Monday, February 20, 2012

A Week in the life 7 {2/12-2/19}

Our week can be summed up in a few quick sentences. I'm behind so I'm just going to quickly summarize.

Nana (mother in law) came to spend some time with her grandchildren, and to give us some time off for Valentines day. We had a lot of fun with her. As of 2/19 she has lost 40 lbs on the Atkins diet and we are really proud of her. We went to the park with her, to pump it up, library story time, and basically spent the week doing the grandma thing. We had a lot of fun. Paige lit up when she was around and Hannah was very personable with her.

Sickness came as well. Vomit, sore throats, runny noses, coughing, fever. The works. We can't seem to shake it. Adam had it a little bit, I had it for a few days, but Hannah and Paige have had it on and off for three weeks now. One sickly just passes it back to the next. I'm looking forward for this to pass.

Valentines day was awesome. We said no gifts but I got cards for everyone. We also bought Hannah and Paige Lady and the Tramp. When I came down for breakfast there were two wrapped gifts and a giant box. In the giant box was a very nice jogging stroller! I've been wanting one for quite a while, although I was super surprised because we said no gifts. I was even more surprised to find that Adam had received wireless headphones, something he'd wanted for a long time...from me. Hmmm. How generous of me? Funny...I don't remember buying that haha. Adam planned a very romantic skating hand in hand and Mediterranean food! By the way, Adam could have been a hockey player. He is super coordinated, and fast. He is a much better ice skater than I am, I'll tell you that!

Hannah has been a dog all week. We've alternated watching Bolt and Lady and the Tramp. She likes to get her hair done in pigtails so she can have ears like Lady. She tells me that I have to "take good care" of her. She likes to be carried and cuddled. I love it.

Paige's big news is she has started to crawl. I was getting a bit worried as she is five and a half months (Hannah crawled at 5 months and it's hard not to compare them) but she is a scooting champion now. What a proud mama I am! She is so strong!

Finally, I've been obsessed with Downton Abbey. I watched three episodes on netflix about a month ago and liked it...but I decided to watch episode 4. Holy cow I guess that was the magic number because about four days later I'd watched both season 1 and 2. I love it. I think it is just excellent television.

Didn't take many pictures this week. Sorry.


Lindsey said...

hahaha i love that hannah pretends she's a dog. i told my little brother he was a dog when he was 2 and for weeks he totally believed me :)

Bea said...

I LOVE Lady and the Tramp :o)

did you finish Downton Abbey then?
If so we are on the same page :o)