Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 8: A Goal for this month

{Spend more time with this guy}

At this time in my life our schedules are CRAZY. Not only does Adam have a full time job as a teacher (which requires lots of time outside the classroom) he also tutors after school at Tanaka, has a second job at We Serve where he works at concerts on the weekends, is trying to finish up his degree, and just got called to be the second councilor of the Young Men organization at church which will take him away at least 8 times a month. He is a busy guy. I stay pretty busy too between book club, dinner group, bunco, etc. I'm out at least once a week as well. Last week, I was out Tuesday night and Adam was out Wednesday- Sunday. By Sunday I was pretty depressed and missing my guy. Our schedules have been so out of sync!


After this week (which will be just as crazy as ever) Adam gets a one month break from school and We Serve so he'll only be focusing on being a teacher/tutor and getting used to his new calling. In a few weeks he has winter break and we'll be able to spend a few good days just the three of us and Hannah goes to sleep at 6:30 so I'm looking forward to doing some catch up with my man.

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