Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hope of Israel

Today at Institute, Brother Hansen got up and invited us all to sing Hymn #259 Hope of Israel.
Brother Hansen is a great pianist and began pounding the keys enthusiastically as we all began the first verse. We sang the song with gusto or energetically as the hymn book suggested.

Suddenly within me, something began to stir, and I'm not talking about the Spirit, although that too could be felt. As the piano played loudly and "energetically" Starting with the fourth verse, my little baby bump started moving within:

Soon the battle will be over;
Ev’ry foe of truth be down.
Onward, onward, youth of Zion;
Thy reward the victor’s crown

Hope of Israel, rise in might
With the sword of truth and right;
Sound the war-cry, “Watch and pray!”
Vanquish ev’ry foe today.

Her movements have been sporadic in the past, and this past week she's really been feeling her way around. I may poke and prod at times to get her going and she'll give me some kicks but today it almost felt like she was trying to find the beat. I couldn't help but laugh through the rest of the song, I kid you not she was reacting to the music, it was not a reflex but a reaction to her surrounding. There has never been any poof of when the spirit enters the body, but I felt her little spirit in there, my little hope of Israel, youth of Zion. You can't be more youthful than a fetus.

It got me thinking of the responsibility I have to raise this baby in righteousness. I have to admit I LOVE being pregnant. Its not always comfortable, or easy but to experience this life inside is incredible. Even during those months when I was throwing up all day long, it was a sign of life being created. I know this may sound weird but I even got a little anxious today when I was thinking about the birth and the separation. I'm beginning to realize its going to be a lot harder to have her outside the protection of my body than within. Mindy told me the other day "enjoy being pregnant because they are never inside you again, there is no way back in. I'm going to try to enjoy it while I can and feel my little Hope bounce around inside. No I'm not going to name her Hope, but for now that's what she is :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Thoughts I Found Interesting

Author: Adam Turney
The other day I was sitting at lunch with my fellow teachers and wondered aloud, "Why do we call a hamburger a hamburger if it isn't made from ham?" It was a rather profound question that they expected me to expound upon and provide an answer...I didn't have one, that is why I asked the question.

Then the other night as I lay my head on my pillow I wondered, "How come the dove gets to be the peace symbol? How about the pillow? It has more feathers than the dove, and it doesn’t have that dangerous beak."

Before I went to sleep I was watching a show about a killer on death row that was being executed by lethal injection. I wondered what it would be like in that situation. "If I was being executed by injection, I’d clean up my cell real neat. Then, when they came to get me, I’d say, ‘Injection? I thought you said `inspection’.’ They’d probably feel real bad, and maybe I could get out of it."

On my way to work this morning I came to an important discovery: "Don’t ever get your speedometer confused with your clock, like I did once, because the faster you go, the later you think you are."

As I sat on the toilet Saturday afternoon, meditating, I thought to myself, "You know what would make a good story? Something about a clown who makes people happy, but inside he’s real sad. Also, he has severe diarrhea."

Last Monday at school was Hat Day, but I really don't like wearing hats because they mess up my hair and make it harder for me to see. However, I think a good product would be “Baby Duck Hat.” It’s a fake baby duck, which you strap on top of your head. Then you go swimming underwater until you find a mommy duck and her babies, and you join them. Then all of the sudden, you stand up out of the water and roar like Godzilla. Man those ducks really take off! Also Baby Duck Hat is good for parties.

These are just some thoughts that I read about that I found interesting...and thanks to Mr. Handey for providing me some good laughs.

Whats in a Name Brand?

I have always prided myself on being extremely sensible. I was never one of those girls who fritter away tons of money on frivolous things. Of course I love looking nice and smelling good and taking pride in my appearance, but I know where my priorities lie and I'm not one for wasting time and money on "things." I'm not a "thing" girl. Give me a pair of jeans and some sneakers and I'm happy as long as I'm laughing.
I have never spent more than thirty dollars on a pair of jeans, or any article of clothing for that matter. I know where to go for the good bargains and I'm happy wearing something comfortable or cute. I'd rather buy four shirts for thirty five dollars than one for a hundred (thanks Ross, Kohls, and Marshall's). My philosophy is: one day you'll be dead and you'll have to leave all your "stuff" behind, so collect loving caring relationships and happy meaningful memories with people you care about, have experiences rather than expensive junk.

So of course being the sensible person I am…if I am face to face with genuine, free, name brand clothing…of course I’ll take it! Some people would say that is against my better judgment as I pride myself on being frugal and sensible. They may think that it is actually very hypocritical of me to enjoy the brand but never in my life be willing to fork out the cash…helloooo I have my dignity…so while I’m not crazy enough to spend 400 dollars on a pair of jeans…my brother in laws bosses wife is…and she is willing to give those jeans to my sister in law…who is tiny tiny. I can fit in size six jeans (for now…) and Allie can’t. Allie is the proud owner of a variety of size six jeans ranging from Lucky (aprox. 120 dollars for a pair) to Joes (aprox. 190 dollars) to Seven (low to upper 200s) and of course the crème da la crème TRUE RELIGION (upper 200s to 300s). Although I would never pay for it, I can appreciate a good brand name- come on I live in Vegas people, where people have to drive to shop because they don’t have Tiffany’s and Dolce and Gabbana, Coach, and Burberry (speaking of, if anyone has an old Burberry bag I’d love it).
A few of the pants are a little big on me (size 8s) so I’m waiting for baby girl to grow a little more so we can wear the pants. But I’m grateful that Allie loves me and is willing to give me the pants that don’t fit her! I know it sounds funny but I especially love the Lucky’s because when you unzip them they say “Lucky You” and because of that reason I’ve wanted a pair since fifth grade… ok it’s a little naughty…but I like to think it’s telling me “Lucky you…you own two free pairs of me now.”

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Girl Weekend

What an awesome weekend!

My mother in law Kris found AWESOME tickets from Vegas to Fresno (76.20 round trip!) for this weekend and graciously invited me out for a girls weekend extravaganza. On Thursday evening my father in law Terry picked me up from the airport and drove me to Visalia. We all did as every normal person should do on a Thursday night and watched The Office.

Friday I hung out with Kris. We went shopping, went out to lunch, and researched stuff for New York which is NEXT WEEK!!! When Allie and Aubrey came home from school, Kaleene and Danell (Adam's cousins) Peggy, (Adam's Grandma) and some of the girl cousins and kids went out to dinner and a movie. We saw Duplicity and it was pretty good, I would recommend it. Kris asked Kaleene's son Nicholas (turned three this month) what he thought was in my tummy. Keeping in mind he has an 8 month old brother and should probably know what grows in tummys, his reply was "umm...full?" We told him it was a baby girl and he gave her a kiss and a hug :)

Saturday we had morning appointments for mani's and pedi's. Kris, Peggy, Allie, Aubrey and I went for some pampering. Peggy was hillarious as she told her pedicurist that she usually tends to her feet by soaking them in Windex or Pinesol. She was cracking us up. Then we went out to lunch and Peggy gave us a tutorial on a new pilot program for church memebers only used for geneology. It was VERY interesting and I need to get my membership records so I can start my family tree. I learned a lot. After that we all got into PJs and watched "The Secret Life of Bees" which was also an awesome movie.

I miss my Adam but there are always perks to visiting the Turney's such as Terry's homemade Pistacio ice cream and Kris' Caramel Corn mmm. It's also great to have lots of girl time! Allie felt the baby move last night which means she's peron number three (one and two being me then Adam) I could tell when she felt her move because she was moving inside and Allie couldn't feel her then suddenly there was a big kick (apparently Aunt Allie was pushing too hard and she gave a big kick) both of us jumped a bit.

Tonight we are watching Pride and Predjudice and tomorrow is more shopping and then flying home. I'm grateful for good relationships with my in laws and for their love and acceptance towards me!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dora the Explorer

Author: Adam Turney
I just read an article that addressed the concern that parents have over the introduction of a "tween" version of Dora the Explorer. For those unfamiliar with Dora, she is a young latina girl that goes on little adventures, speaks Spanish, and is adored by younger kids. Her show is innocent fun and appeals to parents because she is simple and she also speaks Spanish, which I often quote while I am waiting in line with my students.

The new Dora is quite the drastic change from her simple look. Her new upgrades include exotic jewelry, a sassy hair style, it looks like make-up, and clothing that says, "Look at me." Her clothing isn't provocative, but it might get a young boy to entertain inappropriate thoughts.

Apparently parents are outraged by the new Dora and have signed multiple petitions to get Matel and Nickelodeon to reconsider releasing the upgraded Dora. Some of her new adventures include going shopping and getting a make over...just what I want my "tween" worrying about because I have tons of money to throw away on that. I can't imagine that the "tween" scene needs another girl to try and model...aren't Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), the girls from High School Musical, and the girls from Camp Rock enough drama for now? Why do we need a sassy looking cartoon girl added to the mix?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tender Moments

24 years ago I was given a gift. Although I do not remember receiving this gift, it hasn't gone unappreciated. It is a symbol of love as apparent as the tiny dots of hearts abounding in the fabric. A blanket made for me by someone who has been in my life for longer than I can remember- my Aunt Lesley.

Aunt Lesley is very talented and creative and she opens her heart to each of her family members. My mom often speaks of her as the glue of the Marsden family. She talks about how loving Lesley has been to my mom since my parents started dating back in 1894. I believe my parents first date was a double with "Mike and Les." She was the first child born into the Marsden clan as I was the first to join the Tim Marsden clan, and soon the first of the Turney children will join us. Of course I love all my Aunts and Uncles...but this post isn't about them :)

Last November I had a suspicion that I might be pregnant. The weekend before it was confirmed, I spoke with my mom who brought out this small quilt made for me by my Aunt Lesley. She told me about the detail and love put into making this quilt from choosing the best pattern, to adding the lace, and entwining the ribbon around the edges. Mom talked about the gratitude she felt, as she was not the most talented with a sewing machine (neither am I really...its not a talent either of us posses) and here was my aunt making a beautiful blanket and putting as much love and beauty in it as she would have for her own daughter. Thank you Aunt Lesley for my beautiful gift. It is still treasured and I am proud to share it with my daughter shortly.
Five years ago, I was preparing to graduate from high school and move on to BYU-Idaho. As promised, I was given a quilt made by my Grandma. Like the first, this one had a heart pattern. My Grandma picks out each individual quilt pattern with special love and consideration for the grandchild she is creating it for. Each one of us waited patiently for our grandma quilt. I won't go into many of those details, as I know she will cover them at a later time on her own blog; however, I will talk about my own special quilt.

I took my quilt up to BYU-Idaho with me with strict instructions that I was NOT to share it with any boys. I obeyed this instruction for a time until I met and fell in love with a handsome young man named Adam. We shared that quilt many times for movie nights, game nights, and just snuggle time. I had this quilt on my bed and it served as a reminder of home. I was wrapped in the love of my Granma. Still the quilt is a prominent fixture in our family room. We use it for snuggling, naptime, movie night, and just lounging around.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Why I Love Milk

Author: Adam Turney
Anybody that knows me really well knows that I love milk. I prefer there to be some flavoring in my milk, strawberry is my favorite, but I love milk in any form really. While I was sitting in class attempting to pay attention to the incredibly mundane professor I thought back to when I was younger. For many people television has played a role in the development of our interests. Certain commercials would pique our interest and create a desire within that would drive us to want that advertised item. I remember seeing commercials for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures (not dolls) and wishing that I could have everyone of them because they were so cool.

During the 80's the milk companies had some great commercials. Certainly today's "Got Milk?" commercials are great, but these didn't really rely on humor as much to try and sell the delicious drink. The slogan of the milk campaign was, "Milk, it does a body good." Before the slogan there was often a display of how milk would do good for a person's body. Often you would see a young, nerdy boy become attractive to a hot older girl, or the boy would suddenly get muscles from drinking milk. While I was confident that milk wouldn't give me muscles, I bought into the idea that it would do my body good. I immediately began increasing the amount of milk I drank. The peak milk consumption was during my missionary days when I would consume about 3 gallons a week of Whole Milk (none of that wimpy non-fat white water). Currently I am averaging a modest 2 gallons a week, but when I don't have chocolate of strawberry flavoring I consume less.
I want to share two of the most influential milk commercials that I recall during my younger years. Although they may not be the best, I have fond memories of sitting through Saturday morning cartoons and watching these commercials come on and then going to get myself a glass of milk. As these commercials show, it was the performance enhancing drug that kids dreamed of being able to have...but it isn't illegal.

For Mr. Turney

I love to write and sometimes late at night I'll get the urge to grab a pen and start scrawling. Last night I was watching one of my favorite moves: Pride and Prejudice. The moment Mr. Darcy sets foot on screen I can't help the flutter of my heart. A few hours later I received a phone call and the caller I.D. reveled it was Adam. Again my heart fluttered. Now that doesn't happen on a daily basis; however, it is a rare day that Mr. Turney doesn't sweep me off my feet. This moment caused my hand to twitch and I wrote this little poem for Adam.

Though handsome I could never fancy Mr. Darcy for my own
A thrilling conquest to be sure but one my heart will never know

I may dream the words spoke once by Romeo were meant for me
but these words only live on paper, only good for fantasy

And Edward Cullen I confess would have my doting affection
Except for nocturnal habits he's the epitome of perfection

Yes, my heart often beats, or skips, or flutters in anticipation
When its time to indulge a little in imagination

But there is only one to whom I give my heart completely
The one who wakes up next to me and kisses me so sweetly

He is a man of flesh and blood from which faults abound
And often I wonder why I was so lucky to be found-

And chosen by this man who loves me irrevocably

Sorry for the cheese readers :) I just love my man and I'm grateful for him and all he does for me. I think I chose him because I love to laugh...I love the way it makes me feel and he is always making me laugh- even when I am angry at him.

A few weeks ago he was teasing me for obsessing over the pictures of the ultrasound. I kept saying over and over "look at her tiny feet, they are so small...how small do you think they are." To which my silly husband replied "perhaps the size of an ant's or maybe smaller." What a goof :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gifts for Baby Girl :)

Last Thursday our good friends Joy and LaVon Salmon (along with their son Cyle) came to bring a treat to celebrate the news that my little wiggle worm is a girl! We are so grateful for friends like them! This was their beautiful sugar and spice (and everything nice) cake. It was DELICIOUS!

Monday I recieved a suprise package in the mail from Baby's Great Granma Bea. It is her first article of clothing. Since Monday I've kept the little onsie in plain sight so I can be reminded constantly of my daughter and the many people who already love her and pray for her daily.

Hidden Treasures

Adam and I have been living at our home for over two years now. We've lived comfortably in our bedroom and our office up until now but soon baby girl will be coming arriving so we decided to organize the third bedroom in order to fit Adam in there creating a small office space.

The third bedroom contains articles belonging to the relative of our landlords. All we had to do was shift some things around, move some boxes to the closet, and rearrange a few things and presto chango we have a room. As we were moving things around we found a special poster that we felt was blog worthy :) Please to enjoy The Outback:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Desire of my Heart

I remember four years ago while I was dating Adam...among others...and he was trying to steal my heart. Whatever the other guy did, Adam would do twice as good. The other guy had an unfair advantage as he was a missionary and could only write me letters once a week so what did Adam do? For a time he wrote me at least once a week, even once a day when he could find the time. In one such letter he declared that I was the desire of his heart and that he knew he wanted me to be his companion eternally.

That phrase has stuck with me and I would like to share something dear to me that has become the true desire of my heart, next to my love.

For 19 weeks I have been longing with the deepest parts of my soul to be able to hold in my hands, to smell, to taste a tuna sandwich. Living the word of wisdom for the past 23 years has benefited my body and soul. On top of this, I now live by another code and that is the code of the pregnant woman. Certain foods and activities have been restricted from my diet, ironically some of these foods and activities happen to be my favorites such as Hot Tubs, Rides at Disneyland, Sleep, and Seafood.

Because of this restriction I have been without my tuna sandwiches. By the way the love of my life makes the BEST tuna mixture containing the perfect amounts of tuna, mayo, chopped up pick es, and garlic salt. Slap that mixture between two slices of wheat bread, include two thick slices of mild Cheddar cheese and an optional lettuce melt optional (without the lettuce) perhaps some tomatoes. I'm making myself cry right now...

So the first thing I'm going to do after I come home from the hospital, once I get my baby down for a nap...is enjoy a big fat tuna sandwich. Also I'm going to Disneyland.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

T-A-N-A-K-A Tanaka Elementary will lead the way!

I've never seen rock paper scissors settle more arguments than in the halls of Elementary School. Perhaps if it were implemented in foreign policy our world would be a more peaceful environment. That is why I love working around and with Elementary school kids. I learn so much from them, like today when I learned that leprechauns travel from Ireland to America by sliding down rainbows.

They also have logical brains. Whenever I need a break I just tell the kids the baby is thirsty and I get a drink of water. I heard them say the other day that "when the baby is thirsty Mrs. Turney just puts water in her mouth and it goes down to her tummy where the baby lives so it can get a drink." First graders.

Whenever I walk into the halls of Tanaka I hear students all around me saying "HI MRS. TURNEY!" I feel like such a celebrity. The kids get so excited. The other day as I'm teaching a lesson one little boy comes up to me and throws his arms around me. I feel so fulfilled being around these kids because they make you feel like you matter to them, like you are important and what you say absolutely goes.

Today one of my second grade friends came into class with an eye patch on. She has a lazy eye and it needs to be corrected. She walked right up to me and stretched her neck out as far as it would reach and opened up her visible eye as wide as she could and said "good morning Mrs. Turney." Because I was busy I didn't acknowledge her new accessory but every time I'd turn her way she'd proudly stick out her neck. When I finally had an opportunity I asked "Aubrey what happened to your eye." And proudly she told me of her lazy eye and how it was getting fixed.

Another thing I love is how they want to be a part of their life. "Mrs. Turney I got new shoes!" or Mrs. Turney my brother asked me to help him with his homework and he's 12!" One second grader told me "When I grow up I'm probably going to be a scientist for one week and then I'll be a rockstar or something rich."

Of course no job is perfect and where there are highs their are extreme lows. A third grader told his teacher he moved out of his house and then later that week said "my mom likes my dad again so we get to live with him." or when they are the last ones standing on the sidewalk with you and they tell you "my mom probably went to her boyfriends house again...she'll pick me up later." Stories of abuse and neglect. Papers written to teachers about how both parents lost their jobs and how they are about to lose their homes. I hear people talking about how we are spending too much on paying for people who need to get out and get jobs but I don't know those people...I know their kids who are not old enough to get jobs or take care of themselves.

Anyway...sorry to end on a sour note. I love being a part of these kids lives and sharing things with them. I am very lucky to be doing what I am doing now and even though I don't plan on teaching for a while, I'm grateful that I am a part of the Tanaka Family.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A surprise from my past...

So this morning Adam and I went to stake conference. I'm looking around the congregation for other ward members, wondering where they could be. We got there RIGHT on time so we had to sit pretty far back and I was having a hard time locating any when suddenly I spotted a girl that seemed familiar. I did a double take and kept staring. I turned to Adam and said "Adam, I think I went to high school with that girl." He didn't really care but I kept staring at her. Finally as the television was counting down from three minutes I leaned forward to the row ahead of me and asked a boy who I assumed was her brother in law "umm excuse me...but that girl sitting over there...her name is Caitlin right?" He acknowledged that it was indeed Caitlin but I was still unconvinced. After all, what are the odds that five years and one state later we would end up in the same stake? "Caitlin Taylor...from UTAH?" He again confirmed I was correct so I immediately scooted on down and started talking to her.

It was so great to reconnect with this girl that I went through elementary school, jr high and high school with. She was so sweet and looked so great! Apparently her dad (who was a high councilman in my parents ward) told my dad that she was moving to Vegas and so she knew I was here but didn't know how close I was! It was great to see her and catch up with her. She and her Hubby are coming over for dinner Friday night.

Those who have never left their home and moved farish away can't understand the comfort I felt as I talked to her. We'd known each other pretty well in high school but as most people do, lost contact with each other. Seeing her was like getting a little piece of home and I was so grateful for that!

Friday, March 6, 2009

60 Percent of you voted for a boy...

...and you were WRONG!!!!

I'm excited to announce that we are having a baby girl!! We were both shocked and excited and so GRATEFUL because she is measuring perfectly! Her heart is pumping perfectly and her brain looks like it is developing perfectly!
Don't you think she looks like her Daddy?
She has a little itch on her nose that she is scratching

Sweet Profile!
This is my absolute FAVORITE picture...her little Feetsies!

A view from the top, you can see she has her hands by her face
She is measuring just over six inches and weighs aproximatly 9 oz