Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 25: Last five Facebook Status updates

I just dreamed that I forgot to go to class all semester and I wasn't going to pass...I guess you never get over the stress of college. December 27th

For christmas my father in law made all his kids a bracelet using one of the buttons off his uniform as the clasp. It was the sweetest gift ever and I'll wear it everyday until his safe return from Iraq. December 25th

It's a girl! Actually TWO girls! We will have two nine year old girls come to live with us from korea starting january7th! December 24th

Adam thinks it would be a wonderful life to be married to Donna Reed. December 22nd

Does anyone want a Viewsonic TV for $350 (37 inches; 720 P--whatever that means)? We are putting it up on Craigslist in a few days but thought we'd try to sell it here first. Its been a great TV we just don't need two TVs in our house. December 17th

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