Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's day gift

For Mother's Day, Adam gave me a night stay at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Henderson. It came right after camping and we had a blast together as a family spending a night away from home. Adam wanted to give me a night away from cleaning, cooking, and working as the homemaker so all of our meals were taken care of and I didn't worry about our hotel :)

Hannah's favorite part was swimming. Although it was a little chilly, she didn't mind spending her time in the cold water as long as she got to play and have fun. I enjoyed it too as my pregnant body got to feel weightless for a little while :) Do you like my maternity swim suit? That was another Mother's day gift from Adam :)

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Sheena said...

Your swimming suit is so cute! I love it. You really look so great. Looks like a way fun time! I think we are going to do a staycation next week too!