Tuesday, December 7, 2010

{Toy} Story of my Life

Toy Story 3 came out on Blu Ray 35 days ago.

I have seen Toy Story 3 well over 50 times.

Hannah. Is. Obsessed.

I can't even describe how much she loves this movie. She talks about it constantly, she ALWAYS wants to watch it. I just wanted to share a few cute stories about my day to day with Toy Story.

1) Yesterday we went to McDonalds to play in this awesome play place for toddlers. Hannah was having fun, until a little boy showed up and put his shoes in the shoe bin. Buzz Lightyear shoes. I swear this girl can spot a Toy Story guy from a mile away. She ran, picked up the shoes, and went back to play on the slide. I took them from her and the kid's dad hid them around the corner. About five minutes later, Hannah decided she wanted those shoes back so she went and hunted them down. Every time they were hidden, she sought them out.

2) At Story Time at the Library Hannah was half listening, half playing around. Suddenly she saw a kid from across the way with his back facing her, wearing a Toy Story back pack. She charged, tackled, and started pointing and naming all the guys.

3) We are shopping at walmart, and Hannah gasps with delight and starts waving frantically saying "HI GUYS HI GUYS HI GUYS..." I turn around and see a Toy Story 3 cardboard display.

4) At Grandma's house, we find Buzz and Woody in a toy box that one of the kids got back in 1995 from McDonalds. Hannah carries them around the whole week.

5) Finally, my favorite story. This morning, after an evening of vowing never to watch Toy Story 3 again (or at least for ONE DAY) I got Hannah out of bed and we walked downstairs. Hannah went straight to the closet where I now keep the DVD so she won't love it to death, pointed and said "Toy Story please." Oh it was too cute and I am a sucker for those big blue eyes (especially when the cute little mouth says please) so I watched it again today, and I'm sure we'll watch at least part of it tonight with Daddy.

The thing that really bothers me about Toy Story 3, is that NO MATTER HOW MANY MILLIONS OF TIMES I'VE WATCHED IT I ALWAYS CRY AT THE END WITH ANDY. I can't take it anymore. I may have a mental breakdown because it is so tender. My heart bursts.

In 17 years, when it is my baby I'm watching pack up for college, when she no longer wants to watch Toy Story 3 five times a day, I'll sit down and watch it, and probably lose my mind, thinking of the little baby asking "Toy Story Please."

{This is what Santa is bringing Hannah. When she goes inside, she will find Buzz, Woody, Rex, The Aliens, Jessie, Bullseye, Dolly, Buttercup, etc. All her favorite Toy Story friends that Santa got for just 5 bucks each--Thanks Black Friday}


Lilian said...

She sounds just like Alan! LOL!

And it's true. No matter how many times I've seen it (definitely not 50!) I do cry. It starts with the mom standing in her son's empty room (been there, done that.... gonna do it again soon!) I don't stop crying until the very end. the only thing that stops my tears are the funny parts during the credits! Gotta love that Barbie and Ken!

Georgia said...

When Dani was just a little older than Hannah is now, she was a Little Mermaid fan. She sat on my lap at the Queen Theater in Bountiful and watched it when it first came out. We purchased it on video when it came out and she watched it over and over and over. The thing is, she still loves that movie and bought it on DVD when she was in college and recently purchased the Blue Ray.

Dani turned out pretty well, so I'm not too worried about Hannah's obsession with Toy Story and what a cute movie to love. Bryan loved Man from Snowy River and Cool Runnings and would act out scenes from those movies when he wasn't watching them.

I laughed imagining Hannah going after the shoes and backpack of those other children. She will LOVE her tent!