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A week in the life 4 {1/23-1/29}

Monday, 23rd

Cleaning day! Super boring. I think other things happened too. I really need to just write this blog  throughout the week. I think I got caught up today on my scripture reading? I read a lot. I know it was raining. I went to Chelsea's sisters house to do canning stuff. I went to Chelseas house to watch bachelor. That's just all I can remember. That is why I started to do this on my blog...because I'm finding the days and weeks run together and recently a friend asked "what do you do as a stay at home mom," and the only thing I could answer was..."I have no idea...park dates, library story time, making food, feeding children, cleaning diapers, etc."

Tuesday, 24th

I honestly have no recollection of today either, except that I was alive, my two children stayed alive so I must have fed them and cared for them. I'm sure diapers were changed and a husband was kissed. I'm sure all those things happened. I know I went to boot camp. I think I wasn't in a great mood. According to my FB status a spanking was given.

Wednesday, 25th

Tayden's Birthday PARTY! Hannah had such a blast, her little friend Tayden turned three and had a big bash. It was the perfect party plan. Pizza, cupcakes, and a ball for every kid scattered around the church gym floor so all the kids were contained and active and having a blast. After that we went shopping. I felt bad for my girls and for me because shopping with two for a whole lot of stuff is hard. Poor Hannah was getting squished in the cart but she was PERFECT! I really appreciated it. Adam had work, then tutoring, then a class so I was alone with the girls from 7am to 8:30 pm but they were awesome for me. I read a lot after they went to sleep.

Thursday, 26th

Today was Library Story Time of course so we went there. We went shopping after because I had book club that night and needed some treats. I chronicled Hannah's day through pictures for a special edition of "A Day in the Life" which I'll post sometime until about 4:00 because Hannah was CRAZY after that. Not having a nap really did a number on her so she went to bed at 5:30 and I stopped taking pictures when the screaming started. I went to boot camp and had a GREAT work out then dashed home (Adam had cleaned the floors and couches without me saying one word...what a stud) for book club. There were 17 people at book club (a HUGE turn out) and we partied until 11PM which was a problem because Hannah woke up at about 9:30....she wanted to "see the ladies" so she came downstairs and hung out while Adam slept :/ and I couldn't get her to settle down so I had to just lay in bed with her from 11PM until be continued...

Friday, 27th

By 1:00 am Hannah was tired enough for me to leave her and go lay in my own bed but I was paranoid that she was going to get out of bed and get into the garage like the few nights before or worse, go out the front door so I couldn't sleep. At 1:30 I checked that she was asleep and she was, but then I was worried that Paige would wake up and need to eat so I went to wake her up and feed her. At 2:00 I was finally asleep....but at 4:30 Paige woke up and needed to eat again. I couldn't go back to sleep after that until about 5:45 and then at 6:30 Hannah was up. Wow. Just wow. It was quite the night. The morning was kind of a blur, except that I had a mani date with Katie (our kids were CRAZY together but all we could really do was laugh because...what else is there right) so we painted our nails for a bit in my kitchen and then I made dinner, and lunch. Then all three of us girls finally laid down for a nap at around 2. Hannah and I got about 2.5 hours of sleep. I don't know about Paige because Adam came home before I woke up and he took care of her. Adam took our dinner over to a friends house and baked it over there with Hannah while I worked on some stuff for our canning trip the next day. Adam came home, we ate, and some more stuff happened but I was too tired so I went to bed.

Saturday, 28th

Today we all woke up bright and early. Adam and I got the girls ready quickly, then Adam had to go proctor a test at 7:30. I was picked up by my friend and co-canning specialist Chelsea. We dropped my girls off at our friend Vivianna's house and picked up Charli and Alicia to go to our first canning date. It went great and we had a lot of fun. The girls were happy to see me when I got back but Vivi has a couple of birds that Hannah loved so for the rest of the day we were sort of obsessed with birds and watched a few bird movies. Adam came home and played with the girls for a while, then I talked to Rosalie for a long time on the phone. She is still in the same situation (well she updated what is happening on her blog) but we talked about what a mystery life is and how the gospel plays into everything. Pretty crazy stuff. The girls went to sleep (because no nap for Hannah today again). Adam and I read for a little bit, then played a game, then watched a movie together and went to bed.

Sunday, 29th

This morning I talked on Skype to Megan in Russia, went on a 4 mile run around Rhodes, came back and played with the girls, and did not go to stake conference. Last week I said that church was the longest, hardest, three hours of my life and I couldn't imagine going to two hours of essentially sacrament meeting and then have to tell Hannah that she couldn't go to nursery. So we opted out. Judge all you want...I know I certainly have with my friends who have done the same thing, but we'll have a nursery lesson and read scriptures and do family time but I can't handle the tears (mine and Hannah's, and Paige's lol).

Facebook Status Updates:

January 23rd:  Running is like therapy.

January 24th:  Hannah's quote of the day came in a very motherly tone as she cocked her head to the side and scrunched up her eyes and asked "do you want to tell me sorry for the spanking today?"

January 25th:  Hannah just climbed up on her high chair to unlock the garage door, pulled off the handle cover, and went outside. You know, where all our shelves of poison and tools are?! Where was her mommy? Changing her sisters diaper and laying her down. I found her in the garage taking a hammer to her stroller about 90 seconds after I left her downstairs. I've just been waiting for this to happen. Glad it wasn't the front door.

January 26th:  My sister is on a plane bound for Russia. So why do I feel nervous, excited, anxious? I'm also feeling JEALOUS and can't believe it's been 6 years since I took that same flight into a freezing adventure! Have fun Meg-a-legs and Auber-dob!

Out of curiosity I measured the thickness of the fattest part of my arm vrs the fattest part of Paige's leg. Her chunky leg was two and a half inches thicker than my arm lol

January 27th:  Do you know what's worse than the moment your alarm goes off? The moment your babies wake up...after a night of only 2.5 hours sleep. There is NOT a snooze button on children. And HOW does Hannah still wake up at 6:15 after not going to sleep until after 1am.....

January 28th: Hannah plays pretend with letters and numbers. Today she told us "I'm F mommy is A and daddy is a number ok?" I don't know how to act out my part though :/

Other RANDOM Facts of the week.

Paige is getting FAST! She is super strong and can turn herself around and scoot on her tummy. Hannah and I are communicating better and I feel like I'm becoming a more patient person. Megan is in Russia and I'm so jealous and having fun talking to her on skype, Adam and I have been having fun together watching movies and playing games etc. I painted my nails three times this week. I've ended on OPI Steady as she Rose. I've also been painting Hannah's nails. She loves it and feels like such a little lady. Hannah's into cuddling with books, playing with her dog Violet, and is the best big sister ever. Seriously. She is always concerned and looking out for Paige. Paige needs to eat, Paige wants out of her Paige was crying on the baby monitor and she said "Paige is saying mama, mama, get me." 

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