Friday, December 3, 2010

{How Firm a Foundation}

For an early Christmas gift, my mom bought Hannah the entire Children's Songbook collection of primary songs from the distribution center.

Today I have been in the process of both importing the CD's to Itunes and creating a playlist of the favorite primary songs for Hannah to listen to. Some of the favorites include I Am a Child of God He Sent His Son and I Feel my Saviors Love

This year in Primary we sang a song that really touched me called I Know that my Savior Loves me. I was overcome with emotion listening to the small voices testifying that they are wrapped in the arms of their Savior's love for them.

Listening to these songs, my testimony grew of the power of a firm foundation. I have been fortunate and blessed in my life to have been taught from infancy that I am a child of God, that He loves me. It has been the foundation that I have built my life upon. I was blessed to be given that firm foundation and I hope that Adam and I can convey effectively to Hannah and our other children that they are children of God who loves them. My testimony grew today, as I listened to the songs I learned when I was 2-12 years old, some of them I haven't listened to since, but the words and the music were imprinted on my heart and I recall the feelings I had listening and singing the words for the first time.

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Bea said...

At 73 I still know that I am a Child of God and that He loves me.