Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 11: NOT another picture of me and my friends

Day 11 is supposed to be another picture of me and my friends, but since I don't take pictures of me and my friends I'll just talk about some things I like to do with my friends right now:

Dinner Group:
Once a month on the first Tuesday, we all go out to dinner--yum. Sometimes we get kicked out because we feel like staying and talking longer...ok that was just once but we got kicked out of TWO places in one night.

Bunco: My friends have a Bunco game going on and I've recently become a sub. It is pretty fun. Especially when I win!

Book Club: One of my favorite nights of the month.

Baby trade: I have a great group of ladies that not only I'd trust with my life, I trust Hannah with them (which is important). They are the greatest moms and I'm learning how to be a better one because of them. They are more than willing to watch Hannah if I need to take off and I'm happy to take their kids as well.

Crafts: When Rosalie comes, she makes me do a craft ;) Which is good for me, and always fun to do.

Talk: Women need other women. Sometimes it's fun to just hang out and talk right? Free therapy with non judgmental women = happy Melissa.

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