Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Letters to my Representatives

Today in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week I wrote to 63 representatives of my state (senators, legislators, etc) imploring them to provide proper funding for Nevada education. As I have written here before, Nevada is in dire need of proper funding as Education is taking the brunt of the economic crisis. Here is the letter I wrote:

Dear Representative,

I am writing you today to discuss my concerns with the way Governor Sandoval and the Nevada State Legislator have proposed funding education in Nevada. I have been educated in Nevada, employed in the Clark County school district along with my husband, and my daughters will shortly be entering the Nevada public school system.

I understand that in our difficult economic times, raising taxes is a difficult, unsavory decision; however, these dramatic cuts will have a far reaching effect on Nevada’s economy. By eliminating funding for education to levels that will increase class sizes, eliminate critical programs, and lay off between 1,500 and 5,000 employees in Southern Nevada alone, you are compromising the future of Nevada. You should be finding ways to increase funding for education in Nevada, not drastically slash the budget.

As a former educator, I believe that education is the foundation for a well rounded life. In 2010 Nevada ranked 50th in education. We should be focusing on improving education, rather than placing limits on it. To take away educational opportunities we are gambling on the future of our state socially, and economically as well.
It is vital in these times to build an educated work force and create well rounded citizens who can think critically in order to make vital decisions which will impact our state. I implore you to find a way to properly fund education in Nevada.


Melissa Turney

Ok so my daughters entering CCSD "soon" is a little bit of a stretch...especially since one of them hasn't even entered earth properly...but the drastic budget cuts will affect the state for years to come so I thought it was ok :) I feel proud to have made my voice heard.


Bea said...

Way to go, at least when you made an effort to make your voice heard you are in a position to comment on their efforts. :o)

Georgia said...

Great letter, Melissa! Every word is truth (including the part about your daughters shortly entering the school system...you will be SHOCKED how soon you will be taking each of them to kindergarten).

I hope at least a few of those 63 representatives will pay attention and take the proper steps to protect education, children and society.