Sunday, January 8, 2012

A week in the life.

Sunday January 1st

I went to church with both the girls by myself. Adam stayed home as he spent his whole winter break sick sick sick! Hannah went to the older nursery and loved it. She loves her teacher. Adam tried to find a doctor but everything was closed since it was a holiday and a Sunday. We spent the rest of the day lounging in our PJs and watching Football (Adam) and Downton Abby (me). Hannah slept her first night in her "big girl" bed and loved it. Paige spent her first night in her own room and we loved it.

Monday January 2nd

I found a scripture reading program and started reading the Old Testament. We started reading the Book of Mormon as a family. Adam was home again and finally went to the doctor to find out that yes, he did have a sinus infection still and started his second round of antibiotics. I went to my first day at Boot Camp and it was so intense. Also, the Bachelor started again and it is so raunchy but I love my night out with the girls. I hurt my tailbone at boot camp so I spent the evening sitting on on a hot pad.

Tuesday, January 3rd

I am so sore from Boot Camp. It is crazy how much my body can't do. Adam took an extra day off from being sick so we just cleaned up, I went shopping and we just spent the day chilling out together as a family. I went to boot camp again and it was even worse than the first day. Oh boy.

Wednesday, January 4th

Paige had a 4 month well check. She weighed 16.5 lbs! What a chunker! Hannah was a handful at the appointment and knocked a bunch of stuff down, fell off her chair, and fell off the doctors rolling chair. When we left I told her that the choices she was making were Laman and Lemuel choices and NOT Nephi choices. I told her I wanted her to think about her choices and how she could be better. The first half of our drive home it was silent. Then she started singing Nephi's Courage so I knew she'd been thinking about it. When we got home she told me she wanted to be righteous like Nephi and make good choices to obey. Paige wasn't feeling well after her shots. Her Dr. said she was one of the happiest babies he'd ever seen and she cooed and flirted the whole time until the shots came out then she cried. We spent a good chunk of the day snuggling which was fine by me. I loved it. Hannah said her first prayer and said "we are thankful for all our many girls" because Adam always says how much he loves his girls. Adam was back to work today and also had scouts. He was feeling much better.

Thursday, January 5th

Boot camp again today. It wasn't too shabby. I'm really liking it. I did all my measurements and want to see how I improve as the month goes on. I'll probably go 4 times a week and also run to keep up my running endurance. Katie and I found a race we want to do together called the Color Run where every 1k you run they throw colored powder on you. Looks like the We did library story time and it was amazing to see how grown up Hannah is sitting all by herself and participating in all the fun songs and stories. She is so sweet and I love that girl. Paigey loves library story time too.

Friday, January 6th

Hung around home today, not much to report except Hannah didn't take a very good nap so she and Paige were both down pretty early so Adam and I played games together and then I sat with him on the couch as he played a video game and I read I Capture the Castle, our book club book. I've been watching the show Parenthood and it's pretty good.

Saturday, January 7th

We had a picnic in January. We went shopping for food and then we went to the park with Scott and Stacey to eat pizza. Hannah and Tayden pretty much love each other. We've been playing a lot of Candyland and by playing, I mean Hannah walks around with the board and the people and says she is playing. Adam went out with some guys to play games and I stayed home with the girls and read/watched parenthood.

Its been a fun week. I've kept up on our scriptures and fitness. Today church was great and I also ran 4 miles with Katie and it was awesome. As you can see from many of these pictures, the girls wore these pretty dresses from Nana Turney. They are so so cute! A few more things worth mentioning...Hannah fell in love with the movie Thumbelina which is sureal because I totally loved that movie when I was about 8. Also, Hannah was gifted a toy kitchen and she loves it. Speaking of kitchens our oven is getting fixed! More on that later.


Lilian said...

Love that firt picture of the two girls looking at the book.

Glad all is well with your little family.

Bea said...

What a great week!!!!!
the pictures are fabulous
like Lilian I like the first picture.