Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Hannah

Dear Hannah,

I feel like you are growing up too fast before my eyes and I can't capture it adequately. It has been such a long time since I wrote about your milestones and growth that I feel like I've missed years of your life. You are ever the joy of my life and I am so proud to be your mother! I have felt so connected to my Heavenly Father each day as I try to raise you as He would want me to.

You have such a joy for life. You are very passionate! Every reaction of shock or wonder makes me giggle. You love to discover things, then with wide eyes and a mouth forming a circle you turn to me and say "Wow," or "ah MAN!" or "AWESOME!" Some of your favorite things include the park, (especially the swings, which used to terrify you, and the water)watching Disney movies, (especially Toy Story 3 with "Buzzyear and Woody" Tangled, and Bambi)riding bikes with Daddy, and reading books with Mommy.

Each Sunday is a struggle to get you to sit down with us. It is a battle we never win. Last week I meticulously picked your very favorite toys, snacks, and activities to bring with us to Sacrament meeting. It worked for about a minute, but then you saw your friends snacks, your friends toys, their books, and you fought tooth and nail to escape to Debbie McDonald's row so you could eat all the things that she packed for your friend Ian. When the sacrament is passed you quietly point to each tray and whisper "Jesus," because you know that we are supposed to be thinking about our Savior. You love nursery and have never been sad or afraid to go. You have lots of friends in nursery and your teachers tell me that you like to walk around with a phone on your ear, pushing the toy vacuum. I wonder where you get that from.

You play very well independently but you prefer if Mommy or Daddy is with you. Your favorite toys are Buzzyear and Woody, your shopping cart, your "tea party" set, any type of phone, and your car. You love to hear books, especially the "Push and Pop" books, and Where's Spot. Recently, you've enjoyed puppets and dumping all the toys out so you can sit in the "boat" (basket) where we keep the toys.

Daddy and I can't believe how sweet and tender you are. You always say "please" and "thank you" and "welcome" if you and a friend are getting in a fight, before it gets too escalated you take them in a hug and usually they are so surprised the fight is over and you go back to being friends. You love to play the game "Who Loves?" and it is so cute to hear who you are going to say. Yesterday I said "Who loves Daddy?" You said "Me! Who wuv Mommy, ME!" It made me feel so good. You love to talk to your family members on the phone (especially Grandma) and you frequently as for "kype" (skype) so you can see your family.

Every morning you wake up happy and wait in your crib until you are ready to get out. Then you say "MOOOOMMY!" Usually it is Daddy who comes to get you because he is already up and showered and then he brings you into bed with me. When I get you out of bed, the first thing that you request is a "diaper change?" and I happily oblige. You shower about every other day with either Mommy or Daddy and you love breakfast time. I do your hair each morning which can sometimes be a struggle if you aren't distracted by something. You struggle with your long hair and sometimes cry softly "hair" with the saddest expression in your voice that I struggle not to laugh when I turn to see the wind blowing your long strands in your eyes as you look so inconsolable to your fate. Such drama.

Night time is such a special time for the three of us. We all eat dinner together, then have family time. You are washed, your teeth are brushed and you get into jammies. Then we play in your room, read you books, sing songs, and crack up at your personality. At night our little ritual is for the three of us to hold each other while we say a prayer. You are so good to fold your arms and say "amen" at the end. Then Daddy lays you down and says goodnight beautiful. You say "Wheres my hug?" and Daddy bends down and gives you a tight hug and you say "Kiss?" so he gives you a big kiss. Then you say "Mommy's turn hug," and me and my big belly struggle to lean over and give you a tight hug and you ask "Mommy kiss?" Then as we leave we hear your very exaggerated snores pouring over the sides of your crib and Daddy and I hold each other outside your door because we cannot express the joy we feel at being your parent.

Some of my favorite things that you say include "top it" (stop it, it's fairly recent and it is pretty funny) "hands?" (the request you give after you have decided to be done with your food and you want clean hands. "Mommy, are you?" (when you ask where I am right after I tell you where I'm going) "Mommy/Daddy/Hannah turn" (you are big into taking turns). When you count to 13 I always crack up. Your ABC's are perfect. When you ask to watch a TV show on Netflix you ask for "Dooow" (Dora the Explorer) "Wurder Pets" (Wonder pets) and "Super Why" (Super Why, it is by far the clearest thing that you can say lol). Recently instead of saying just no you say "NO! Not!" You also vary between Thanks and Thank you and Yes and Yeah. Yesterday Daddy said something was dumb and you walked around saying "dumb dumb dumb dumb..." I guess we better watch out what we say.

We love you baby girl. We can't wait to see what else you have in store for us, and what antics you and your sister get up to :)


Mommy and Daddy

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Bea said...

Thanx for the update. A very tender post. This will be priceless in the coming years :o)