Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I'm a pretty big nerd and I sort of got a wee bit emotional voting early on Tuesday. I'm grateful for voting. I'm also grateful for a loving hubby to take care of my cold (even though he gave it to me).

I'm grateful for school and that even though the news comes as quite a shock that my schedule doesn't permit me to substitute next semester I'm grateful for a husband who can support me through school and stay out of debt!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Early Voting!

I totally Baracked the Vote!

And YES ON Prop 5!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Version of Thankful Satuday.

Last night while driving for some quality time with Mindy, time I have been seriously lacking, I was side swipped on the I-15 Northbound.

Usually it's my favorite road :) The road to my parents house, the road that connects me to my family...but last night I was terrified. I was driving on the right side of the road when suddenly a white Chevy Truck zoomed up the entrance lane and attempted to merge into traffic well, he was speeding and tried to cut me off (Excuuuuse me for following traffic rules) apparently his depth perception is worse than mine. I could see it was about to happen. It was inevitable as his truck drifted faster and faster toward my car I couldn't switch lanes, no opportunity. I tried to slow down right as I knew it was happening- just let him go along his way and be angry at his recklessness but nope.

When he hit me we were sharing a lane and I was scared I would be forced into traffic. I lost control for a minute as he just sped up and casually drifted into traffic. Retaining my wits I quickly called Adam and told him to get a paper and pen. I followed the guy for about a mile while Adam did this, honking the whole way. I relayed his information: White Chevy Truck California plates licence number blah blah blah. I was freaking out.

So this morning as I think back on the events of last night and assess the damage I am grateful for many things. I am thankful that the car had limited damage to it. We lost the passenger side mirror and have slight dents invisible from ten feet away and its scraped up some. I am thankful for this because it is our only car. I am grateful that at no point I ever felt my life was in danger. I was able to stay calm enough to know that and feel safe and protected. I am thankful for Mindy who still went out with me and provided me with counseling :) I am grateful for Adam who jumped right on the problem contacting insurance and such. I am safe and fine and for now I am trying to let go of the anger I feel towards the awful driver who made bad choices endangering our one and only car.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

I am SO thankful today for an awesome Job! I love substituting! It is prepping me to go into a classroom and teach the cute little kiddos, I also love that when my husband is sick he can stay home and I can go to work for him (which I did on Wednesday).

I am Thankful that we sold our car! We've been praying and waiting for that car to sell for over a month now and we are glad to be rid of it although we've had some good times with that car :)

I am THANKFUL for my cell phone. Adam didn't have his cell today and I felt so far removed from him it was depressing so I'm grateful for the use and privilege that cell phones are :)

I'm Thankful for The Office which brings me great Joy

And Finally, I am thankful for good books to keep me entertained!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not Quite Finished...All about Adam

I didn't feel quite finished for Adam's Birthday..perhaps it was because it was so I thought I'd do something similar to what I did except I don't have the time or the patience to think of one hundred things and reader- you probably don't have time to read 100 things so in honor of his 27th birthday (wow what the heck!) I give you

27 Things You May Not Know About Adam

1) He Builds Computers for Fun and is pretty Genius when it comes to fixing them, which helps a lot because who wants to pay for computer repairs

2) He Served his Mission in Australia which he loved and often says out of the blue "I am so jealous of Sean!

3) He was Adopted- His mom got divorced when he was about three years old- back then he was Adam Whiting. Along came my AWESOME Father-in-Law and he's a better man for having Terry as his Dad.

4) He is the Oldest of 6 but only one of those is his full brother- Austin. The rest are his half sibs and I believe he has four others that belong to his biological father.

5) Adam is an EXCELLENT COOK! One day he asked if I was "free for Friday night" and I made sure I was. I was anxious to go on a date but instead I came home to a glamorous meal in the candlelight "just because"

6) Adam Decided he wanted to be a teacher after he saw a ball kicked really high by his Principal. He decided to fulfill that dream and while playing soccer with some 2nd graders he kicked the ball as hard as he could- right into the face of a little girl...

7) Adam is a CANCER SURVIVOR and has been in Remission for six years now.

8) Adam was once punched in the face at a stop light. The guy cut him off and so he honked his horn. The guy got out of the car (Austin started to cry) and did the "roll your window down" motion. Adam did and the guy punched him right in the face. They were pretty sure the guy was high as he drove down the road opening and closing his door. Oh did I mention they were shopping on a Sunday and he was 15 years old.

9) Adam is a Comic Book nerd! He loves collecting and reading. On his first birthday that we spent together I bought him a first edition something...I don't know. All I know is I heard him talking about it in July and so I bought it for him in June.

10) Adam is a fantastic writer. When we were dating and I was writing a missionary, he would write me beautiful letters once a week because he wanted to be everything my missionary was and beyond.

11) Adam was kind of a loner as a kid but is now "da Belle of da Ball" as Michael Scott would say. In the two years since returning to Australia before meeting me, Adam had taken out over forty girls, Although, he used his kisses sparingly and I was only girl #4.

12) Adam HATES two things. Marching Bands and Zoos.

13) Adam is an Avid Skier (can't stand "sell out" snowboarders) and he's very good at it, and also very patient with his wife who is absolutely horrible.

14) Adam is hilarious, he is often making up little song and joke and his wit amuses me

15) Adam had braces for several years to get that perfect smile, he also has had skin problems like I had. Between our bad skin and my bad eyes and his crooked teeth our kids are done for.

16) Adam LOVES his Mom, which I thought might be a problem for a long time but he has a great relationship with her and she taught him how to have a loving respectful relationship so for that I thank her

17) Adam loves to serve people. If he is needed somewhere all you have to do is ask and he never grumbles or complains about having to do something, you can tell he truly cares

18) Adam is a BIG TEASE! He especially loves to tease Me, my Mom, and Grandma Bea and you can't get annoyed because of that big smile

19) Adam is a major procrastinator...and sometimes he is quite proud of this fact. He honestly believes that he does his best work at the last minute. On Saturday, he wrote an eleven page research paper in three and a half hours!

20) Adam loves to surprise people. When we were dating he surprised me several times like when he came to visit me in Utah (awesome) or when "he" (and by he I mean his mom) bought tickets to California and Disneyland for my birthday or like when he surprised me with our pet Rocky the Turtle

21) Adam is a shopper, and while I HATE HATE HATE going shopping (even for essentials for groceries) he gladly goes shopping

22) Adam is Mr. Fix it. I am grateful that I married someone who can do simple mechanical work because that saves us a lot of time and money and it gives him something to do

23) This is how old Adam was when we met! Although he told me he was 24...I don't know why

24) Adam has awesome scars! He has one on his left forearm that is shaped in an L which he tells people that he carve into his arm when he was a teen to be in a gang, also one on his foot from when his mom was riding with her baby boy on a bike and she didn't understand why she was going so was because his foot was caught against the treading on the bike. He didn't even cry.

25) Adam's middle name is Loraine. He once thought of changing it legally to Lindon (Terry's middle name) but never got around to it.

26) Adam has a good eye for art. He used to want to be an architect but found Teaching to be more fulfilling. He won awards for his art in school.

27) Adam is a great swimmer! He was on the swim team in High School and played water polo in both High School and College. This gave him very long and lean muscles, all the better to squeeze me with :)

Adam is the most WONDERFUL husband in the whole world! Honestly he is awesome and I'm grateful for him, for all his wonderful quirky features that make up my husband!

Friday, October 17, 2008

When the Shining Armor Comes Off

Most every girl dreams of the day when she will be carried away to live happily ever after with her knight in shining armor. To those lucky princesses who are fortunate enough to have found said knight, they are often surprised when the gallant soldier takes off the shinning armor. Do they really know this man? How happy will they live Ever After?
Three and a half years ago I met such a knight who swept me off my feet and carried me away to live my happily ever after. On this day October 17th 2008, my knight's birthday I would like to share with you who he is when the armor comes off.
When he removes his helmet, you find yourself staring into the most bright, dashing smile. When we were dating up at BYU-Idaho, my grandma made a special stop with our family friend on her way to our cabin to show her his perfect toothy grin. This was the first thing I noticed, and if he could fill my heart with only one memory, it would be of his smile. Inside that smile are eloquent and witty words which, as he promised, makes me laugh every day. From those perfect lips come some pretty outrageous things that my ears may not agree with at times but never has he raised his voice to me. His patience exceeds my own and from him I've learned to be more calm and serene in my own life. Not only will you notice his handsome features, but his stunning intellect. My knight has a thirst for knowledge, motivated by this he is seeking to further himself by pursuing two graduate degrees. This makes my heart swell with pride, I have never known anyone to be so ambitious and I'm grateful he aspires to such worthy goals.

When he removes his breastplate you will discover his good heart. Adam has so much goodness within. As many of you know, Adam is very lovable. Sometimes he can be quick to judge new things, but is quick to repent and embrace what he has dismissed. Beneath the breastplate is also a welcome spot for a warm hug. Adam's hugs are sincere and comforting.

As for the rest of the suit, the shoulders are exposed leaving a welcome place to cry. Without the restriction of the heavy metal on the arms he is better able to reach out and serve others. Adam has a love for service, I think this is where he gets his love for teaching. He reaches out with loving arms and touches the lives and minds of these children. Beneath the armor, he is just my Adam and that is fine with me :)

I am grateful because I have found such a wonderful man. I love him so much! Adam has taught me so much in these past three and a half years and I'm grateful that we have eternity to share. Adam- Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday Lover!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

My friend Bree inspired this post! Thanks for giving me the idea Bree!

I am THANKFUL today for ibuprofen which has cured me of so many headaches which I seem to be prone to. I am THANKFUL for a loving and understanding husband who serves me. I am GRATEFUL to Joy and LaVon Salmon who are the epitome of Christian Courage, without their friendship and love Adam and I would be in a sticky situation, especially with our car. I am THANKFUL for the change in weather that has made living in Las Vegas bearable and look forward to the progression of the season. I am THANKFUL for time, for the time I have had with my husband and for what that time has allowed us to accomplish. I am GRATEFUL for saving for a rainy day and for the fact that we are able to attend school loan/debt free. Last I am THANKFUL for my ipod who has been a good friend to me this past year.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Awesome Birthday!

In my last post I referred to my birthday weekend in St. George and I'm now going to expound :)
We had a WONDERFUL weekend in St. George and I'd like to mention a very special person who helped make it possible and more affordable. To respect her desired anonymity I will refer to her as my Phavorite Filipino Auntie! So THANKS SO MUCH! The hotel was awesome and we didn't have any issues or anything. You are so wonderful!

We left about noon for St. G and almost forgot to change our clocks :) So we were late to see the Joseph Smith movie at the time we had planned. I have never seen the Joseph Smith movie and I heard it was awesome. I hear he's a great guy/True Prophet of the Restoration so I figured I might need to check it out. I called ahead and they said it was a 70 minute movie and they showed it every hour and a half. Adam and I sat down to watch it in the St. George Temple visitors center so we could enjoy it. I remembered that an acquaintance of my family had played the Young Joseph so I was surprised when the movie started and Nate Wititaker (inside joke w/Caitlin) looked like he'd been given a prosthetic nose. I was so confused for about 20 minutes when all of a sudden the movie ended. A couple of us in the theater looked around confused...I got up and walked out asking the Sister if the movie was supposed to be over...oops she pressed the wrong "Joseph Smith Movie" button :(

So we watched the movie we'd gone to see (Although we'd had a huge spoiler with the other movie- hint: The Church is True. Period.) I of course cried and was moved and it was wonderful. I'm so happy that I've seen it and it makes me want to be a better missionary.

So after the movie it was off to the Play LES MISERABLES (LES). Adam kept pronouncing the play Les Miserablesles and I don't want to confuse him so it will be hence referred to in this post as Les Miserablesles. Adam of course realized how cold he was all of a sudden and decided to get a Bennie which made me anxious. Of course because I was anxious he didn't believe me when I told him to get the black and not brown one so he had to ask another lady (grrr) and then we were on our way. We were sitting up in row D 10&11 (I.E. 4th row center) WE LOVED IT! I cried at least six times. Adam didn't understand the first half (thank goodness for intermission) and so I explained and he really enjoyed his first experience! We were snuggled up in the cold under a blanket made by my Granma B. The show was incredible but it was no London :)
I had so much fun! I'm grateful that we were able to do that and that we could have a hotel so that we could be safe! Next, The Killers!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Countdowns Begin

Author: Adam Turney

The presidential elections are coming up in a short three weeks. It is incredibly exciting to be part of such a historic election period. Those of us that vote have a pretty important choice to make, even if our votes don't necessarily count for who is elected. Wait, you didn't know that our votes don't really select the president? It is true. Our vote we cast is part of the popular vote which is used to show who the people want as president. However, it is the electoral college that selects who is going to be the next president. Those individuals that we voted for to be our state Senate and House of Representatives members are the ones who select who is going to be the next president. Also, certain states like California are very democratic so they almost never vote Republican (that is 55 electoral points right there). Those of you in Utah that are voting Republican are probably pretty safe because I am confident that the majority of voters in Utah are registered Republicans. I am incredibly excited to be able to vote on November 4, to be able to cast my ballot for Barack Obama because I feel he is the best candidate. If it was Mitt Romney I would have been much more likely to vote Republican...but such is not the case.

In the meantime, I have something much more exciting to look forward to. On October 20 I am going to see The Killers...this is the most amazing band I have heard in forever (or at least 27 years). I just sat down to make a music CD for our drive to St. George and listened to some of their music and got the chills from the overwhelming excitement I am filled with for the concert. This year has been an amazing year for us (especially me). Even though I am anxious for the school year to be over (I will graduate with my first Master's degree) I am looking forward to all that is filling each month. I have the best life and am loving every minute of it. I am going to miss playing World of Warcract (only one week left to play) as I have sacrificed countless hours playing it, but I hope to fill that void with more productive reading books that will increase my intellect so I can carry on smart conversations with Tim.

Friday, October 10, 2008

100th Post!

Happy Birthday/100th post day to me! In honor of one of the most interesting delightful people you know... and to celebrate the 100th post and one year of blogging, I would like to present to you 100 things about ME that you may not already know...

1) When I was in high school I won first place in the state of Utah for high school journalism. I was also published in several journals for short stories and poetry.

2) I watched the Bountiful temple be built and I remember looking out my window for the first time when the lights came on! When I went through for the dedication, we were seated in the bridal room. My mom gave me a pink CTR ring and told me that when I grew up I could be married there if I chose the right, so I've always wanted to be married there.

3) My favorite cat Smokey died when I was 16. I still miss him sometimes.

4) I went to College with an African Prince. His Grandfather was the king of an African country (I'm not sure which one) and he was like 3rd in line. We couldn't pronounce his name so we called him Prince.

5) Every time I visit another country I light a candle in a cathedral and pray for my family and friends.

6) I love to read, it is one of my favorite activities and I'm always searching for a good book.

7) I enjoy competition, in fact I am perhaps too competitive I'm probably more competitive than you are, I know I am. I really love to win.

8) Sometimes in Russia I would wake up in the middle of the night and watch the snow fall. It made me feel inspired.

9) I am pretty emotional. I cry over pretty much anything. Once when we were dating Adam and I decided we needed to take a break from each other. Every morning for one week he'd leave love letters on my front porch. One day, I e-mailed him a school project of mine so that he could print it off for me. They arrived prompt on my porch, stapled and hole punched. I thought it was so sweet that he went the extra mile for me and hole punched the paper I started to cry.

10) I am very good with money and budgeting.

11) My favorite T.V. Shows in order of when I fell in love with them are as follows: Ghostwriter, Little House on the Prairie, Friends, The Office.

12) All four of my Grandparents attended my wedding.

13) I started a club called the MB Hunt club. It was based off the TV show Ghostwriter. It stood for Melissa and Becky Hunt for clues club. All my Ensign family cousins were involved and we'd all take notes spying on the adults. It was very boring and we were upset that there were not mysteries to solve.

14) I am very indecisive when it comes to making any sort of purchase and I always look for a good sale!

15) I am highly opinionated and judgmental...sorry

16) I judge books by their cover...and don't read them if I don't find them attractive. I'm sure I've missed out on many good books :(

17) One day at Wells Fargo I balanced my drawer and was over .30 cents. I took it home just so I could say I successfully robbed a bank.

18) My favorite book of all time is "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens (the unabridged un-disney version) which I read every year at Christmas time because of my Dad.

19) At least three of my In-Laws have seen me naked Allie- cause I was changing in her room, Avery- cause my swimsuit came down after a wave hit me, and Aubrey- cause she walked in while I was showering.

20) I don't sleep in anymore, even on days that I can- because Adam never EVER sleeps past 8:00 in the morning...I've seen it happen maybe once.

21) I used to read my roommates journals to see if I was mentioned *oops did I say that out loud hee hee*

22) I have broken up with five boys

23) I've been dumped five times (four of those times were with boys I had already broken up with)

24) I have kissed five boys and one man (wooh wooh) Justin, Brian, John, Kyle, Drew, and Adam. I regret three of them (Brian, John, and Kyle- I gave those kisses like pretzels).

25) My favorite Comedian is Dimitri Martin- Check him out

26) I used to hate the drive to Island Park up the I-15 North. Now I dream of it.

27) The best thing about Las Vegas is I get to be different and stand out because I am a Latter-day Saint.

28) If I could be cast in a T.V. Show it would be Lost, because then I could hang around with Sawyer and Jack. But especially Sawyer.

29) I used to HATE the Beatles. I blamed them for my car sickness. My Dad used to tell me that I had to listen to them because "one day you will like a band I don't like called the ladybugs and I will have to listen to them..." I remember thinking to myself the Ladybugs is a stupid name for a band- and I was like 7

30) My first date I was asked to go to a birthday party we were both invited to (wooh) and he said he'd pay ten bucks for my discounted entry to Lagoon. He didn't. Good thing I brought my wallet. I always brought my wallet with him...good thing too!

31) I remember learning to read. My mom would give me these books called "Easy Readers" and I'd sit out on our back porch and try to read out loud. I remember it was so frustrating I thought EASY Reader...more like HARD reader. This was pre-Kindergarten.

32) I decided to go into teaching for the convenience of the hours with raising a family and the SUMMER BREAKS! However, as I go deeper into the program I've discovered the joy and wonder that teaching is and I'm kinda addicted.

33) My favorite season is the Fall because I love Thanksgiving, Halloween, and my BIRTHDAY! I think it is a beautiful time of year.

34) I cried like a baby when Dobby (in Harry Potter) died. Adam had to console me. I couldn't even read through the tears and had to take a break from reading. It was a glorious scene.

35) When I was little and Megan was a baby, I touched her eyeball to see if it felt like mine or if a babies eyeball was different. Umm I found out that babies don't like it when you do that, especially if you scratch their cornea and make them bleed from the eyeball...

36) I don't actually like SPORTS (no surprise) but I do like sports stories, inspirational or underdog sports teams/players to be exact. I think a good story really makes a team who they are and that is why I cheer for the Red Sox.

37) One time I took all my mom's foundation and covered myself in it and pretended I was a mannequin. It was probably a dumb idea. I can't remember if I got in trouble though.

38) I used to play kissing tag in first grade, however, the teachers said we could spread germsthat way so instead I invented pinching bum tag. That was also yanked from games too inappropriate to play. I didn't understand cause my parents played all the time...

39) I was only sent to the principals office once when I was in first grade again...I was sent because a boy bit my elbow (TJ was his name) once their he begged me not to tell but I felt it was my obligation to. The principal made him try to bite his own elbow in front of me for what seemed like forever. Even I thought that was a bit extreme, a young girl watching a boy be humiliated. Then the principal told him that you can't do things to others that you can't do to yourself. Odd.

40) Once when my friend was on vacation I went into her house and stole her glass turtle that had rocks in it. I put it back later, I don't know if she ever noticed. Sorry Megan :)

41) I prefer comfort to fashion. I believe being yourself is more important than being liked or admired.

42) I'm a bed hog. I steal sheets and space and every once in a while it is so bad Adam has to get out of bed and pull me to my side or adjust my body while I sleep. I like to sleep with one leg slung over him and he hates it lol.

43) Despite #42, Adam and I love our Queen bed and don't ever foresee changing to a king size because when we wake up at night each of us likes to feel around for each other to know they are there.

44) I am a clean FREAK! My Kitchen drawers stand as proof of that, as does my color coordinated closet.

45) Because my parents married their high school sweetheart as did many in my family, I was on the lookout for a hubby when I was 14.

46) I Dear John-ed Two missionaries at the same time. One was more serious than the other of course.

47) I cried when Don Knotts, or Barney, died. Hard.

48) I hate dead bodies. I can deal with live creepy crawlers and animals and humans but if they are dead I get so grossed out.

49) I picked out my wedding dress when I was 16 at a young women's activity. I cut it out and put it in a folder. When I went to pick out my wedding dress I looked all over and finally found one that I fell in love with. It was the most wonderful dress I'd ever seen. About a week later I got out my young women's binder and discovered I'd picked out the EXACT same dress as I had four years earlier. The style was named Sydney...which is where Adam served his mission and one of my favorite names for a Daughter.

50) I felt bad for both parents when they turned 40, thinking it was the end of their life. Now I'm only 17 years away from that. Crap.

51) I decided I wanted to be an actress when I fell in love with Harrison Ford and dreamed of falling in love with him on screen

52) My first concert was Donny Osmond when I was 19 at BYU-Idaho. Since then I've seen Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Brad Paisley, Rodney Atkins, Tim McGraw again, Toby Keith, Avril Lavign, James Blunt, Jessey McCartney, Michael Buble, Andre Bochelli, Elton John, and Josh Groban. I've seen may more but those are my highlights.

53) I love musicals, my favorite is Les Miserables which I get to see for my birthday! I love it so much that it was a highlight of my trip to London. When they began the Overture I began bawling and didn't stop the whole way through. It was magical.

54) I prefer cold to heat, and I live in Las Vegas.

55) Despite the fact that I am an emotional human I don't like to cry in front of people. My mom can invariably always make me cry but I don't like crying in front of my mom...I don't know why. When I went to the Louvre I called my mom to let her know that I was there and she made me cry by starting to cry.

56) Speaking of my mom, my senior year of high school she wrote me a letter just about every day and I saved each of them.

57) I'm a hand holder, I love to hold hands. When Adam and I are together I love that physical connection, even when we are just sitting around at home.

58) My favorite form of communication is love letters, Adam used to write me beautiful love letters when we were dating and even now during every special occasion he will write me letters. He has beautiful words.

59) My ideal job would be anything in my pajamas.

60) I secretly want to have a daughter first :)

61) Although I love Yogurt, it makes me gag. I don't eat it in front of people because I will sit their and gag it down. It must be the texture...anyway, recently I was eating yogurt in our bedroom and I thought Adam was in the other room but he was just around the corner and I began gaging big time. He feels really bad for me, as do I :(

62) I love Subway sandwiches. That is all. Boo Quiznos!

63) There aren't a lot of things I hate...but I hate milk. I think it tastes disgusting. Yes Mom, Hate.

64) I can't fall asleep with the closet doors open, or without covers. I just feel comforted if i'm all snug in my bed.

65) My perfect weather is RAIN! I love the rain and wish that it would rain every day. I also prefer winter to summer and fall to spring...I just like feeling cozy.

66) Both Adam and I are the Oldest in our families...according to the birth order, it is not a match made in heaven and I admit it will be an eternal power struggle but we all know the wife wins lol.

67) Since I turned 10 on 10/10/1995, I began to look forward for 10/10/10 which is my 25th birthday. Nobody can beat that birthday...NOBODY!

68) Adam and I are three years and 51 weeks apart. We like sharing our birthday week.

69) I am fairly O.C.D. Or C.D.O. (alphabetical order) When it comes to neatness, clothing being color and style organized, the even and odd numbers of bowls and cups in my cubbords being dispersed, writing notes (I usually write them about three times) writing letters and just writing in general.

70) I once went Dumpster Diving for a gift card from WalMart. We were so poor we couldn't afford to NOT dumpster dive in 112 degree heat.

71) Adam and I lived with my Grandparents right after we got married. Then we lived with a random lady in Las Vegas who had advertised for a young couple. We didn't actually live alone as a couple until January 2007.

72) I've been fortunate enough to visit the temple grounds: Salt Lake, Manti, Logan, St. George, Bountiful, Ogden, Jordan River, San Diego, Redlands, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Fresno, Oakland, Las Vegas, Idaho Falls, Palmyra, Boston, Preston England, Copenhagen Denmark, Stockholm Sweden, and a few more that escape me at the moment...or not maybe I got them all.

73) A few days ago Adam and I celebrated our 2 year 2 month and 2 day anniversary on October 7th! I can't wait until March 12th 2013 (7th year 7th month 7th day...maybe we'll go gamble)

74) I once attended a writers conference after winning a writing contest.

75) After a Beach House trip I had such great time watching Andy, Jeff, Jeremy, and Russell singing We Didn't Start the Fire-By William Joel (Love, Dwight) That I got the song and memorized it and learned what most of the things were so that the next trip I could sing with them...they never did it again.

76) I still dream of Russian Burritos sold by the Iranian guy and the cheese squares that were actually triangles.

77) I'll run a 5k in November and someday soon I'll be running a half marathon (In the next year)

78) I am a nerd for Sylar (Gabrial) the Villain on Heroes, also Michael Scott- He seduces me with comedy.

79) I love my Birthday...I think its the best day in the year and I would celebrate it every day if I could. Adam thinks I'm crazy but I think it is because my parents made such a big deal about it. So don't think I'm weird or selfish or anything, I only get one day a year and I gotta make it good!

80) My favorite beverage is orange juice and for the first 18 years of my life I drank it every morning. These last five years I've been all dried up :( We buy it occasionally but thanks to hurricanes and the economy I don't get it very often, thanks economy.

81) I've found a new passion for Books on CD. I've officially jumped into the realm of geek!

82) This year I will be celebrating both American and Canadian Thanksgiving. That's what happens when your Best Girlfriend is Canadian. Thanks international affairs.

83) Adam told me that he was getting me a pet rock two years turned out it was actually a pet turtle, because on our honeymoon in Mexico I fell in love with the little tortugas swimming in the little pond by our we named him Rocky because he is our pet rock.

84) I am literally afraid of silence. I get clammy when I don't know what to say with strangers so I avoid them...does that make me shy? I refuse to be shy. So I usually just end up saying something stupid or ridiculous. I blame my mother.

85) Hey look it's 85! I was born in 85! That makes me 23! The other day I was subbing and for some reason kids always want to know how old you are and how long you've been married to Mr. Turney for so I lie to them and tell them I'm 56 and I've been married to Mr. Turney for 27 years. They are always so confused but I stick to it. And if they are old enough they realize they can figure out my age from the year I was born, but when I tell them 1985 they are amazed that I was born in the previous century and believe me that I'm 56.

86) At Adam's school I was once mistaken for his daughter by a first grader.

87) I have the BEST job in the WHOLE WORLD! I am so grateful to be a sub and I love every minute of it!

88) When I get anxious I soothes me.

89) One Month before the Office began I went on a TV cleanse so that I could enjoy the office without a ton of junk swirling around in my head. It was actually really nice.

90) I broke my arm and nobody (except me) realized it until the next day when I was playing dodge ball and I caught the ball and my wrist looked weird. I got a hot pink cast.

91) Again...another crying story. I found out about Santa Clause when I turned 11 years old. I bawled and bawled. I felt betrayed by my parents, I felt I had lost a friend. I'm kinda sentimental like that, whereas Megan just laughed fully expecting to get the same amount of presents.

92) When I'd tease about Megan being the youngest and most privileged I was teasing...sure enough she DID get a car by default when we left. LAME!

93) I was a hair model my Jr. and Senior year. The guy chose me because you can do ANYTHING with my hair: straight curly wavy etc. and I was contracted to have short hair. That's why I kept my hair short and dyed it only blond those years.

94) I love the Today show and watch it just about every morning

95) I'm so sick of the debates I'm getting to the point where I avoid it at every cost. I'm basically voting on economy and education reasons.

96) I love April Fools day and have performed some awesome jokes, especially to my family. I've hidden the van, put koolaid packets in all the fossets so that water comes out pink or green or blue, this was done after I put Vaseline on all the door handles, I've pretended to get engaged, I've pretended to break up with long time boyfriends, the best was last year when I pretended to be an old lady with a lot of money and I called the Wells Fargo investment guy looking to invest...poor guy didn't see it coming and called me back on my phone, I let it go to voice mail so he would know that it was me and he was really cute about it.

97) I have a secret that I want to tell but I can't on this blog and I will share it later but I'm too embarased I guess so this will be the slot for that when I actually accomplish my secret (no I'm not pregant or planning on being pregnant and yes it is a good secret:)

98) I started this post last may and have worked on it for several months, Its pretty boring sorry :)

99) I would like to live again in another country and if I could chose it would be England or Australia. I do need to learn another language though so maybe Spain or Portugal.

100) I am enormously sentimental. I save everything and tuck away every memory and thats how I remember things that happen to my friends and family. I'm not a stalker :) I just love you guys and feel so tender twoards each of you.

Yeah, I wrote myself a birthday post...whats it to ya?

Here is a look back at the last 23 years of my life! I love my Birthday and it is time to CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON!

Age- Very Young and Not Yet Aware

Age- Probably about one year
Age- About Two Years
Age- I think this is right before Birthday #3
Happy 4 years old Ms Marsden

5 Years old
Six Years Old
Seven Years Old- And I'm sure I had a better Cake than that ;)
Eight is GREAT!
Nine is Fine

Ten is...awkward
11 is worse
12 is ok
13! Time to Watch PG-13 Movies! (The other girl in the pic is Meghan Thornley who had a baby girl on my Birthday in 2006- So happy birthday Brylee)
14- And check out my awesome present (hint I'm sitting on it)

Fifteen years old and awkward still

I am Sixteen going on 17

I am 17 Going on 18 18 years old 19- Although this is a few days before- I spent my actual birthday in Disneyland with my Boyfriend

Oh Look I spent my 20th birthday at Disneyland with a new Boyfriend
21 in Las Vegas Baby, Honest to Goodness Chocolate Cake
22- Elton John Concert

23- Yeah this was a few days ago...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I love Books!

I just finished reading a book by Shannon Hale called Princess Academy. This is the fourth book of Hale's that I've read (preceded by Goose Girl, Austenland, and Rapunzel's Revenge). I recommend her highly and I hope you all chose to read a book of hers.

This is a list of the books I've read in the last month for my Children's Lit Class. I haven't updated it recently so there are more...but I've had so much fun in this class!

Walk Two Moons~ Sharon Creech
Stargirl~ Jerry Spinelli
Flipped~ Wendelin Van Draanen
The Invention of Hugo Cabret~ Brian Selznick
The Dance~ Richard Paul Evans
Because of Winn-Dixie~ Kate DiCamillo
Where the Wild Things Are~ Maurice Sendak
September Roses~ Jeanette Winter
Sister Anne’s Hands~ Marybeth Lorbiecki
The Magician~ Uri Shulevits
Rain Rain Rivers~ Uri Shulevitz
Golem~ David Wisniwski
The Secret Knowledge of Grown Ups~ David Wisniewski
If Sarah will take me~ Dave Buchard
Just the Way You Are~ Max Lucado
You are Special~ Max Lucado
Don’t Let the Pidgeon Drive the Bus~ Mo Willems
The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog~ Mo Willems
No David!~ David Shannon
Miss Nelson is Missing~ James Marshall
Make Way for Ducklings~ Robert McCloskey
Zen Shorts~ Jon J Muth
The Stray Dog~ Marc Simont
If you Take a Mouse to School~ Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond
If you Give a Pig a Pancake~ Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond
If you Give a Mouse a Cookie~ Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond
Goldilocks and the Three Bears~ James Marshall
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs~ Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett
Strega Nona~ Tomie de Palola
A Rainbow of my Own~ Don Freeman
Owen~ Kevin Henkes
The Very Hungry Caterpillar~ Eric Carle
Today is Monday~ Eric Carle
Knuffle Bunny~ Mo Willems
There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly~ Simms Taback
Stellaluna~ Janell Cannon
The Relatives Came~ Cynthia Rylant and Stephen Gammell
The Fox and the Falling Leaves~ Julia Rawlinson and Tiphanie Beeke
Have You Seen My Duckling~ Nancy Tafuri
The Kissing Hand~ Audrey Penn
Ella Enchanted~ Gail Carson Levine
Owl Moon~ Jane Yolen and John Schoenherr
A Chair for my Mother~ Vera B. Williams
Corduroy~ Don Freeman
Rooster’s Off to See the World~ Eric Carle
Frederick~ Leo Lionni
A Bad Case of Stripes~ David Shannon
David gets in Trouble~ David Shannon
Harold and the Purple Crayon~ Crockett Johnson
Journey to Ellis Island~ Carol Bierman
Henny Penny~ Madge Tovey and Maryn Roos
Miss Nelson is Back~ James Marshall and Harry Allard
Caps for Sale~ Esphyr Solbodkina
Blueberries for Sal~ Robert BcCloskey
This is the Teacher~ Rhonda Glower Greene and Mike Lester
Animals should definitely NOT Wear Clothing~ Judi and Ron Barrett
The Polar Express~ Chris Van Allsberg
The Boy in the Drawer~ Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko
Are You My Mother~ P.D. Eastman
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish~ Dr. Seuss
Oh the Things you can Think!~ Dr. Seuss
The Lorax~ Dr. Seuss
Crispin: The Cross of Lead~ Avi
Princess Academy~ Shannon Hale

Tagged! From Sweet Steph

8 T.V Shows We Love!

1) The Office
2) Desperate Housewives
3) Heroes
4) Pushing Daisies
5) Eli Stone
6) Saturday Night Live
7) The Today Show
8) Friends Reruns

8 Things that Happened Yesterday

1) Went to the Temple
2) Got Paid
3) Did Homework
4) Built a Robot
5) Went to Adam's School
6) Made a new recepet
7) Read Princess Academy
8) Talked to Family

8 Favorite Places to Eat (in no particular order)

1) Olive Garden
2) Red Robin
3) Dennys
4) McDonalds
5) Subway
6) My house
7) Ohh The Five Alls mmmm
8) My Mom's house

8 Things I'm looking Forward to

1) Graduating
2) Adam Graduating
3) Reading Book of a Thousand Days
4) Reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
6) Visiting Australia
7) Starting a Family
8) Buying a House

8 Things on my Wish List

1) Be in better shape
2) A new car
3) Selling our Old Car
4) Buying new Scriptures for my B-day
5) Cheesits
6) About 50,000 dollars
7) A Home...
8)...In Utah

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday: The Temple

I always have good experiences when I go to the temple, however, this last temple trip was especially special.

I was so grateful to be with my brother in the temple. I'm grateful for his choices and for holding onto the rod :)

As we drove to the temple, we spent the time answering some of Sean's questions and speaking of spiritual things. As we approached the temple Sean shared with us that he almost felt as Joseph Smith felt when he went to the Grove to pray. That became even more of a reality as we got out of the car and walked to the temple and were met with protesters ready for the conference crowd. If we'd let the darkness in, we may have had a different experience, but we kept our minds focused on the house of the Lord.

I can't really describe what it was like having my brother in the temple with me. I was so proud of him, and happy for him. I was grateful to share the experience and be with many family members that are not usually in the temple with me. I even saw Becky (Ensign) Strong, who was not in the session but in the temple with us. I was grateful to see her. What a wonderful place to be together. I only wish that Adam could have been there with us. I love being in the temple with him.

Thursday The Wedding!

Russell and Jessica got married today! I wish that I was able to be as composed and beautiful as Jessica on my wedding day! She looked so Serene in the temple, so peaceful! I don't know her very well but I'm glad she is the newest member of our family and I look forward to knowing her better! It was great seeing Russell too! I haven't seen him in almost three years (It would be three years at Christmas).
I also had a great time hanging out with my fam. It seems no matter how far the distance or sparse the visits their is a familiarity that makes it feel like I saw them yesterday! Blogging helps I guess :) Still waiting for Archie and Julies blog and David and Chris AND Andy and Kristin.

The temple was beautiful, the reception was exceptional (I've never seen such a beautiful set up in a cultural hall before). I was so glad that I was able to fly up.

Friday, October 3, 2008


YAY! I flew into Utah at about 10am and my Mommy picked me up from the Airport. We got to drive around and see a bit of Salt lake, what a beautiful city in the fall! The weather is perfect and I am so happy to be here! We met all my Ensign Aunts for lunch at The Garden on top of Joseph Smith Memorial. It was so great to be with each of them and catch up on all the families! I am so fortunate to have wonderful examples of women in my life! They are so awesome! I'm especially glad that I was able to have them ALL there!
I hung around with my mom all day swinging by the Bountiful temple (I haven't been since we were married there) and shopping a bit. When we got home we were the only ones there but were soon followed by Meggie and my Dad.

Earlier that week my dad had called and asked if I wanted to have a daddy daughter date. I of course did and he asked if there was anything I wanted to do. Independently of each other, we both though that it would be great if we could rent some old Disney classic cartoons, one of our favorite things to do together. We couldn't find it at the video store so my awesome dad found it on Youtube! The really weird thing is that we had both specifically thought to watch Sleepy Hallow, Lonesome Ghosts, and Trick or Treat, which was a VHS we had a long time ago. My dad located all three on Youtube! It was awesome!

When Megs got home we went to go ask a boy to a was quite the adventure to say the least...Heidi inadvertently tipped him off and he ran into the yard when I was running away. It was pretty funny.
I love being here, but I miss my Adam.