Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Week in the life 10 {3/5-3/11}

We had a great week again!

I've been working on the C25K (couch to 5k) program again (realized how hard it was to run with an extra 80 lbs with my jogging stroller) and I'm on to week 3 next week. I wasn't feeling well all week which was a bummer so we didn't get to run much.

We watched Katie's kids on Wednesday and I had visions of my life with four girls. Hint, there is a lot of fashion shows and shoe swaps. Hannah has named her feet "Laina and Udder Laina" and she has an imaginary friend named "Ella."

We've been watching a lot of Disney movies to prepare for our Disneyland trip. I've also been consulting with the two year old about what we want to do, since spring break in Disneyland could be insane so we have to plan, map and prioritize. I'm looking forward to our trip, which is much needed.

Paige is the cutest thing on hands and knees. She is SUCH a happy baby and so loving to all of us.

This week I had the experience of two children screaming uncontrollably at the same time for 45 minutes. At one point, I took out my phone and started recording it so I could send it to their Daddy to tell him to come home ASAP. It's strange, moments like that wear me out but they don't test my patience. It's when Hannah disobeys me that I lose it. 

As you can see by the pictures, it has been sunny enough to play outside and at the park. We've had a fun couple of days in the sun. Paige thinks grass is less than stellar.

In preparation for Easter/conference I've been reading the New Testament this week. Some of you might recall, one of my goals this year was to read the standard works. I've fallen a little behind so I've been catching up this week. I read Matthew-Luke and it is amazing to get to know the Savior as I read them all in such a concentrated time span. Yesterday I read 2nd Nephi 25-33 which coincided a lot with the N.T. so it's all coming together. I still hope to realize my goal!

Adam is hot. That's what he's up to these days. Also, he's been working every Saturday for a month and beyond and he's been working extra hours tutoring after school. What a good man I have!


Bea said...

Reminds me of Lilian, when she was 18 months we went to the beach....she DID NOT like the sand so stayed on the blanket all week. Great!!!!! we didn't have to chase her :o)

Margie said...

You will be glad you have recording this. How lucky you are to have the miracle of digital cameras :) I wish we would have had that when you were little!