Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Terrible Two's Already?

Today was one of THESE days.

Today after nap time Mommy and Hannah were laying together on the couch watching Toy Story 3 for the third time of the day. I was laying on Hannah's lap and dozed off for a second. Hannah wriggled out from under the weight of mt head and went to play with the DVD player, ejecting the movie.

Sigh. I got up and put the movie away. The rule is, if you touch the DVD player, the movie is over.

And then she turned on me.

Hannah ran into the kitchen and within seconds got her hands on a pyrex dish and smashed it. Desperate to save her, I ran across the kitchen barefoot shouting for her not to move. I scooped her up and rushed out of the kitchen and upstairs to her room. She could wait there while I swept and vacuumed.

Mission accomplished. The kitchen was clean.

I went to fetch Hannah in her room and when I opened the door I found that her laundry basket was blocking the door. That. is. not. a. good. sign. Hannah will block her door when she knows she is doing something naughty in order to prevent me from coming in. I came in and she had taken the baby powder and powdered her room, and herself.


I scooped her up and took off her pants which had gotten most of the powdering, then washed of her legs and toes in the sink of my bedroom. I left her in my bedroom, closing the door behind me so I could once again clean up her mess.

HOW could she do TWO huge mischievous things in a matter of minutes. I pondered this while vacuuming.

I went to go get my no-longer-baby-terrible-two-toddler and found THIS:

Heaven help me. Of course I HAD to take a picture. I was laughing hysterically snapping photos until I felt that she was done with her "bath" and then stuck her in an actual bath.

Good thing I keep my toilets so clean. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Someone said last week: "Cleaning your house with little kids is like brushing your teeth with an Oreo." Amen sista!


Georgia said...

It is hard to believe that well-behaved little girl you brought to our house a little over a week ago could do all these things...if I didn't see the photo, I probably wouldn't believe this story.

Funny stuff for the rest of us, but it will become more precious and hilarious to you as time goes by.

Margie said...

This story will go down in Hannah history. I am so glad you got pictures to prove the story. I regret not recording your 100 words at 12 months. Then...maybe...Adam would believe us.

Bea said...

I am just glad she did not go into the toilet head first!!!!!

Lilian said...

After reading this story and then re-telling it to my boys, Alan said:
"That's what you get when you mess with Toy Story!

Hannah is stinkin' CUTE!