Sunday, March 4, 2012

A week in the life 9 {2/27-3/4}

Well people, lets just say this was a week of LEARNING experiences. We did all the usual things that I have mentioned on here a million times, so I wanted to post some of the things I learned.

1) Do not take your friendships for granted. If something is off, address it, take responsibility for it, fix it. Everyone is fighting their own battles and we all need to be aware of the needs of those around us.

2) Again, with everyone is fighting their own battles. There are trials that people have that not everyone can see. Whether it be financial, marital, spiritual...some hurts can be well hidden within peoples lives. Don't judge others. Although the two seem related, these are two experiences that are separate from each other oddly enough...but the same rules apply.

3) Don't get so caught up trying to TEACH a principle that you forget to live it. I've recently realized that my personal prayers were lacking greatly. I realized this when Hannah went into her tent to play sacrament meeting and I heard her say a prayer all by herself for the first time. I realized this because I have been so focused on teaching her prayer that all of my prayers have been in her presence and very rote. I feel like Hannah is doing well on her prayers and I've been focusing more on my personal prayers and our couple prayers together and I've felt more peace.

4) If your child asks you to do something over and over and you are too busy, eventually they will stop asking. This happened to me earlier in the week. Hannah wanted to play all morning and I was focused on something else. When I asked if she wanted me to play she said "No thank you." I realized at that moment a time would come when she wouldn't want to play with me, cuddle with me, hold my hand, make cookies with me... and I made more of an effort to slow down and play.


Sheena said...

Amen Melissa. I've learned a couple of these recently myself.

Adam said...

Now you know why I don't ask you to play with me anymore. :)

Bea said...

Adam, you are bad :o)