Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 10: Happy Sad Bored Hyped Mad

Songs I listen to when I'm Happy

(I've seen this video about 20 times and it makes me beyond joyful every time)

Church Music

Country Music

Lady Gaga

Justin Beiber


Songs I listen to when I'm Sad (I recently did a whole post on this)

Country Music

Church Music

Classical Music


Songs I listen to when I'm Bored

Classical Music

Church Music

Books on CD (Does this count lol)

Songs I listen to when I'm Mad

Avril Lavigne


Basically anything R&B

1 comment:

Georgia said...

I watched several of your You-Tube videos. I especially loved the Do,Re,Mi dancing at the train station...that was cool! Why can't things like that happen when I'm in a large public place?

Also enjoyed the JB video...what it is about this scrawny teenager with all that hair that rocks? Baby, baby, baby, Ohhhh!