Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ward Campout

This weekend we went on a ward camping trip and it was a blast! Hannah loved camping with her friends and explored all over the camp ground with them. Having never prepared for a camping trip (and being placed completely in charge of packing--thanks Adam;) I forgot several essential items like long pants for me, a jacket for Hannah, a flashlight etc. but luckily my friends helped out and picked up my slack. I now know what we need for camping.

The first thing Hannah said when she woke up was "OUT!" She was so anxious to get out and play with her friends. She loved every minute of camping! Then, having spent most of the night in my sleeping bag with me and her baby sister she said "get out pocket!" She thought she was sleeping in a pocket I guess. It was a tight sleeping bag.

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Georgia said...

How fun!! I'm not one who loves camping, but our ward in Bountiful did an annual ward campout and we always went and always had a blast. Camping is a lot more fun with friends and a huge breakfast cooked by the bishopric in the morning.

Thanks for sharing and bringing back some fond memories.