess the highlights included

*Going to see The Vow with a group of friends. Seriously, what WOULD you do if you woke up from a coma and couldn't remember who your spouse was. Crazy.

*Going to the park with my family and having a pizza picnic. We have pizza every Friday and it was fun to do it in the nice warm park at the end of March.

*Hannah finally went to the Dr....who was shocked to discover she had her first ear infection. Not because it was her first, but because he suspected she had it a lot longer than we knew (she'd complained the day before and the day of) because it was "as bad as he'd ever seen." He was also surprised that she could be smiling and talking to him. I guess she is good at pain management. She is on an antibiotic and is  doing great. It seems that after a month the sickness is finally leaving our home!

*Book Club was fun as always. Always a highlight of my month!

*The Color Run. Coolest thing ever. I swear, every time I turned the corner and there was another cloud of color waiting for me it motivated me to sprint faster. It was seriously bomb. I can't wait to do it next year!

*Hanging out with my parents and brother. They are awesome and I really felt the meaning of the phrase "being born of goodly parents" this weekend. Hannah LOVED Sean and kept telling him so. During our prayers she said "Please bless that we can all love Sean." She also said we were thankful that Sean, Grandma, and Grandpa could "stay at my home with me." It's hard to live far away and we are so grateful for Skype and Facebook that help us keep in touch.

*Paige is a crawling fiend! She is AAAALLLLL over the place! It is so fun to see her grow and learn and I'm grateful for her growth and progress.

*Church was awesome. Sometimes I can really feel the spirit and learn a lot and I realize on those days it's usually because I'm paying really close attention and trying to learn...aka when I'm not holding a baby. Someone from my family was holding or caring for my girls the whole time.

**Shout out to Sean who TOTALLY ROCKED the uncle thing. Not only did he change several diapers (some poopy) He also got the girls dressed in jammies, rocked them to sleep, fed them, and even got medicine for Paigey (teething). Also, he unloaded my dishwasher and reloaded it and kept my house clean all weekend long. Seriously, had anyone ever told me that my little brother would be a responsible man one day I would have looked at them cross eyed.

**Also shout out to my parents who are the greatest ever. I didn't have to take care of a single meal all weekend and I got a break from the responsibilities of being a parent and got to be a more relaxed person. It was awesome.


Georgia said...

What a fabulous week!!! You are a lucky wife, mother, daughter, and sister as are all those related to you, Melissa!

Margie said...

We had such a fun time!! We have really been missing you all this week and going through withdrawals!! Can't wait to see you guys again. Thanks for having us!!