Sunday, February 12, 2012

A week in the life 6 {2/6-2/12}

That's What She Said:

"My Grandma is my Mom." (After becoming annoyed with me)

"When I'm bigger I'll take these (Laura Ingalls Wilder books) to school and you will stay at home." (We've had a lot of "when I am bigger quotes")

"When I'm bigger I will go running with you and put your ipod on my arm."

"Mommy, the moon is shinning me!" (While looking at the sunrise)

"Goodnight soundses everywhere." (While reading Goodnight Moon to herself.)

"My throw up hurts too." (A response to me saying that my throat hurt...I thought it was a misunderstanding, until she threw up 5 gallons of pizza :/


Favorite Part: Megan (Winegar) and Eric Long came over for dinner. They were in town for work and I got to finally meet Megan's very nice hubby and catch a sneak peek of baby long, due July 2012.

Least Favorite: Cleaning. Specifically Laundry.


Favorite Part: My new running playlist. It makes me feel like a rock star

Least favorite: Listening to Paige coughing up a storm :(. And when I got annoyed/mad at Hannah and didn't deal with her in a very Christlike way.


Favorite part: Playing kitchen with Hannah. She was CRACKING up. Also, Paige's smile. What a ray of light in my life! I love her smile.

Least favorite part: Being on Facebook. I've come to realize that I have a facebook dependency. It's kind of embarrassing. Long story short Adam now has my password so I can only get on once a day for 15 minutes and not have it distract me all day long. I hate having to feel like I'm missing something in the world if I'm not checking FB so Adam is going to help me out now.


Favorite: Finishing my book/watching my shows with Adam/going to the library with my girls/ buying Valentines.

Least Favorite: Running. It was my third straight day and I could really feel it in my knees, however, the 45 minutes of running and 15 minutes of strength training is worth the whole rest of the night feeling like a super star.


Favorite: Pizza party! (Thanks to a Valentines gift from my mom)

Least Favorite: Cleaning up Pizza throw up at midnight and showering my sad two year old.


Favorite: Watching Breaking Dawn with Adam. He did the most hilarious commentary. Jacob comes running out of the house and threw down the wedding invite and ran off into the forest half naked. Adam said "GOSH! How could I not get into college, I was sure I would get a scholarship! Not only am I Native American but I'm also a warewolf!" This was probably Adam's least favorite part of the day but I had fun with him.

Least Favorite: My sore throat and taking care of two sickies.


Favorite: My hour and a half long bath while Paige slept and Hannah watched Wall E with Adam. Scrumptious. We also went to a completely delightful Valentines day party with some friends.

Least Favorite: Being sick and taking care of sickies. Oh and letting Paige "Cry it out" in her crib for an hour and a half. Poor thing...but I haven't slept through the night in 8 months soooo....

Also, my husband is SO funny. He's kind of a shy guy, but once his sense of humor comes out you can't help but LOL at everything he says.

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Georgia said...

Melissa, I love reading your 'week in the life' posts. Hannah is hilarious, Paige is so sweet, I am sorry you've been sick/had sickies, and I agree that having narration for a less-than-stellar movie makes watching said movie great fun.

Keep running, get better and for heavens sake, don't stop blogging!