Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's always fun when Cay Cay comes!

Hannah has a love/hate relationship with her friend Caleb. The other day he came to play with us and after about an hour I found Hannah hiding like this:

A few minutes later, Caleb sat down on the chair and asked, "Wheres Hannah?" I kid you not. I laughed so hard.

Guess she fooled him.

They are too cute together and his mom and I always laugh at their antics. (Cay Cay is the nickname Hannah gave him when they first started playing).

Another funny story, Caleb is one smart cookie. His mom Jen was talking to his dad and mentioned "Melissa Turney." Caleb perked up and said "Hannah, Hannah, Hannah!" Somehow this little two year old knew Hannah's mom was Melissa Turney.

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Lilian said...

How funny... Hannah has Cay Cay and we have K K !!!