Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tattling on my hubby

Adam has been working his tail off. Last semester he had 12 graduate level credits, this semester he has had 18. This is on top of his 50 hour work week and his calling in the Young Men Presidency. I've mentioned all this before.

Adam gets up each morning at 6am to be ready for work and to be able to spend time together as a family because we have to squeeze in the time while we can. Each night he goes to bed between 11pm and 1am in order to meet all his obligations. Last night he was so exhausted but swore he was going to stay up until he got this one last assignment done. I woke up at 1:20 am, alone in bed so I went downstairs to check on his progress.

He was watching House.

He was only about three minutes in and he'd just finished his assignment. He had gotten his second wind and decided that he needed a little alone time for himself. Of course that was cut short by his flabbergasted wife who couldn't understand why he would stay up ANOTHER HOUR just to have some alone time. He is working all day Saturday but I will try to give him some alone time at some point during the weekend because you don't stay up until 2:30 am to watch House. Not when you already stretch yourself too thin!

He came to bed :)

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Melinda said...

Ya know, that's something I've experienced too.