Friday, November 12, 2010

Hannah Stuff.

Hannah is so adorable I can't stand it! I wrote a post about the words she can say just a week or so ago and her vocabulary has doubled at least. She is growing up way too fast. This week she has loved saying "Toy Stoy" (Toy Story) "Bus" (Buzz) and "Wooey" (Woody). She quacks like a duck and barks like a dog. She loves pointing to her facial features and ours and telling us what they are. I asked her the other day "Where is daddy's handsome hair?" She looked very confused so I rephrased the question and asked "Where is Daddy's pretty hair?" She knew right where it was.

She is getting into the library story time and loves when we pull up to the park or library, screaming in delight.

She is going to have a complex like her mom when it comes to being clean and organized. The other day she dumped out all the Uno cards and said "uh oh." Then she started to sing the clean up song from Barney (Ceeg uh Ceeg uh repeated over and over) and stuffed them in the box. If her food from one compartment drifts to her food in the other compartment she sorts it all into the right compartment before handing me her plate and saying "done."

She will say "please" if she wants something really bad, like the birds at the pet store.

I just love her so much. I am so blessed to have her.

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Georgia said...

This is such a precious time of life...for you and Hannah. I have such fond and happy memories of my own little ones and their words and actions which still warm my heart and make me smile.

Thanks for the reminder of those magic times and here is the great news: it just keeps getting better and more fun, it really does!