Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017

February was filled with fun. I took off with the boys to Utah for a whole week, and the girls stayed home with Adam so they could go to school It couldn't have been a more perfect get away. My mom treated me to lots of delicious food, pedicures, snow shoeing, naps, etc. It was so so needed. The boys got to spend time with Jack, and lots of family dogs. They had a blast, and Grandma Phyllis and the aunts gushed over the boys and how well behaved they were. I also go to have a girls weekend with the wolf pack, filled with more yummy food, shopping, and movies. It was amazing.

Most of February was spent doing low key activities at home. I was babysitting quite a bit, and we were struck with a few different illnesses which made staying at home imperative. During that time we had some fun doing lots of reading, and we even did a drive in movie. I did buy a pass to the children's museum, so we went there once and had a blast.

Of course February also means the color run! Uncle Avery and soon to be Aunt Kylee came to stay with us for the weekend and we had so much fun sharing our family tradition with them. It was Jonathan's first color run, and he was so chill about it.

Hannah started reading the Harry Potter books by herself (and listening to the audio) and is loving it.
Paige passed off her 100 Kindergarten sight words! We are so very proud!