Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 23: Favorite TV Shows

If I were to include my favorite TV shows that are no longer with us {RIP} I would also include

Everybody Loves Raymond

Ok Ok, I'll add Lost too. Best Drama I've ever seen.


Lilian said...

LOVE The Office
LOVE 30 Rock
Sometimes watch How I Met Your Mother (but not enough to know the characters or "get" what's going on)
TRIED to watch Glee once. Won't make that mistake again. :-)

and YES.... RIP Raymond and Friends! Thank goodness for DVD!

**and totally off topic... the word verification for this comment is bramops? Split that into two words! Bra mops! LOL!**

Adam said...

30 Rock is pure brilliance. I cannot think of an episode that has disappointed me. The Office is fun, but isn't consistent...I am dying to see how they pull off the series without Steve Carrell. I decided How I Met Your Mother is just like Friends, but with way more focus on promiscuity. I have to laugh about your attempt with Glee, Lilian, because I couldn't stand that show when it was on in the first season. After watching all the episodes I would say that it isn't terrible, but far from the critical acclaim it receives. We recently obtained all the season of Raymond and have been going through them. It amazes me that no matter how many times I watch them, they still make me laugh.

Lesley said...

The only show mentioned that I watched was "Lost". Although... after catching a few "Raymonds" on late night we discovered Lilian has all of the seasons and we borrowed them. Like Adam said... that show makes me laugh... sometimes really hard.

Lilian said...

I agree w/Adam! No matter how many times I watch Raymond I laugh out loud! I sometimes start laughing when I know what's coming! Probably my favorite of all time!

Lilian said...

Oh, and yes... 30 Rock is BRILLIANT! I love that show so much.... ;-)