Thursday, November 18, 2010

My friend Bree recently wrote about songs that made her cry and it reminded me of my playlist on my Ipod called "Songs that make me Cry." I add songs every now and again when I hear one that gets me. So in no particular order: Songs that make me cry

Keep Holding On: Glee Cast version

The storyline of this episode made me cry anyway but when they all got together to sing to Quinn at the end I was feeling extra sensitive. It was a sweet moment and I felt for Quinn.

And I'm Telling You (I'm not Going): Dreamgirls version

You can just hear the sadness and desperation in Jennifer Hudson as she sings this song. Once again, I was caught up in the storyline.

Wally: Aslyn

You listen to it and tell me it doesn't make you cry.

If you're not the one: Daniel Bedingfield

This song came out in 2003 and actually reminds me of three different guys. Brian, Justin, and Drew. It was just a great time of life and I loved this song and thought about it or listened to it when I said goodbye to each of them when I left for college or when Drew left to go home before his mission.

The Reason: Hoobastank

The same time of life. It actually makes me think of my friends Jessica and Lyle who were dating at the time. Lyle bought the CD for Jessica and shortly after they broke up and Jessica kept listening to the song over and over. For me, it was the death of a perfect relationship, and I was sad for my friends. Side note--worst music video ever as far as relevance.

Shine: Plain White T's

This also reminds me of Jessica. We are no longer friends but I still have good feelings towards her. She went through a really tough time and when I hear the lyrics "I wish you saw how great you were, I wish you saw what life was worth..." it gets me everytime.

Gravity: Sara Bareilles

This song I love. I first heard it in 2007 or 2008 when Sara Bareilles opened for James Blunt and I thought "man, this song is about me. This song was written for me, just 5 or 6 years too late." This song is how my high school boyfriend always made me feel.

Comfortable: John Mayer

This song makes me want to cry because the relationship that Mayer describes reminds me of Adam and I. Also, Adam is always telling me that he fell in love with me because I made him feel comfortable so the title alone is enough to get me going.

Bring Him Home: Les Miserables

Ok, anything from Les Miserables makes me cry. Heck, I cried just SITTING in the Queens Theater in London in ANTICIPATION of the show that I'd been dying to see my entire life. This song however, really gets me when I think about my brother. This version is Colm Wilkinson who is the ULTIMATE Valjean.

As Sisters in Zion/We'll Bring the World His Truth

Four years of EFY and a lifetime of youth sacrament meetings and it still gets me every time.


Bea said...

Thanx for sharing, :o) never thought of songs that make me cry :o)
I guess they are too numerable :o)

Lilian said...

Thanks a LOT Melissa! I had to do it didn't I! I just HAD to click on the link for the EFY Medley! Now, I am crying. That song always gets to me. Most ESPECIALLY during the mens singing part with the Armies of Helaman. AND most ESPECIALLY while we sit and wait for a mission call to come WEDNESDAY!