Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Week in the Life 10.5 {3/19-3/21}

I feel like I should write about my week right now. This week was an incredible week so far.

Monday I did a bunch of chores making sure my house was spotless. It was great fun and all...but I MOSTLY spent it on the floor with my children. We were playing toys, listening to songs, laughing a lot, and just cuddling. It was one of those best days ever. Adam came home and we played with him too. We had a fun family night where we played "Daddy says" which is like Simon says but we don't know a Simon so... then instead of Adam trying to trick Hannah and not say "Daddy says," he said "Laman and Lemuel say" and she wouldn't follow the direction because she doesn't want to be wicked lol.

Tuesday was one of the worst days ever haha. Monday was filled with happiness and patience while Tuesday was filled with lots of mischief and woe. I did think a lot about Heavenly Father and how he gives us instruction and prophets and tries to help us be good but sometimes we just run out of the changing room of Old Navy while Mommy is naked anyway...oh wait I mean, sometimes we are disobedient anyway. Being a parent has really helped me to understand God's love for us in a new way. At some point Hannah told Adam "I don't love you." She hit me at various was just not a good day and both girls were in bed by 6PM.

Today was another wonderful day reminding me that new days bring new moods and chances. We were at the park for about two hours, Hannah and I cuddled in bed for about a half hour, we read books we played Mama bear and baby bear, Paige ate lots of solid foods, Hannah wore panties all day and even though she had two accidents I remain supportive of her desire to wear panties...I've pretty much let her take over potty training. When she says she wants to wear panties I let her and she does really well until I leave the room but she says she does NOT want to wear diapers. We'll see how this goes...

Tonight I told her that one day she was going to grow up and get married to a boy ("I want to marry a big kid. I want to marry Tayden.") and that they were going to have beautiful little babies ("Uh huh, and then I will give him a high five!") It seems so far far far away and I just enjoyed having my baby. Here are some funny pictures. Tonight Adam and I were taking turns feeding Paige and Hannah said "I want to feed my sister!" I let her try. Here are some pictures of her feeding Paige and then cleaning her up.

Good thing P is so patient.


Georgia said...

P is for patience and your little P seems to have it spades!

What beautiful daughters you have, even on less-than-happy days, they are both PRECIOUS--another P!

Margie said...

I wish I could have been there to watch Hannah feed Paige. What is great big sister she is just like you!