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August 2014

August was a fairly monumental month for our family, but in true Melissa fashion, I failed to blog about it. August was a very sacred, and somber month for our family. It began with Samuel's baby blessing, which was wonderful, and the death of our dear Granma Bea, which was heartbreaking. 

Samuel Timothy was given a name and a blessing by his father Adam on August 3rd, 2014. The whole family came to celebrate. Grandma and Grandpa Marsden, and Nana and Papa Turney, along with his uncles: Sean, Caleb, and Jeff, and aunts: Megan, Lindsey, Allie, and Aubrey were all in attendance. 

The night before he was blessed, we had a barbecue dinner up at Spring Mountain Ranch to celebrate the birth of our sweet Samuel.

Sam was blessed to have the power of discernment in a world full of confusing messages. He was also blessed with a desire to gain knowledge, not just of the world but of spiritual things. Finally, he was blessed with the desire to be selfless in his life, and to fulfill his priesthood responsibility when the time came, and that he was to look to his fathers in Heaven and on earth, and his grandfathers for examples.

I learned of Granma's passing as we approached St. George, on our way to visit her and say goodbye, but I was too late. It was a very difficult 24 hours, until I was finally at Granma and Granpa's house with my siblings, and parents and aunts/uncles/cousins and Granpa. There were some very sacred moments, and I intend to blog about the week we spent up in Utah following her death desperately. 

Paige was given the name, Paige Lily, in honor of Lilian Beatrice Marsden (Granma Bea) so during the week of her death and funeral, I sought a lot of comfort from her Paigey. When Paige saw Granma Bea she asked Grandpa Tim if she was dead. He told her that she was, and she said, "If she were alive, she'd talk to me." 

Hannah was extremely mature, and reverent when talking of death. She spent a good amount of time at Granma's casket, touching her shoulder, and telling anyone who would listen how beautiful Granma looked. She also comforted many with her testimony, telling everyone that she was sad, but she knew she'd see Granma Bea again, someday.

In spite of the sadness of the month, we also enjoyed having Daddy with us for a few weeks before the new school year started. We took trips to the museum, library, and waterpark. 

The day finally arrived for Hannah to enter Kindergarten. She was extremely excited, a little nervous, but very happy to become a Forbuss Falcon. Her teacher is Mrs. McCormick, and she rides home with her daddy on his bike trailer every day. Hannah loves kindergarten, and is very helpful to her teacher while she's at school. 

Paige was not happy when Hannah left for kindergarten, and she cried and cried when she had to say goodbye.

From Facebook:

Adam Turney and I decided that we are going to open a little shop on the beach called "Books, Boards, and Beverages." It's going to be a B&B&B. We'll sell used books perfect for the beach, and rent out surf boards and boogie boards. It probably won't be profitable at all.
Tonight is my ten year high school reunion. Time flies! '04 is hard core!

Last night I dreamed that it was Hannah's first day of kindergarten and I walked her there in my underwear. Not only that, but when I got there, I discovered that I'd brought the wrong kid (Paige) and she was in her PJs. Luckily, Adam Turney had been on top of things and taken Hannah to school, dressed her in a pretty blue dress, and curled her hair (HA!). Then I discovered I'd forgotten my camera, so I couldn't even take any pictures so I had to walk back home in my unders and get it. Hannah was humiliated.

I used to have school nightmares ALL the time and I was so happy to be done with them when I graduated five years ago. Now I'm looking at another two decades worth of nightmares times the amount of children I end up having. Oy.

Today was a beautiful day for our family. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, rather than baptizing our infants, they receive a name and a blessing. Today, Adam blessed our Samuel, along with the support of our fathers, Tim and Terry, my brother Sean, our brothers-in-law Caleb and Jeff, and our good friend Scott. It was incredible to see Samuel surrounded by a group of wonderful men, knowing he will have incredible examples to look to in his life as he grows up. We love you more than words can express, Samuel!

August 3 via Instagram
I'm up late, thinking about my grandparents. Nearly six decades together, six children, 23 grandchildren, 16 (and counting) great grandchildren. They are the greatest example of love, faith, and devotion, and I'm grateful to belong to them, and they to me. All love together.

SO GRATEFUL for good insurance. Over the course of a month, Adam Turney and I racked up over fifty two thousand dollars in medical bills between knee surgery/physical therapy, and having a baby. Of that, we only had to pay a thousand dollars out of pocket. Thank you, insurance! (And thank you, Adam, for having a great job that provides amazing and comparatively cheap insurance!)

August 5 via Instagram
I've been married to this stud for eight years! Marrying him was the best decision I've ever made. He is thoughtful, loving, supportive, and hilarious. We've loved each other through ups and downs, mistakes, imperfections, joy, pain...I'm looking forward to see what the next eight years bring, onto eternity! I'd have to say my top three moments so far have been 1) Hannah 2) Paige and 3) Samuel.

August 8 via Instagram
Today we had the opportunity to go through the Ogden temple open house. There is a picture inside of Jesus Christ comforting a girl who is apparently in anguish, and they are surrounded by several people who are similarly broken or pained. It moved me to tears, and I felt comfort, knowing the savior was near. I'm grateful for the knowledge of eternal families. I'm grateful we are sealed for eternity.

"In light of what we know about our eternal destiny, is it any wonder that whenever we face the bitter endings of life, they seem unacceptable to us? There seems to be something inside of us that resists endings.

"Why is this? Because we are made of the stuff of eternity. We are eternal beings, children of the Almighty God, whose name is Endless13 and who promises eternal blessings without number. Endings are not our destiny.

"The more we learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ, the more we realize that endings here in mortality are not endings at all. They are merely interruptions—temporary pauses that one day will seem small compared to the eternal joy awaiting the faithful.

"How grateful I am to my Heavenly Father that in His plan there are no true endings, only everlasting beginnings." --President Uctdorf

I'm a professional nurser. At the water park today I was able to discretely nurse my baby while floating down the lazy river. Adam was right next to me and he didn't even notice until Sam was almost done eating. Third child perks.

Hannah was shocked when Vader told Luke he was his father. She was mostly confused about how a guy that looks like a robot could produce a human. She understands that there is a human man in a Darth Vader costume but I had to explain that Darth Vader is a human who lives in a suit that keeps him alive, unlike C3P0 who is a droid in the movie played by a man in a costume, and Chewie who is a wookie played by a man in a costume. So I said, "Darth Vader is a man in a costume pretending to be a man in a suit that looks like a robot that keeps him alive for pretend."

I'm very excited for this last year of mornings with my Hannah. Some people prefer AM kindergarten (for half day) but I'm loving PM, simply because I love taking my kids on little trips to the park, library, museum, etc. in the mornings before we all get too cranky and tired. I'm trying to plan a few months of field trips with my three kids in advance, so that we have a great year to look forward to, instead of thinking about the fact that my baby is going to kindergarten. It helps that she is going from me to Adam, who I'm sure will be checking in on her from time to time (every chance he gets).

In all my life I've never been toilet papered before, until tonight. I feel honored haha!
Thirty going on thirteen.

When my grandma passed away it marked the first death of someone I was not only close to, but that I had a foundational relationship with. Granma was not only one of the first people to love me, but also loved me fiercely, like a mama bear. There is nobody else like her on earth or in heaven, and for the first 24 hours I thought I'd never feel happy again, but then I went to see my grandpa who kept telling his family that we were "going to get through this" and he kept sharing his testimony in eternal families and in the atonement of Jesus Christ and I started to ask for the peace that only He can offer. It's only been two weeks, and I'm still shocked and devastated, but I'm also SO grateful to be a part of Alan and Bea Marsden's posterity, and to know that our family is eternal. I've been blessed in several moments of anguish to find strength and comfort beyond my own. The atonement is real and powerful. "I feel my Savior's love in all the world around me...and when I kneel to pray, my heart is filled with peace."

I make a digital scrapbook for each of my kids every year. I try to update each book every month so that I don't have a giant project by the end of the year, but sometimes I get a couple months behind. Tonight I'm working on Paige's book, and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to be her mother. Paige is such a hilarious kid, full of love and sass. We'll be celebrating her third birthday here in a couple weeks, and I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly. Tonight she was saying prayers, and bless her heart, she wanted to say, "Bless Mommy to feel better," but she accidentally said, "Bless Mommy to BE better." I hope that I can become a better mommy every day for all three of my cute kids. I'm so lucky to have them.

I was really annoyed at Wet n' Wild yesterday. Hannah is so afraid when it comes to rides that she's never even
done the kiddie slides but yesterday she decided to do the rainbow racers of all rides (!) she was barely too short so I thought I'd give it a try. When we got to the top the kid said she couldn't ride because of her height. I tried to get her to let her but she said no. We were with some friends and they told them that their little boy was too short to go as well (he's just a hair shorter than Hannah) but his dad pointed out that he'd been given a yellow wristband. The lady measured Beckett and he was clearly not 42 inches tall. She even measured him against Hannah, but said that he could go because he had a yellow wrist band but she couldn't because she had a purple wrist band. It might not have been a big deal if Hannah wasn't willing to do something SO far out if her comfort zone. The lifeguard pointed out that Hannah could do any of the kiddie slides, but if course she wouldn't because she was so blinking afraid.

I can't believe Sam already outgrew the bassinet. Adam Turney put it back up in the attic today, until next time...Side note, Paige wanted to see up in the attic and when Adam showed her she asked, "Is Santa up here?" Ummm do you think that Santa just lives in our attic year round? Cool, Paige. Cool.

I'm proud of my husband Adam Turney who is about to start his 8th year working in CCSD. Anyone who knows Adam knows that he is a super hard worker who always does his best to support his family, his colleagues, and his students. In 8 years he's worked in 3rd and 4th grade, he's been a technology teacher, he's tutored both for the district and privately, he's trained teachers to use SMART boards and various other technological devices in the classroom, he proctors for both the ACT and the SAT, he's completed thousands of hours of continuing education classes, and on top of all that he completed two masters degrees, all so he can support our little family. His students love him and I feel like a celebrity walking through our community with him because they all flock to him. What a fantastic man I married. Here's to another great year with CCSD! This year he's taking along a very special girl with him to work.

It's a nice day for kindergarten. Time to send my baby off into a world of her own! ...Except she'll be right down the hall from her daddy's classroom, HA! Am I ready for this? Who knows? 

I'm at my wits end with my children and their morning shenanigans. We tried the clock to let them know when they can get out of bed. That was a waste of money. Why would they obey an inanimate object when
they won't obey their parents? I've tried taking away privileges, they don't care. Even though I take away their favorite things, they just make new things their favorite things. I'm about ready to hand cuff them to their beds from 7pm to 6am just so I can get a decent nights sleep.

I'm trying really hard to be more conscientious about my snacking, so instead of "grazing" all day I only snack at certain times and instead of going for the ice cream in the freezer just because it's there I'll grab a piece of fruit or a vegetable. It sucks.

The week before, and the first week of school, is utter chaos. I'm so happy that all my family is sleeping, including Adam who accidentally fell asleep in Paige's bed trying to get her to sleep lol! Time for mama to party with her people! (Book people, that is.)

Hannah watched an interpreter tell a story in sign language. Apparently she is now fluent in sign language.

Hannah gave Paige a hair cut for her birthday. How sweet. I made it five years into parenting daughters before this happened. I think I'm having a stroke.

I have a very active and wild imagination. It makes me paranoid and anxious. Today Adam and Paige went shopping and were taking a long time so I kept having these horrific images of things happening to them while we are apart (this happens all the time, it's nothing new for me). Hannah came to me a few minutes ago and said, "I hope a man with a gun didn't go to walmart and shoot Daddy and Paigey! Can you call him and see if he's safe?" What the heck?! I've never said anything of the sort, and we don't watch violent movies or TV shows, so I don't know how she'd even think of that, other than inheriting my paranoia.

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