Saturday, May 7, 2011

The BEST Mother's day gift in the world.

I love reading with my little goofy.

Tonight I read her "Goodnight Moon" as I do most nights before bed. When I was done, we said prayers, kissed and hugged, then I laid her down.

"Hannah turn read?" She asked. So I gave her the book in her crib and she opened it then read:

"Night moon. Night chairs. Bears. Night toy house. Night mouse. Comb Brush Mush, shhhhhhh."

Then she said "Ok, Mommy, you go." I took that to mean that she would read in her crib a little but I was free to go. So I kissed her again and said "I love you." She nodded her head. "Daddy loves you." She nodded again.

I turned to leave and she said "Mommy, precious."

I often call her "presh" short for precious and I tell her every day how precious she is to me. Today she told me I was precious to her.

Made. My. Life.