Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Modest is Hottest...

...but not always the most convenient.

Little baby Turney sat closed legged the entire ultrasound...which was frustrating because the Dr. said 'it' (I always feel bad calling my child it) was in perfect position to check out the gender. A few times the lock kneed baby would move slightly but not enough to get a good look.

The Dr. said he didn't see anything definite, which led Adam and I to assume it was a girl but he said he really couldn't get a good look and we shouldn't "bet the farm on it."

I have another ultrasound scheduled for next Monday the 18th so hopefully we will find out for certain then.

Part of me is wishing for a girl. She would be so close in age to Hannah and we already have everything we need except diapers for a new born.

The other part of me would be thrilled for a boy, a new adventure!

What are your guesses?


Lilian said...

I am guessing girl. But I want you to have a boy. Why? Because EVERY girl should have a little brother!!

Bea said...

check with Lesley, she is real goodat calling it.