Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our family is growing!

Less than two weeks ago, Adam called while I was on the way to the library and told me about an opportunity to host a Korean exchange student in our home. For whatever reason, without knowing a single detail I had an epiphany. I knew then and there that we had to do it and feeling overwhelmed, I started to cry. I rushed home, hurried and filled out the application, and within an hour we were eligible applicants. The next day Adam got an email asking if we would be willing to host TWO Korean students and we said we would make the necessary arrangements to do so. On December 23rd we were officially Host Parents and told to get ready! A few days later we heard from our new Korean friends, Sarah and Yuni.

My korean name is yoona song.
My English name is sarah.
I want to meet you.
I will intruduce myself.
I am 10 years old.
In my family I have mother, father, my pet dog, and me.
My favorite food is steak.
My worst food is Kim chi.
My favorite sport is soccer.
My favorite subject is math, and English.
I want to go Disneyland.

How weather is in there?
In Korea the weather is snowy.
The baby is very cute.
In your house there has swimming pool?

Hi? Mr. Turney.
My name is Yun.Jung.
My English name is Yuni.
I saw your family’s picture.
Your baby is very very cute.
I want to see your's family fast.
At my family there is Mom, Dad and ME.
I like…play with little girls, listen music and cooking.
I like…salmon,spaghetti,pizza.
My birthday is 8/31(2001)
I’m 10years old, 3 grade
I like art class
I like swimming
I want to be Singer and Cloth Designer
I want to go Disney Land with your family.
My Best Friend is…..Yuna.
I go to Induckwon elementary school.
I live in induckwon.
I like dolls.

Sarah and Yuni will be with us for two months. They will come with us when we greet Sean at the airport and we will all stay for his homecoming talk so I hope they will get to meet a lot of my family and friends in Utah, as well as in Nevada--and yes, we HAVE to take them to Disneyland so maybe my California family and friends will meet them as well.

We couldn't be happier!


Lilian said...

I hope this works out to be a good experience for all of you!!!

Georgia said...

Yuni and Sarah are adorable and they are going to have a blast spending two months with you, Adam and Hannah.

We are looking forward to meeting them. I just had Kevin read their messages to you, he is anxious to see them in persona and speak Korean to them next month.

Stephanie said...

I had 11 Japanese exchange students live with my family while I was growing up!!! I LOVED IT!!! Such a fun experience and it has always stayed with me.