Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Week in the life 11 { 3/12-3/18}

Hannah saw a Chinese lady at the park and said "Mom look! Mulan! I found Mulan!"

Uncle Sean told Hannah that he was mommy's brother. Hannah told uncle Sean she had a brother. When he asked who it was she said "Brother Catmull," who is her nursery leader.

Hannah got a package from Grandma in the mail.  Cadbury Mini Eggs. She is obseeeeeeessssssed. She says "I need just one more please please please?!"

This is my current favorite joke of all time. Get it? I can't stop laughing at it. 

The girls also got GORGEOUS Easter dresses from Nana! They look ADORABLE! Pictures to follow. Thanks Nana!

Paige is seriously the sweetest but she LOVES to grab and it HURTS! She's made me bleed and given me bruises and she holds onto me like a bottle when she nurses which is PAINFUL. Paige seriously has the best smile. Whenever a camera comes out she grins that gummy grin from ear to ear. She has been really cuddly. She threw up for a straight hour (I think I traumatized her with solid food, then she overate when I nursed her and she just wouldn't stop) so she got a blessing from Daddy and our friend Shawn. I hate when my babies are upset and sick (especially when they are SO little).

Hannah said "Stupid" for the first time and I was really upset/annoyed at the brat who taught her that word until she told me that I taught her that word...I need to watch what I say more!

I made PERFECT chocolate chip cookies. Some of you know that I have had a bad reputation when it comes to chocolate chip cookies but they were INCREDIBLE. I ate about 30 of them in a 24 hour period :/ I also figured out I'd have to run over a marathon to burn off my cookie calories!

I finished reading Enders Game and Adam finished In the Heart of the Sea (the true story on which Mobey Dick was based) and we read a ton of Marc Brown's Aurthur book with Hannah.

I won a Nikon coolpix camera at the Relief Society dinner. It was donated by RC Willy which is kind of awesome. Especially since our other camera had a piece broken off and the part that holds the memory card just flaps around without tape. I'd blame Hannah but she hardly ever handles the camera and when she gets too curious I snatch it up so I don't know what happened. I'm so excited to take some cool pix.

I got my tickets for the Hunger Games movie. Super excited. AND I'm going on a hot date with a hot man so that makes it even better.

Yesterday Hannah woke me up by coming into the room and shouting "TA-DA!" By far, the cutest way I've ever woken up.

Adam finished his LAST math training which means he has Saturdays back, at least for a while.

I went running this morning and KILLED IT! I ran nearly two miles in 12 minutes which is insane. I accredit it to the fact that I only run with the jogging stroller now so when I ran on my own I had super strength. It took me 20 minutes to do the other two miles because it was up hill and super windy haha but still I felt awesome. 

Today my dad was set apart as Bishop for the singles ward. My testimony has strengthened as I've been learning of certain aspects like how a bishop is called. In an email to my parents I shared that in Relief Society today our former Stake President actually taught us about the process of calling a Bishop. He said that the first presidency has to approve each bishop and they pray over each one. I shared with my parents this "...I also felt amazed as he said that the first presidency prays over each name they are given and I thought how amazing it was that our prophet and his councilors were praying to Heavenly Father about MY dad and receiving revelation from Him about MY dad. It made me realize once again how aware of each of us Heavenly Father is, and how we are all important to the work." I know my dad is going to do a great job. Not because he is the smartest or best man for the job (I've got stories ;) but because my dad is such a good example of a humble, faithful servant of our Heavenly Father and I know he will be guided by personal revelation and that he will do a great job.

We've been really into painting this week.

Hannah has been waking up from naps or in the morning and instead of coming to us she often goes to Paige and just wants to play with her sister.

I just melt at baby feet! Isn't she cute the way she snuggles up to her baby?! I did not pose this picture.

Hannah and her buddy Tayden who came over to play with us this week.

Paige knows what to do when a camera comes out...
A Wee bit Irish, and an even "wee-er" bit Mexican haha. Adam joked that he was just as Mexican as I was Irish, even though my Irish comes from my father and his Mexican comes from a great grandmother.
 Arms and heart are full.
 Adam and Hannah watching the rain.
 Sick, vomity Paigey :(

 Hannah and her "see-ers" I just love the imagination on that girl.


Lilian said...

Your girls are so cute.

I do not get the joke. I saw you posted that on FB and I still do not know what the joke is. My bad.

Georgia said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Every single one of those photos are so cute!

Bea said...

great pictures. are those the dresses NaNa sent?

Lesley said...

Loved the pictures!

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