Monday, November 15, 2010

Painted Mountain Ward

I really think I have an awesome ward. I've never written about my ward and I think it is about time.

I am a Senior Primary teacher and I teach the 10-12 year olds. They crack me up. I have a kid that tried to argue that the story of Job was incorrect because of the many translations and that our version of the bible AND I QUOTE "favors King James' agenda and beliefs." What 11 year old kid says that. So funny. I have a ton of girls and one boy, with a few boys that show up here and there.

Adam is the chair on the "Perfecting the Saints" committee which means he helps assign people move in and out of the ward and recruits others to help out among other things.

I have recently been placed in charge of book club and I really don't know what I'm supposed to do. All I know is that book club is one of my favorite nights of the month and we can get pretty crazy.

Dinner group is also a great night. One night a month a bunch of ladies go to dinner together. This last time we ended up staying out until past midnight--we are party animals!

We have weekly playgroup on Wednesdays which Hannah loves.

I have a small group of girls I walk with several times a week when we can make it.

We have recipe group about once a quarter.

I have a very young ward but I am the baby of my friends. They tease me sometimes about it but I really look up to their parenting skills and have learned how to be a better mother through them and their experiences. I don't feel like the baby, I feel like we are all the same age but since I'm a little slower on having kids they all have way more experience!


Bea said...

I enjoyed visiting in your Ward when Hannah was blessed and spoke to several people. To me that is a measure of a good Ward when people greet you. Glad you are feeling at home. It helps when you are so far away from extended family. I would say "your family" but Adam and Hannah are your family !!!!!

Stephanie said...

That's how our last ward was and I LOVED it! I miss that ward so much it will forever be the ward that Brad and I grew up and became a family in. That's one thing I actually love for sure about living in another state it's less likely to have family floating around every corner so your ward family is your family. I loved my singles ward while I was in CT. and I loved my ward growing up in Florida.

Sheena said...

Yay! I love our ward too!--and I need to join some of these other fun activities you speak of! LOL